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Hot Rods XO/PP Bonneville project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by john mullen, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Oops some duplicates lol
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  2. Jimmy came in and finished the valve seats and laped the valves in.
    Also cut the valve pockets for spring buckets.
    I'll get it on the flow bench tomorrow if it's not to busy in the shop, lots to catch up on.. we have lots to get done on customer work. So I'll see what comes... getting really excited. I'll post some photos tomorrow..
  3. Using the endoscope to view the port between the head and intake so I can port match them to each other 20210415_150003.jpg
  4. Got the ports matched up and reworking the driveshaft loop to accommodate a new 4 inch dia. Driveshaft 20210415_162434.jpg 20210415_161912.jpg 20210415_161909.jpg 20210415_161904.jpg 20210415_161912.jpg
  5. Next I will port match the header to the head
  6. This is why you have to port match the header 20210417_123139.jpg not going to name the manufacturer but this is a poorly done header
    But I did fix it. Just part of racing to make things better
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  7. Todays work report got seals installed between the bed and the shocks where they come through the bed floor, worked on a tailshaft bussing issue on the tranny, port matched the header among other small details other 20210417_114039.jpg 20210417_114052.jpg 20210417_122746.jpg 20210417_122740.jpg 20210417_115648.jpg 20210417_164839.jpg 20210417_164908.jpg
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  8. Todays progress,
    I blended in the bowls to the new valve job, rolled the margins of the exhaust valves it improves the flow at low lift not to much for the intakes but some, machined the spark plug adapters and got them installed, installed the springs and valves 20210419_142518.jpg 20210419_142413.jpg 20210419_142404.jpg 20210419_140315.jpg 20210419_140306.jpg 20210419_140229.jpg 20210419_120027.jpg 20210419_115849.jpg
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  9. loudbang
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    Why change the plug type?
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  10. Can't get a racing plug that works using the stock large plugs.
    Besides DENSO is a sponsor and supplied us with 8 different heat ranges until we get it sorted out. Got it pretty close now
  11. Great work day today..
    The head is back on the engine, valves adjusted, 20210420_164544.jpg
  12. fegsta
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    Looking good john

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  13. Moseywildfire
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    Really Looking good.
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  14. 20210421_133502.jpg 20210421_132735.jpg 20210421_134330.jpg The top end oiler is on and the engine primed with DRIVEN break-in oil through our new OBERG filter
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  15. Started working on the exhaust collector today
    2 2 1/2 to one 3 inch collector.
    More photos once the collector arives. 20210423_141741.jpg 20210423_165034.jpg
  16. The new driveshaft arived this tomorrow
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  17. Mike Colemire
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    Mike Colemire

    Pretty cool project, great detail on everything.
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  18. New driveshaft from precision Shaft technology's.. ballanced to 6500 RPM 20210423_175955.jpg 20210423_180033.jpg
  19. speedshifter
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    Regarding the question of how many cfm's the engine requires,I read at years ago that when you are at full throttle under load at the desired rpm manifold vacuum should be approximately 1". Anyone have any views on this? Greg
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  21. Lol,..yes I did, almost $700
    With shipping. But guaranteed smooth as a baby's butt at 6500.. I'm hoping I got what I paid for.. they make a lot of Pro Mod and Pro Stock shafts for top level racers.
  22. Stan Back
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    Stan Back
    from California

    Help me understand this. It looks like you're putting a small round pipe into a larger square hole???
  23. Stogy
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    The ports on the head match the pipes...the flange I suspect will be filled with weld and finished...


    Credit to Photographer, Owner
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  24. Not finished keep following and you will see where this ends up
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    In an effort to take this build to the Nth degree you should consider merge style primary and secondary collectors. Pricey, yes, but more efficient.

    On a carbed engine on a dyno intake manifold vacuum is typically at or slightly above 1" hg. The carb requires some vacuum to maintain a good signal.
    Fuel injection on the other hand requires no venturii restriction so intake vacuum at the red line is often below one inch of mercury, typically around 0.7 "hg. That is one reason fuel injection trumps carbs in making more power - less pumping losses.
  26. When your racing plug company thinks so much of their product they put them in jewelry boxes.
    Thank You DENSO 20210426_151108.jpg 20210426_150909.jpg
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  27. Salt flats report.
    Heavy rain last night covering the salt.
    Somewhat late but now is ok still time to smooth out the salt for 2021 hopping for a really good race surface this years Speed Week.
  28. RichFox
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  29. RichFox
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    No worries at this time. That can disappear in a day or two

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