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woohooo,480hp at the rear wheel.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by FEDSLED, Sep 1, 2005.

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    from lynnweed

    We finally had a chance to get FEDER's '68 dart on the dyno. If you never done you got to try it, it's a kick. the car has been a consistent 10.00 at 130mph but we always thought it should be faster.
    we made 8 pulls before we got the best combo. the first pull netted around 441hp and 474ft. and the car was really runnin rich,about 10.8 to 11.2. The car has a hilborn injected 440"(stock stroke) chrysler so it makes jetting quick and easy. we started with a 122 pill and leaned it all the way up to a 132. needless to say we learned a lot about the injection and pilling ranges. the timing we had in the car was good at 34 degrees, we were hopin to find some more there but no luck. We always tuned it at the track and it's tough if you only get a couple passes before eliminations. when first round comes up you just want to leave it alone so you can make a few more rounds, so you don't get no time to learn the tune up on the car. The dyno was great, no rush in between rounds and now when we get out there we just got to adjust for weather, cars ready. this weekend is the goodguys drags so hopefully the car runs 9.70's and we can run C/GAS. the final pull ended up with 480hp and 537ft at the rear wheel. at the crankshaft thats aroud 645hp and 720ft of torque. I wish I had some pics, but I forgot my camera.
  2. Fraz
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    from Dixon, MO

    YeeHAW!! Some serious oomph. Nice to know that mother Mopar can still kick em in the nuts real hard.
  3. Cool!

    I put my '55 Chevy on a chassis dyno when I was in college... at first it scared the livin' bajeesus out of me to be hammering on it on the rollers!

    I figured... dang, if something broke... I'd be through the wall!

  4. plan9
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    thats rad, congrats!!! :D

    ive got some questions for those who have done this before... heh... ready??

    how much does a chassis dyno session cost, is it hourly or flat rate?
    how long does the dyno session last?
    is there usually someone available to assist with tuning?
    when hunting for a place to dyno, what are some things to look for?

  5. Cool! I know at the drags before the GG car show a in July Feder was hoping to bust through the 10 sec. mark and just fell short. I feel it happening this time though! Conditions should be ripe on Sat. to do it with cooler temps and your dyno tuning tricks. Good luck, I'll be cheering for ya! :D We'll see ya out there!
  6. Chrome Shop Mafia
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    Chrome Shop Mafia

    Sounds like a heckuva' kar...


    Later, peace...


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