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Hot Rods XO/PP Bonneville project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by john mullen, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. We're hoping to get her on a dyno and go through the operating procedures standing still first, then we're talking to a couple of regional airports to try and get in a few practice passes.
  2. ENUF 41
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    ENUF 41

    Great work by you and your helpers John, I know it takes a lot of hands to complete a race car or truck, good luck on the salt!!!
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  3. Thanks
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  4. We had another team meeting today to go over all the details concerning the upcoming speed week at Bonneville. So many details to cover concerning tech, rookie orientation, drivers meeting and cordenating travel. Excetera. Everything is Comming together right on time . we are planing new t shirts for Bonneville and will have them available once we return home for those who may want some. Just a couple weeks before we head west to Speed Week 2018 at Bonneville.
    Wish us luck...we will be posting daily reports from the day we leave untill the end of our speed week journey.
    A really Big surprise to pass along later on you won't want to miss. Stay tuned for the rest of this amazing journey
  5. Here are some photos from yesterday, the stars on the deck will have thank you to those people who have supported the Project There name and there state will be wrighten on the star as recognition of there support. Looks like I don't have enough stars, lol no worries I'll get more Monday. The push bar after the tool black coating was applied.
    Also a photo of the battery charging port along with battery monitors given to us by Scott rod.... Thank you everyone 0721181826a.jpg 0721181823.jpg 0721181822a.jpg 0721181822.jpg
  6. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    Sorry this is a little long winded but John, I looks like you and your crew have done an outstanding job in your preparation for Bonneville 2018; and it appears you have a little time for some relaxation. You will always see some things to improve on as you walk around the truck.
    To make your visit to East Wendover a much more pleasant experience I'm going to suggest a few things to have that happen.

    #1. Go to the SCTA-BNI website on the opening on the far right and print out the front and rear page of the entry/inspection form the inspectors are going to use during inspection. The front page will show what you need to write and sign, especially the owners and drivers. If you bring one ready it will be EZ to transfer to the real entry. A note here... Where it says "Entry Name" what ever you have written there will be on the "Timing Tag" following the words "owned by". So if you write the entry, Piece-O-S--t, that's what it will say on your timing tag and your Record Certificate if you achieve a record so please be careful and think. You can't change the way the SCTA has done it since 1937.. don't ask. I made all the tags and certs for over 10 years and what I saw was what they got.

    Now take the rear of the form and start at the top pretending you have never seen the vehicle. Make a copy or 2 and have the driver do one independent of you, remember no one there has seen the vehicle Go thru each item checking each item. Your record speed dictates only one inspector but others may join since it's a new vehicle. If it does not pertain to your truck check the "NA" box. As an example if they ask the material of the flywheel it isn't Zoom or Qwik Time; its Aluminum or steel. Same with the bell housing it's hydroform steel (they could ask the brand) This is the way to really check your and the others that have helped you work. Try to do it in silence no one else around or at least no one talking. (personally when you are doing the real inspection, volenteer no information unless asked), don't worry they will ask a lot. keep your answers short and to the point. Have your wheel discs off.

    Another thing that was crucial to an inspection by me when I was doing them for 25 years. Answer nothing of a bystander, quickly tell them you will be glad to talk AFTER the inspection is over, NOT NOW.. Give the inspectors if there are more than one your undivided attention.

    For the bail out. Timed is BULL SHIT. The driver gets out as quick as he SAFELY can. Now Practice Practice Practice. At home or in the shop have the driver suit up with everything and who is ever going to put him in the car at the Bonneville starting line is the only one helping. both need to be comfortable. Have all the belts set including limb/arm restraints. Have the door open and have the driver look at the person outside and have them be able to hit kill switch and fire bottle without looking. It's a good practice and may or may not be asked but the driver is prepared.
    The door will be closed and then normally the driver is told hit the kill, touch the fire bottle trigger (remember don't pull the pin and activate it) and get out. Do it at least a couple of times. the second or third time it will be ez. The driver will get a routine and becomes second nature. Remember it will probably be 95 degrees out.
    Don't laugh but I still do everything in #1 at home in my roadster during the week before El Mirage and I've been driving my car since 1981. The parachute too for me..

    #2 Print out the medical form for every driver and you can fill it out and use it up there to hand in. I always have that ready. Its EZ to do at home. If you have aquired a LOG Book already' Fill out the front pages. If you need to get it up there take the time to fill it out while your waiting in line. Same for the Driver log Book. I keep everything that pertains to the vehicle in a 3 ring binder; especially photos of things that might be tough to see under the vehicle, fire bottle receipts, etc.

    The more prepared you guys all are the better the experience will and the more fun I assure you. I've enjoyed your build and I know you will have a great time. Don't break it on the chassis dyno and the Great White Dyno is the best one. I've never had either of my cars or engines on one and I've done pretty well with these obsolete engines

    I'll coming up this year with my wife to spectate and will look you guys up. ....JD
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  7. Jimmy Six,
    Thanks, your advice is so welcomed and appreciated, As rookies we would probably struggle through the tech and driver licensing process if not for folks like you, Kiwi Paul, Joanne Carlson and other members from the SCTA-BNI who have coached us. The " Virginia H.A.M.B. Special " Race Team is prepared and excited to be coming to Bonneville and experiencing what so many have done before us. I personally am looking forward to meet you and others who have become a part this journey with us. Your first time for anything is one that will never be forgotten. So many people to thank for helping out throughout this amazing journey. I have been a racer all my life in many forms of racing yet have never experienced such willingness to help fellow racer's to achieve there goals.
    I would first and foremost like to thank my Crew for all they have done to get this project to where it is.
    Thank You,
    Sam Pollard / 57-Heap
    Lee Pollard / 57-Trucker
    Dave Russell / D-Russ
    Peat Hartman / Phartman
    Doug Dwyer / Dougie
    Earl Carmine / Gabby
    Tom Trovato / Tom-T
    And last but not least all our wives who support us without question ( we are truly Blessed )
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  8. I also want to thank all the grass roots supporters who purchased T shirts, gave donations, parts or encouragement thanks everyone.
    this project would not be happening this year if not for support from the following Company's
    Thank You,
    John and Crew
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  9. Just a note before you go, the most important rule of land speed racing:


    Good luck
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  10. jimmy six
    Joined: Mar 21, 2006
    Posts: 7,573

    jimmy six

    Tony, I think John has definately done that in Spades. It's the "other know it alls" who show up up and tell us they are right and we are wrong.. I loved handing over those guys to Steve Batchelor back when he was the chief of inspection. Somehow he could discretely tell them to go to hell, hand them their entry money back, and have them leave with a smile on their face....Cracked me up.

    Others reading what John has done could really learn a lot about LSR and he's only trying for a record in the 130's. I've seen cars wanting to go 250 that are not even close to this build.....JD
  11. JD, sent you a PM
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  12. That's HUGE!
    I'm just happy to be "along for the ride" so to speak. I can hardly wait to go and meet some Virginia HAMB Special followers.
  13. 0730181226.jpg i 0730181226.jpg What could possibly go wrong?
    I blew out a rear brake caliper 1 week before departure to the salt.
    Someone above looking out for me.
    All new rotors, seals, calipers, and brakes
  14. Acording to the previous owner all this was replaced 10 thousand miles ago.
    I think he got had!! 0730181251.jpg
  15. [​IMG]
    Did miss something?
    Id this the race truck? Cause you seem to be missing a big hunk of the frame.
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  16. Tow truck, not missing any frame just a bad photo. LOL
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  17. Sorry for not posting any photos lately just been scrambling to load the hauler between rain storms and repairs to the hauler. I will post photos tomorrow or Friday of the completed truck outside in good light.
    I would like to thank everyone who has helped make this journey into a reality. I in no way would be going to Speed Week 2018 without each everyone's support . Thank You All, Wish us luck and a safe passage
  18. So many friends stopping by the shop today to wish us luck. And helping with the trip cost out. What Awsome support thanks everyone.
    Clutch Dumpen Dan brought us so many things that will come in handy, fans,generator, camp stove, refrigerator,chairs, forks and spoons and Gas money thank you Dan.
    I also thank John Beckman and Malcolm Martin for gas money as well as there good wishes and safe travels for our journey west
    Thanks guys you each are so appreciated. All I can say is WOW!! And Thank You....
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  19. mkebaird
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    So cool to read about all the support you're getting. This is as close to LSR as most of us will get!
    BEST of luck!
  20. Thank you David Voth of Derby KS
    I appreciate your support so much.
    I am a without words that would express the gratitude I'm feeling for everything so many people like you have done to support the Virginia H.A.M.B. Special Bonneville Project.
    Each of you have your name on one of the star's on the truck making the journey with us. Lol I had to go get more star's ( 50+ ) now.
    On behalf of the XO/PP 640 team I thank everyone so much.
    John Mullen and Crew..... 0802182229.jpg 0721181823.jpg
  21. Loaded and ready starting the count down to take off 0805181403.jpg
  22. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Good Luck!!!! :)
    Keep your inferred temp gun handy, keep an eye on your rollin stock. ;)
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  23. Thanks saltflats I have it in the console Lock and load cowboys!!!
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  24. The 640 is on the salt!




    And it even made some noise today...

    Joined: Jun 6, 2007
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    livin' the dream...
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  26. RichFox
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    That thing sure sounds healthy. Not like the average Ford 262.
  27. dirty old man
    Joined: Feb 2, 2008
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    dirty old man

    I've seen some of the innards of that engine, well thought out, I'll assure you.
  28. saltflats
    Joined: Aug 14, 2007
    Posts: 10,369

    from Missouri

    I understand they are in line now. :)
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  29. Got in two runs today, one a shakedown pass and then a power run. Still getting data and inproving. Tomorro is a new day and we will get after it again. 0810181028.jpg

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