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Hot Rods XO/PP Bonneville project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by john mullen, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Jethro
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    I feel your pain , I had a crack in my 302 GMC head. I hunted high and low to find another and paid through the nose for it. I don't imagine there are too many 262 Ford heads available but the HAMB network seems to always come through when it counts. If and when you do find another head or heads you can always use the cracked head for research and development. You can slice it through the ports to see exactly how much you can hog out for max flow. I kept my cracked head for header building and intake mockup.
    Don't give up!....We're all pulling for you!
  2. Found a head today
    Who Hoo !!
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  3. Actually found 2 heads.
    One has 77cc chambers and the other has 66cc chambers. The cracked head has 77cc.
    Thinking I will look at the 66cc head on the flow bench and see what the data looks like compared to my cracked head.
    Also showing photos of the cracked bead.
    Very strange area for a crack 20210108_133032.jpg 20210108_103636.jpg 20210108_103941.jpg 20210108_102612.jpg
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    Maybe use the smaller cc head with a thicker head gasket (or two) so if you have to change over to the bigger back-up head on the salt you can just use with a thinner gasket.
  5. dirty old man
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    dirty old man

    That appears to be a crack from head water jacket to area under valve cover, Much less critical area for successful repair than a crack exposed to combustion chamber pressures, I can't see it up close, but suspect a repair is possible. And I have seen that head up close and personal, and I know how much work is in it. No way in HELL would I saw it up to check casting thicknesses, too valuable as a repairable spare IMO.
    In fact, if I could find a place, maybe even on a chassis dyno nearby, to test it out, I would repair that and test it out.
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  6. Just so I understand @johnmullen , you’re saying two heads are better than one?

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  7. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    John I feel your pain with USPS. I sent a new .040" 292 Y-Block piston to a guy who needed just 1 for the cost of the shipping on Dec 16th to Maryland. It arrived Jan 6th. Was supposed to arrive before Christmas.
    As for engine parts its why I have 6 or so GMC heads, 10 cranks, 5 blocks. When they came up or I heard of one I bought it. I've sold many parts to other Bonneville racers and now given needed internal parts to HAMB members.
    It's sure better to find everything now during an early rebuild instead of starting in July....good luck.
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  8. Thanks j immy six
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  9. Going to repair and use as a back up not just going to throw it away. Got over a hundred hours in development..
  10. Stogy
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    :rolleyes:...2021 Realized...

    Go Team Virginia Hamb Special Go!!

    Credit to All that Inspired This

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  11. Thanks Stogy love your photo...
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  12. Great work day today thanks to Dave Russell And Sam Pollard.
    Late work so ill post some pics tomorrow.
    Thanks guys you deserve a medal. I appreciate you greatly.
  13. Glad you found a head John. I have that 223 if you need it.
  14. Thanks Jason
    I have (2) 223 heads i could use but the 262 head is so much better
  15. Photos from work day painted the roll cage and installed the tranny tunnel cover and some carb builds I'm doing to fund the project.. we also broke down the new head that will be replacing the cracked one 20210110_120536.jpg 20210110_120336.jpg 20210110_120145.jpg 20210109_144835.jpg 20210109_144943.jpg 20210108_160118.jpg
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  16. Well I'll be they found my pistons in PA. On there way to Calico Coatings , If they don't get lost again
    Keeping my fingers crossed
  17. Just got a confirmation from Calico. They have my pistons in hand.
    Thermal coating the tops and friction reducing coating on the skirts and bearings.
    They say the pistons would ship out on Friday.
    Quick service...
  18. Actually just got a call from Calico Coatings,
    Pistons shipped out today.
    Should see them Saturday.
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  19. Just want everyone to know what a great Company Calico Coatings
    When I called them and told them my pistons would arive at the post office in Denver N.C. on Tuesday they actually went and picked them up that morning, took them to there shop and went to work on them that day finishing them and shipped them the very next day.
    They knew I was getting behind because of the USPS dilemma and went to work expediting my order.
    Cant ever recal a company going the extra mile for a customer like they did.
    Calico Coatings the real deal company with the racer in mind..
    Thanks very much...
  20. Great looking job Calico,
    I'm very pleased. 20210116_142223.jpg 20210116_142509.jpg 20210116_142253.jpg
  21. Just need to fit the pins and they will be ready to assemble in to the block..
    Getting excited
  22. Jethro
    Joined: Mar 5, 2001
    Posts: 1,539


    How much thickness does the black coating add? just curious
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  23. They say .0006
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  24. Rods, pistons and rings back in the block today.
    Now I'm getting really excited to see this engine back together. 20210118_154555.jpg 20210118_154539.jpg
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  25. Got the Crank Girdle and Oil Pan on today 20210119_141107_01.jpg
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  26. Thank you Pete Hartman for having me build these fine carb set ups for you and the generous donation to the Bonneville project 20210115_101140.jpg 20210115_101315.jpg
  27. Its projects like the carb builds that keep the Bonneville project going.
    I also sold my big inch flathead I was building for my 51 ford f1 pick up that will build up the 2021 kitty. We are planning to get in some rear wheel Dyno time in March, run at the Arkansas Mile in April and Bonneville in August. Going to need much more funding to accomplish all three.

    Still hoping to find a home for Mighty Mouse the blown Chevy small block.
    Looking for anything over my cost .
    Pm me if interested..
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  28. saltflats
    Joined: Aug 14, 2007
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    from Missouri

    It takes dedication and bank to pull stuff like this off, GO TEAM GO
  29. Started the port work on the new head today.
    I'll post some photos tomorrow and as I go along. Its a long slow process. Port then flow test port some more and flow test balancing each port as I go along.
    Probably take 50 to 60 hours to to get it done.
    Not my favorite job but a very necessary one.
    I love a challange.
  30. Here are some photos from port work the past 2 days, its hard to get good shots so blow the photos up to see better. These are intake ports before and after the initial cuts. 20210122_111325.jpg 20210122_111344.jpg 20210122_111358.jpg 20210122_111407.jpg

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