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Customs WTF ! I got a warning for loud exhaust !

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rob-redm, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. unkledaddy
    Joined: Jul 21, 2006
    Posts: 2,860


    Loud pipes saving lives is a bunch of HD lobbyist horseshit! If that was the case then why aren't the insurance companies setting decibel parameters for premium savings?

    I agree with the cut-outs being a great compromise.
  2. 343w
    Joined: Dec 15, 2008
    Posts: 1,439


    Excuses are for losers, winners don't need them. Follow the law and respect you neighbors. Keep in mind, you have an effect on how all of us are looked upon in this sport of hot rods and classic cars. There is a time and place for everything man, your freedom ends at the next mans ears, nose, etc......
  3. Bob Heine
    Joined: Nov 16, 2009
    Posts: 17

    Bob Heine

    With any luck a 17-year-old in your neighborhood will finish their six sub-woofer 2000-watt amp fart pipe equipped Mitsubishi Galant and celebrate their 100 Greatest Rap Song collection with the windows down. That should take the pressure off and everyone will be happy.
  4. poboyross
    Joined: Apr 29, 2009
    Posts: 2,134


    Put the Porters, Smittys, or Brockmans on it, then make sure that your jerk neighbor sees that you've made this act of contrition. Even go so far as to ask her if it sounds better. If she says no, then tell her to sod off, you're now legal. If she says yes, then punch it every time you pass her house. Now theres jack squat she can do, hey, you were just "shifting gears". I don't mind when I'm doing something wrong or annoying if someone nicely comes up and tries to reason with me. Hell, even if I know I'm right I'll still likely change my behavior. I like doing everything for people who ask nicely. However, if they come out screaming, being a dick, or being a coward and call the cops right off the bat, it's ON. Make sure you're within your rights, following the law, then give them hell!
  5. There's only one way to settle this. Cut your neighbor's exhaust off in the middle of the night. When she starts her car the next day and it's all loud, IMMEDIATELY call the police and turn her in. Sometimes you have to let people know you're not to be fucked with.
  6. But it isnt near as much fun. I dont have any neighbors that live close nearest is 1/4 mile away. And they dont care about noise. They drive tractors ect without mufflers. shoot their guns firecrackers . I dont bother them and they do likewise. There is a guy who has a collection just barley out of the city limits in the nearest town Ravenden Springs 6 miles from me. The pretty police city council passed a old car ordanance. they promptly went after him. Then it was discovered that the city limits ended at his property line. He fixed his lawn mower 7 hp briggs with 3/4 pump pipe duals. You wouldnt believe how loud it is. Any way he is one of the most well liked fellows around. There is a fellow in Pocahontas who has been fighting the pretty police for more than 30 years. He is 72 and many mayors& city councils have came & went but him and his 300 junk cars are still there. I myself feuded with a neighbor for a few years. We enjoyed it immensely. We parked the most hideous bullett ridden hulks ( see picture,s) near the road and property line for all to see. They made themselves miserable because they wanted to dwell on things that where not really importaint. They just wanted to be bossy. They eventually gave up sold out and moved away. The next folks who moved in where great neighbors. When their old cars needed replaced thay gave them to me. They didnt want to see them be crushed and I still have them. Now if the guy would put really quiet muflers on the car. And do the lawn mower thing. You know she will immediately call the cops. When thay show up he could have the mower hidden & start the car and show the cop,s how quiet it is. There are always winners & losers. Think about this If everything always went your way and everything was always hunky dory. Would It be any good or near as much fun?:) OldWolf

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  7. For my 50th birthday my kids got me the sighn in my avatar. the neighbors gave me a hat with the logo .I dont get mad I get even! I did hav a pretty good nite. Except those chicken haulers kept coming down the hill with the jakes on and rattling their straight pipes. I used to haul refrigerated frieght through Arizona. 400 cummins with dual straight stacks. nobody ever said a word about the noise. LOL. OldWolf
  8. DE SOTO
    Joined: Jan 20, 2006
    Posts: 3,857


    I would Bet EVERY person here that has posted that this Guy should put Mufflers on his car to be a Respectfull Nieghbor Or becuase it the LAW
    IS one of those Neighbors that complains & calls the Cops!!!

    You may have an Old Car, But I Bet you would Call the Cops or Bust his chops about his Pipes & then call Yourself a Hot Rodder.

    If you Live by the LAW, Put your Fucking Fenders back on... Put the Smog crap back on your 1995 350 Chevy thats in your car, Take the Dark Tint off the Windows, Put your Front Plate back on & Mount up some Turn signals...

    God I am so sick of hearing all the Dudley Doo Rights Here on the HAMB & Every Car Show I go to Bitch about EVERY other car because EVERYTHING on there car is SAFE & LEGAL.

    Maybe all you that Need to live with a Neighborhood Association
    should Adopt a H.A.M.B. AUTO ASSOCIATION so we can regulate how Hot Rodder & Gear Head Guys Live.
  9. Mazooma1
    Joined: Jun 5, 2007
    Posts: 13,600


    Men don't look for sympathy. So, you being a man, I have to ask:
    Why did you start this thread?
  10. unkledaddy
    Joined: Jul 21, 2006
    Posts: 2,860


    Put yer money where yer mouth is!
  11. 1320/150
    Joined: Oct 9, 2009
    Posts: 647


    I would just like to know why my neighbors are mad at me? I never drive my car around after 9 pm. I have never fired my car in the garage after 10pm on a friday or saturday. I have never been above 10 mph in the neighborhood. This is a loud OT vehicle with a full exhaust!!!!! Although I think rob needs mufflers it always amazes me how the bitchers can come flying through the neighborhood at 40 mph with their quiet cars,and I am the asshole!!!!!

    My others have stated put in some cut outs,and fuck with their every last nerve!!!! they'll move.... I have proof they will!!!
  12. storm king
    Joined: Oct 16, 2007
    Posts: 1,991

    storm king

    What Mazooma1 said.
  13. grm61
    Joined: Oct 19, 2009
    Posts: 179

    from Washington

    Glad to see someone else thinks about this...
    I run Super Traps on my Jeep, Sounds great, and they are a spark arresting muffler.


    Also if anyone is interested, strait through glass packs are illegal in the woods.
    Joined: Apr 11, 2007
    Posts: 1,398

    from Ojai,Ca

    Go Rick Go!!!!

    As a veteran of many tickets for cut outs, loud exhaust and no warnings about them I would say quiet it up, get a set of electric controlled cut outs so that you may enjoy the sound of your car when you are out of range of the local complainer and the police. Most of my tickets were from the LAPD Motor Cop, the illustrious Ofcr Knight...He did not like my attitude because I would always put the same mufflers and cut outs back on after clearing the ticket. Check you vehicle code for muffler laws in your state.
  15. VoodooTwin
    Joined: Jul 13, 2011
    Posts: 3,455

    from Noo Yawk

    If you run open pipes, I'm guessing that you're either looking for attention, or trouble. Maybe you will find both. :) That said, I don't mind loud pipes. Life is too short to fret such petty issues.
  16. DE SOTO
    Joined: Jan 20, 2006
    Posts: 3,857


    What does the even Mean ??

    What Money .. WTF Are you talking about ?
  17. Larry T
    Joined: Nov 24, 2004
    Posts: 7,675

    Larry T

    If you want to run loud pipes that's fine, but surly you realize that encounters with irate neighbors, cops, tickets and traffic court are part of the cost of running them.
    If you like the pipes well enough to put up with this, then keep them on there. If you don't, then change them. Can't have it both ways.
    Larry T
  18. rustyhood
    Joined: Dec 2, 2009
    Posts: 719


    You should have told them your exhaust is like that for cellphone drivers! :D
  19. farmergal
    Joined: Nov 28, 2010
    Posts: 2,074

    from somewhere

    you should try living in CT where the cops would gaurantee you a several hundred dollar ticket for excessively loud pipes and then tack on more money with whatever else they decided might be wrong with the vehicle.
  20. gimpyshotrods
    Joined: May 20, 2009
    Posts: 16,501


    Respecting other people is not necessarily a matter of following the law. Even if there were no laws pertaining to this, there is just no excuse for being a jerk.

    You make the rest of us look like jerks too, and I, personally, do not like this.
  21. zman
    Joined: Apr 2, 2001
    Posts: 16,559

    from Garner, NC

    It's not about the law, it's about respect and consideration. I could care less about the law, but when you come by my house with your straight pipes blaring, wether Harley or hot rod, you can bet your ass I will talk to you about it. Same if it's a subwoofer. Or a dirt bike. Or whatever. If you don't have the consideration and courtesy to show some respect for your neighbors and it continues after the talk we will have a problem.
  22. DE SOTO
    Joined: Jan 20, 2006
    Posts: 3,857


    The OP actually stated he was trying to be Respectfull even though he has Straight Pipes .... Everyone here ASSUMES he is being a Jerk.

    Haveing Fenders would be Repectfull to the Cell Phone Talking Rich Kid Behind you in his $90,000.00 MBZ .... I am sure the Rocks kicked up by you tires is Disrespectfull.

    How Far you Guys wanna take this RESPECT stuff ?

    I have straight Pipes & Respect my Nieghborhood.

    The Dog accross the street Barks like its Gonna Die 24/7.... RESPECT ?
    The Nieghbors do 40mph on my Dead End Street ..... RESPECT ?
    The Kid down the street with the Guitar Amp to Loud ...RESPECT ?

    The Next time YOU or YOUR WIFE is in your Daily Jap Wagon, Talking on your Cell Doing 10 over in Town or 20/30 over on the HiWay.....

    Think of all the Respect you are Talking up on the HAMB.

    Not all of us Like Loud Pipes, Some do ..........

    Not all of us Like a Smug I am Better than you cus I think I have Respect attitude ........ Some just don't give a Fuck about YOUR opinion.
  23. It might be the guys that said put them on remember when every time they would pull out of the driveway, there would be the black and white waiting to follow you, just waiting for you to do something wrong. Hell you could hardly drive a Hot Rod in some towns.
    We had to make a choice join them or fight them, well most places it is a lot easier to join. Here we work well with the police, and they give us leeway to run a little louder pipes.
    Now on the other side we have the pinheads that say screw them I will run what I want, well how far is that going to go, if you can't figure it out take it to a cop and ask him. You guys want to start the war all over, believe me you won't win, you can't fight city hall when it comes to Hot Rods.
    They will be pullin you over for loud pipes, then nail you for Blue Dots, I believe only legal in two states, MN. and Ohio, And we only had it in Mn a few years. Then they will get you for bumpers not being high enough, and the list goes on just because you said screw them, but who really gets screwed the rest of us, every time we pull out on the street, use your head for something other than a hat rack. And act like Hot Rodders.


    Live everyday like it is your last, one will
  24. Recluse
    Joined: Mar 14, 2009
    Posts: 31

    from Montana

    I give my neighbors the same courtesy they give me. At 3-4 in the morning on July 5th, my drunken neighbor was still shooting off fireworks. At 6:30 am, same day, I got up, informed my wife as to what I was going to do, checked with the other neighbors and okayed it with them and then uncapped the headers on the truck, went down to the end of my yard (a few acres out in the country) that is just across from the a-holes house and made a little noise for about 10 minutes. I guess the noise woke him up, hangover and all. Not sure which was more fun, waking him up or just hotrodding the truck through the field.
  25. zman
    Joined: Apr 2, 2001
    Posts: 16,559

    from Garner, NC

    I have nothing fenderless. :D

    All the way to the bank... :p

    Oh, they all get the talk... ;)

    I have neither wife nor any Jap vehicles. :rolleyes:

    And some of us do not care about yours... :eek::D

  26. unkledaddy
    Joined: Jul 21, 2006
    Posts: 2,860


    It means that in spite of the fact that you 'bet' twice in your post, you're not really a betting man. 'Everyone' is a pretty strong statement. Maybe you should have 'assumed'.
  27. DE SOTO
    Joined: Jan 20, 2006
    Posts: 3,857


    And some of us do not care about yours... :eek::D


    Thats Cool ........ We all have our Own.

    Not pointing any One Person here.

    Its like a Lynch Mob about this subject ... Just cus ya have no Mufflers don't mean you have No Respect.

    There are many avenues we could take the Respect card down.
  28. Deuces
    Joined: Nov 3, 2009
    Posts: 17,982

    from Michigan

    It's the one's that have a chip on their shoulder that are hard headed... I say screw'em! Those are the folks that think that getting a ticket for loud exhausts is like winning a trophy.. Idiots!!!
    Let them get the tickets! Maybe one day after they paid enough in fines, they'll wake up!
  29. Saxon
    Joined: Aug 9, 2008
    Posts: 2,156

    from MN

    Station Attendant: Took the header plugs off, eh? Expectin' some action?
    John Milner: Yeah, I think so. There's some punk lookin' for me.
    Station Attendant: Why the hell do they bother? You've been number one as long as I can remember.
    John Milner: Yeah. Been a long time, ain't it? I'll see ya.
  30. Yeh, what Mazooma said.. Best hope that lady don't get 'er own set of straight pipes, the ones with the sight on the end..;)
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