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Hot Rods XO/PP Bonneville project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by john mullen, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Here's a little video from last August that Matt Hurley @Hurley50 just discovered in his stash. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks oj...
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  3. 0201191636.jpg I finished the head today and have the high tack sealer on the gasket ready for the head tomorrow .
  4. Almost ready to go back in the truck 0208191533a.jpg
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  6. Someone asked me today if the revamped engine made so much power that I had to chain down the Valve cover. Lol I wish!
    See photo above..Lol
  7. Of finally found time to install the tranny to the engine.turbo 350 w/lockup 0222191448.jpg 0222191449b.jpg
  8. AmishMike
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    Did u consider one of the overdrive trans? Why not use? Is there enough room to use & get up to speed?
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  9. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    3 miles at times is not enough and this class/engine combo will probably never qualify for the 5 mile.
    In my humble opinion of running Bonneville since 1975, overdrives need a lot of engine to work; their split is just too much and they cost HP.
    I do use an OD made from a Tex 101A 4 speed with the 3 gear being an OD. You just turn the 3/4 level upside down. Back when NASCAR allowed OD's these were called Pocanos. My OD is only .96 and I can buy the gears to make less or more.
    The change to a 3 speed is definatly going to help in Johns attempt for a record in the class.
    I know this sounds as improbable as impossible but the Ford/GM 10 speed automatic has 7th as 1 to 1 and it would be great to use 6 lower gears getting to it keeping the engine right where you want it. It not known to me the HP to run something like it and its size is gigantic to the older transmission... But who knows what the future will hold.
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  10. Its official !!
    The Virginia H.A.M.B. Special will attend the April 24 25 26 2020 ECTA EVENT IN Arkansas. This event is a standing start 1 mile course. For info on this event go to ECTA home page at home page or pm me and I will answer your questions
    John mullen/Team owner
    XO/PP 640
    Virginia H.A.M.B. Special
  11. Can't wait!!!!!
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  12. For those about to rock, we salute you.

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  13. greybeard360
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  14. The crew work day getting the Virginia H.A.M.B. Special ready for the Arkansas mile in April.
    Thanks Dave, Dan, Lee, and Sam.
    Sorry Dan wasn't in the photos as he spent the day readying the hauler. Every thing reorganizinged and labeled. Thanks guys you are so appreciated. 0125201527a.jpg 0125201526_Burst04.jpg 0125201526b.jpg 0125201526d.jpg

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