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Hot Rods XO/PP Bonneville project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by john mullen, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. 51504bat
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    Hope that race fuel can with the paper towel cap is being used as a used oil container and it doesn't have fuel in it. But given the quality of your work I'm sure you're on top of it but would hate to see everything go up in smoke. Thanks for all the updates.
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  2. Don't keep any gas in my shop it's for used oil only
  3. 51504bat
    Joined: May 22, 2010
    Posts: 3,169


    Figured as much. As they say, not your first rodeo.:cool:
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  4. I set up the laser and leveled the chassis in preparation to lower the truck and found some areas that needed straightening, the left front was out of level forward of the front C Notch I did when the truck was built. I cut it above the C Notch and corrected it.
    See photos. it is now plumb and level within 1/16".
    Now it's ready to lower it the 3" we planned. 20210922_100045.jpg 20210922_100114.jpg
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  5. Just saw a post from the ECTA about the progress of Steve and CJ. Steve is still in ICU making slow progress recovering from Covid.
    CJ is better at this point so please keep them in prayer
  6. fegsta
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    Preying for them, best wishes from England.
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  7. Started fabricating the front axel control arm links today.
    I will be using coilovers and a 3" dropped front Axel.
    More photos as it comes together 20210930_134010.jpg 20210930_133649.jpg
  8. Glass beading the rust of of parts today.. lots more pics.
    To do as the Salt is hard on everything. 20211007_124607.jpg 20211008_110527.jpg 20211008_110538.jpg 20211008_110547.jpg 20211008_110553.jpg
  9. I got to spend a few hours today with Old Flopper reminiscing our good old days in racing Don was a funny car driver in the early days.
    We had some good discussions and threw out our ideas hopeing to bring about new thoughts and ideas for the XO/PP 640.
    I really enjoyed the conversation with him.
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  10. 2021 personal record even though my name is on the tag credit goes to all the X0/PP 640 team
    Thanks guys.
    We can't wait until it reads 132.500 or more 20211010_114607.jpg
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  11. ^^^ That's great John. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing it with us!
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  12. Today I'm working on hair pin plates, fitting them to the front axel 20211012_110113.jpg 20211012_110152.jpg
  13. catdad49
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    Congratulations to You and the Team!
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  14. Engine teardown today.
    After the end of the last run at speed week the engine shut down, was tight and would not restart. Today I discover the cam key had failed and cam was not turning resulting in several bent valves. Fortunately nothing else was damaged other than bent valves.
    Ordered a new set today
    And will still pull the engine completely down and inspect everything closely and go from there.
    I feel lucky...
  15. Lucky day, John.
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  16. Yup, very lucky indeed..
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  17. New induction, velocity stacks 20211015_153401.jpg
  18. Removing everything that hangs down in the air under the truck
    Front crosmember, and moving the header up out of the air stream. we are doing everything legally posable to slide this brick through the wind. Every little bit helps.. 20211015_154556.jpg
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  19. greybeard360
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    Are you required to run a diaper or is it recommended? May be a good chance to build one that can cheat the airflow a but underneath.... Like a belly pan does.
  20. Diapers not required
    And the oil pan is not hanging below the front bumper ( dry sump
    Flat bottom oil pan )
    Not much oil stays in the pan so it's pretty small..
    Joined: Jun 6, 2007
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    I think the implication here was not to contain oil from a catastrophic engine failure but rather to create an oil retention pan that looks like an oil retention device but actually gives an aero advantage; the thinking being that if they are not specifically dis-allowed then maybe one will get by tech under the auspecies of making the vehicle safer.
    Yeah, that's it - its a safety device.

    BTW, I'm still lobbying for merge collector(s) on the header.
  22. jimmy six
    Joined: Mar 21, 2006
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    jimmy six

    As an inspector for 25 years on the salt I would have looked a you and shook my head. Unwritten as it may be. If it doesn’t say can then you can’t.
    Extending sides of an oil pan full length of your engine like the typical circle track race engine kick out pan is another thing all together. In my roadster they are within 2” of my side rails and flat on the bottom and an inline is pretty long; if they were with in 1/4” of the rails it would have been gone as soon as someone saw it. If it “looks” like a belly pan no matter what you call it; it will be illegal.
    The best police are your competitors AND the current record holder. Thinking outside the box is good but even the SCTA has its limits. The rule book doesn’t have to prohibit everything someone can think of. JD
    PS: I totally agree with a merge collector header system. Mine was designed and built by Burns Stainless in Costa Mesa Ca. Definitely a horsepower/torque gain you can see/feel.
  23. OK I'll bite here on the merg header. So what engine were you running them on?? If on a 262 Ford
    I'm listening.. show me some pics..
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  24. Header design discussion starts on page 35 of this thread.
    Joined: Jun 6, 2007
    Posts: 3,891


    Disregard my suggestion (post #1040) for merge collectors - I have only used them on Ford 300 c.i. inline sixes.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2021
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  26. Not a Ford six guy, but always wanting to learn.
    Are the 300 and 262 designs so different that knowledge learned on one doesn't apply to the other?
    Are they using completely different head designs?
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  27. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Header design should come into play with any engine.
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