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Art & Inspiration Wood Roadster Toys: Part II

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jive-Bomber, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    Wood Roadster Toys: Part II


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  2. [​IMG]
    And this wood carved beast from the Strange Days Shop. (rider sits in the trunk)
  3. And his wooden carved partner... Drag Nut dntf.jpg
  4. RainierHooker
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    from Tacoma, WA

    I bought my son every one of the hot rod Automoblox that my local toy store had on their shelves before he was even born. I admit, they were mostly for me...
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  5. I got this exact roadster from Automoblox for my at the time 3 years old godson. He's 4 now and still loves it. I'm also thinking of getting that huge pick-up truck and trailer combo. And secretly keeping it for myself.
  6. Blade58
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    from apopka ,Fl

  7. My dad bought the (unbeknownst) very first edition Automoblox for my now 12 year old son, for his second Christmas. Once opened, we discovered the connectors didn't work very well at all. A few weeks later I found an article about Patrick Calello and Automoblox which talked about the (very cool) genesis of the company and the struggles of getting to market. One struggle mentioned was the issues with the factory manufacturing the plastic connectors, they didn't fit or work very well at all. I then realized we had a full set of the very first run of Automoblox!
    I sent off a congratulatory e-mail to Patrick, and shortly later was blown away to get a direct response. We dialogued back and forth; he offered to send new, improved connectors. I countered with the odd request for original packaging so we could restore them to near-mint condition. He lined us up with his folks, and a few days later I signed for a box with our request filled.
    We still have those three restored cars stashed away as something special to us, and I had a cool interaction with a really cool guy at the helm of a very cool business.
    Long-time Automoblox fan,
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  8. My boys have these and love them.
  9. Hey, I like that black and red roadster with chrome engine. The one on the site looks like it's only available in yellow.

    Chaz, it was cool to watch you guys build that carousel however many years ago. What an awesome project, serious skills (it would probably be deleted for being OT these days :D)
  10. Here's a couple of wooden "toys"(?) that I have acquired over the years. I would love to know who built the first one as it is unsigned. Bought at an antique shop in my home town about 15 years ago. Supposedly came from an estate sale in Chicago. Made entirely from wood except for the pneumatic lines(two pieces of electrical wire)and a paper emblem on the grille. The bulldozer is fully functional including the tracks which are made from small pieces of wood pinned together.
    The second is a Model A sedan delivery that was made by a local man who has since passed away. This may have been his last project as the rear door open and the side doors are marked but not cut out. It was also just rough sanded when I got it.
    The truck is a bit O/T but the sedan delivery fits and I wanted to include it because of the fantastic detail for a wooden model WoodenKenworth 001.jpg WoodenKenworth2 001.jpg WoodenKenworth2 003.jpg WoodenKenworth2 004.jpg WoodenKenworth2 005.jpg WoodenKenworth2 006.jpg WoodenKenworth2 007.jpg WoodenKenworth 007.jpg WoodenKenworth 008.jpg WoodenKenworth 002.jpg WoodenKenworth 003.jpg
  11. WoodenModelA3.jpg WoodenModelA5.jpg WoodenModelA1.jpg WoodenModelA4.jpg Whoops! Forgot the Model A WoodenModelA1.jpg WoodenModelA4.jpg
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  12. remember building these in club scouts in the 60s 20160114_190948.jpg
  13. Here are a few that my dad built. pardon the dust. 100_2949.JPG 100_2944.JPG 100_2954.JPG
  14. wutnxt
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    These are pix of some of the cars I built for my Grandkids. The bodies are made from 3 pieces of 1" pine. Axles are 1/4" rod. Wheels are pine also. I built them purposely for kids to play with so they are pretty stoutly made. The '46 pickup is my version of my full size pickup. Kids don't play with that one. I have built several more but haven't located the pix yet. 100_7236.JPG 100_7237.JPG 102_7303.JPG 0131091726a.jpg 1222081627a.jpg

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  15. So kool lucky grandkids You are very talented thanks for posting
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    I was just interested to learn more about the Automoblox. I was givin the 3 hot rod set a couple xmas's ago and had fun mixing and matching the parts. I am surprised at all the great wood working talent out there. Really cool stuff.
  17. Davyj
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    here is a rocking roadster I built for my grandson..........not fancy, but gave him a few grins before he outgrew it......... Picture 067.jpg Picture 067.jpg Picture 067.jpg Picture 084.jpg Picture 083.jpg

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