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Wide Whitewall Tires Good Deal?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by cobalt333, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. saw these on the web they are dunlop tires with 1000 mile use they are 5x120.65 on 15x7 billet wheels with moon hubcaps...still finding out the manifacture date...the guy wants 700 for all..sounds good...but how old of a tire is reasonable when i find out and are dunlops good? or should i wait and get cokers..thanks ps i plan on putting disk brake on

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  2. tfeverfred
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    As far as Dunlop the brand, very good. I'm not sure about the WWW's though. The billet wheels make it a good deal, if you like billet wheels. 6 years seems to be the max going by date, but IMO it depends on how and where the tires were stored. If I was looking, $700 would have me pulling out the cash.
  3. Slow_Ride
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    from Houston

    Hello , do you know where those tires are ? I could sure use them for a situation that I currently have going.
    Thanks a million
  4. mikes51
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    They sure have developed billet wheels, that thin lip on the edge of the rim sure looks like stamped steel to me. butwhat do i know, don't keep up with billet ads at all. They have that sixties retro look of the narrow tire on a wide rim giving that rounded sidewall.

  5. chopo
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    steel wheels
  6. thanks for the calling him today and if they are only a couple of years old im gonna get them...i do like the sleek chrome bubble what ive read i pretty sure the disk brakes should clear a 15x7 rim...if anyone else would like to give their thoughts i would love it.thanks again
  7. In my personal opinion date codes are not nearly as important on bias ply tires than they are on radials. HRP
  8. richie rebel
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    richie rebel

    they are for sure chrome smoothies
  9. found out that they are from 1985.....uh no thanks..although i did graduate high school and it was a good year...but not a dunlop...yep
  10. Post Apocalyptic Kustoms
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    Post Apocalyptic Kustoms
    from Outside

    You can run bias plies that are 20 plus years old without problems because they don;t have steel cords to rust and cause tread separation like radials do. The Dunlops are FAR better tires than Coker ever thought about making. I'd run 'em.
  11. TULSA
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    from Tulsa

    If they are in good shape and no dry rot, I would run them. If wheels are in good shape, consider if you bought new you would be looking at about $400 at least in wheels. and $200 each in tires.
  12. without the ability to see them in person since they a hundreds of miles away i think im gonna skip it...i did find tonight these brand new coker classic 4 7/16 wide white walls H78-15 for $165 each and $143 shipping for all 4...i think i will pay a bit more and sleep good at i love the oversized whitewall strip

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