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Projects Winter project- half ass 1956 F100

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Chris, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. I can hear the conversation in the Lunch room now, "that might work Fred or you could tell Henry the sheet metal guys punched the wheel opening Wrong". Fred, "Golly Wally don't you have anything better than that"?
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  2. Terrible80
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  3. 6sally6
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    Is there a web site for those "hybrid U-joints"? Sure coulda use that info a while back.
  4. the oil soup
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    the oil soup
    from Tucson,AZ

    Yeah I think I read it in post #138
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  5. Last night I got the drivers side front cab brace/support cut off the A pillar. The very bottom of the toe board is rusty so I had a strip bent to repair it. I’ll have to fit that and then trim the floor pan to fit. Weld it up, reinstall brace and be done. Then onto the pass side

    A15C31A7-9BDE-4B8D-B9CD-D70290D38C60.jpeg E9B26005-F70A-4AE7-AE66-2B3285DB19D3.jpeg EBACCD8F-A01E-4E44-85BE-EBF9D5DA4B4B.jpeg
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  6. Drivers side done, onto pass side

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  7. Greg Rogers
    Joined: Oct 11, 2016
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    Greg Rogers

    Nice work, Would you like to sell your old inner fenders? PM me if interested. Thanks Greg.
  8. Didn’t get much chance to work on it over the weekend, aside from cutting the MC access hole out. I did fire it up and flip it around to begin work on passenger side however

    C2B17B30-B76E-44BC-8318-BB3B255EE975.jpeg 571C07DC-9749-459E-9CD8-8E3E30946CB1.jpeg
  9. Sorry man, I gave them to my Dad for his 53
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  10. Passenger side done. Did not require any toe board repair except a small patch Time to do a little paint on the floor and call it a day
    C66FB794-9A62-4E8F-8CEF-D684C94535F4.jpeg A6DFED0A-E9E7-4881-9B03-A6737557EE45.jpeg
  11. Scumdog
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    When putting a IFS in my '55 F100 I moved the wheel centreline forward 1.75" and dropped the front about 6+ inches, the wheel now looks perfectly centred in the wheel arch/fender opening.
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  12. Coated the floors with some rust sealant stuff. Now...can start going back together

  13. I got the gas tank Painted and installed, and all new hard lines ran. I also started my hubcap project- I got a set of reproduction Monterey flippers for dirt cheap, and a set of NOS plain Merc caps on eBay for like 40.00. Had to hole saw the center for the hubs to stick through, and drill the mounting holes for the flippers. The results are 800.00 caps I will be it for about 100.00. Also got a load to the sandblaster 798F7D4D-809F-48A3-9069-CF73759D4B51.jpeg D1CA62E0-2780-4FED-BF06-623D92AA4791.jpeg 0D22F8E6-723B-4F45-BD4B-BD13CC02119B.jpeg
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  14. I had those same caps on my '55 Montclair.....Good choice......
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  15. Last night I didn’t do much except pull the old headliner and I buffed the dash, inside doors and door jams. It cleaned up really nice considering it’s original paint. Vacuumed the inside out, ready to install new headliner I think

    07E56133-9309-45EB-B42E-84F05A13E16C.jpeg EA174C2B-C0EB-4379-B381-256689D0183E.jpeg
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  16. This evening I got the headliner in and the passenger door new window guides in. Now onto drivers side and an finally start putting interior together

    BFF08FE9-7E3F-4A26-B540-D85A66889869.jpeg D169CAD6-39EE-4309-B349-57A9AE449C1C.jpeg
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  17. patterg2003
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    I like your version of half assed. Keep up the good work.
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  18. Drivers side window guides in along with new glass that came with the truck to replace the cracked window. Had to do some minor repairs to the seat tracks, got that done and bolted the seat and drivers side door panel in.
    AED73594-3D87-4ECE-B36C-14109C8F3074.jpeg 73ECB116-DDB7-4EB1-B1DE-1317A23F9C73.jpeg
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2020
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  19. Yesterday I got all the front suspension Fasteners double checked, greased and my wife helped align it. Then I pulled the chrome inner fenders out @Irish Mike found me and polished em up. Started bolting the front end Sheet metal pieces together for good

    4FA89D60-E30D-4151-8F8B-5EF1CA35B567.jpeg B72A981A-33FD-43BF-B5D7-3B6526E7897D.jpeg 223E523C-65AD-4E15-8E97-E2E2C5134239.jpeg 91B77BD4-8FC3-4018-9C96-60D4CD01E1AB.jpeg
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  20. Nice truck. Having helped my father build mine I can tell you it’s a pain in the rear sometimes. One tip for your interior, if you run the carpet all the way back to the gas tank it’ll be quieter in the cab.

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  21. Good idea...however this pile is getting a stock rubber mat
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  22. Greg Rogers
    Joined: Oct 11, 2016
    Posts: 195

    Greg Rogers

    Lookin' good!!!
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  23. The original transmission Floor cover Was rusted and I had another laying around. It was for a 4 speed however, so I had to fill the hole. Got that done and got all the floor parts painted and re-installed ford good. Interior is 99% done

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  24. NashRodMan
    Joined: Jul 8, 2004
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    Nice work dude!!
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  25. Mocked the fenders and valance up on it and drove it out. The fenders are tough. Beat, a tear, bashed in. But they match the truck. I’ve struggled mentally with weather to fix them, leave them or I actually bought another set of fenders that would need painted. I think for now I’ll try to work them a little but leave them mainly. The truck is not perfect and never intended to be. I did have to replace the valance as the old one was just too mangled. And I’ll paint it to match. I can always replace the fenders later, or another guy can do that after me :D

    2A77CAA6-CE20-46E4-A065-9DC992CE4E86.jpeg 2B3E9F69-4412-4D17-8D0A-CF4170F4241F.jpeg BF89F5C3-89B8-4D4A-BF63-DE5C2F3A1BF1.jpeg 5152C077-4AD3-4257-87CD-EACC89545E4C.jpeg D1B0D119-4CFD-4D74-A565-DFE22F29F414.jpeg E7F3291A-E9AE-4DE1-9C87-B923C7C5E0A6.jpeg
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  26. louisb
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    Looks good. I understand the struggle about how far to go in fixing things. Building a 51 Jimmy and I am constantly struggling with how much to redo. I keep having to remind myself that It is just an old truck. ;)

  27. Greg Rogers
    Joined: Oct 11, 2016
    Posts: 195

    Greg Rogers

    I know what you mean about the question of how much to fix/how much to leave as is. I put together a bunch of parts to make my 56( true basket case) and didn't fix or paint anything on the out side. In fact, when a bolt would show., I made sure to get a rusty one so it looked old. The response from people was ...meh... basically no comment, though some would ask "when you gonna paint/restore it?" So now I have started on painting around the new glass and inside of cab, and now most comments I get are "Why paint it? I looks so cool as it is!" Oh well I guess do it as you want, that's what I am doing....
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  28. I like it, has character.
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  29. Ha ha. Louis, I agree. That's exactly what I keep telling myself about mine, "It's just an old truck". That mentality helped me get it on the road a little quicker!
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