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Willowbank Nostalgias 2018

Discussion in 'HA/GR' started by spanners, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. spanners
    Joined: Feb 24, 2009
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    Here comes another one!
    After a leisurely 10 hour drive (leaving home at 4.30a.m.) we arrive at Willowbank Dragstrip to fairly high temperatures but the forecast was for bloody high temps for Sunday race day.
    Race day the temperature was 28 (82.4) at 8.00am. By 10am it was 32 (89.6). Four cars entered. Me, John, Steve and Jeff. Qualifying runs for all of us were dismal with slower times. We put that down to the high temps and low humidity. The air density was measured at one point as equivalent to 3000ft altitude. The track is at 180ft. elevation. Gotta love naturally aspirated.
    My first run was against John. John was hoping to run 13s but could only pull off a 15.28. I could only do a doughy 14.37. Thin air sucks.

    I took the long air intakes off and gave it a bit more retarded timing to see if that helped. 14.25 with a missed gear change. Promising!

    I didn't know what to dial in . A 14.37, a 15.07 and a 14.25. Of course, a 13.99, makes sense doesn't it? Trying to psyche the others perhaps? Of course I broke out, as the air had changed. The temp was around 39.3 (102.74 F) but the density was thicker. 13.84 on a 13.13.99. Jeff did a 13.42 on a 13.45 dial.

    Next run was against John. Unfortunately he redlit, handing me the win. His woes got worse. He did a 44.58 after running out of fuel part way through the run. This is the bloke who wanted to just be able to run a 13.
    Steve was having a bad day as well. He doesn't run an alternator so has to charge between runs but because of the quick turnaround, he wasn't getting full charge in the battery. I changed my dial to 13.75 and did a backing off 13.9 to Steve's 16.59 on a 13.75. Serious problems.
    It was time for the finals. For this event they run an 'A' and a 'B' final. Jeff and Steve ran off in the 'B' final and Jeff was the winner.
    Me and John ran the 'A' final. Here's the result.

    John ran 14.18 on a 13.90 to my 13.83 on a 13.75. By the way. John got his 13 against Steve in the Chicago shootout run. He was stoked. It mightn't sound like much but to John, and us, it was a milestone.
    There's not many videos from the crew chief as she was too busy holding the shade umbrella for me due to the bloody high temperatures. Thanks for coming along for the ride.
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  2. bobw
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    Just got back from walking the dogs. 25 degrees F and some snow on the frozen ground. What a great time to watch some Spannervision. You are having too much fun. Glad you are taking us along.
  3. Old6rodder
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    from SoCal
    1. HA/GR owners group

    Nice videos. That strip's pretty formal looking, how is it you get a class of your own there?
  4. spanners
    Joined: Feb 24, 2009
    Posts: 574


    The mob that sponsors this event is the Cruzin Magazine. A couple of the blokes are good friends with one of the commentators in the control tower and he has been instrumental in getting our own bracket. Prior to this we ran in the Hotrod bracket. Apparently there are a couple more HAMBsters being built in Queensland which should only strengthen the bracket.
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