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Hot Rods Wicked Coupes...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by LOU WELLS, Jul 19, 2022.

  1. fastcar1953
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  2. jnaki
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    upload_2022-8-7_4-40-11.png 1958-59

    The Burkholder Brothers have a long history in drag racing. We are all familiar with the outstanding Green/White Fiat, Fuel Altered Coupe. In more recent times, this Green Altered Fiat has been seen by thousands at the historic drag racing events all over So Cal and beyond.
    Photographed at the afternoon Lion’s Dragstrip Museum Cacklefest in 2017

    This story goes back to 1958-59 to the Kingdon March Meet, 63 years ago. Brothers, Pete and Harry Burkholder, along with friend, Joe Radan made up the P B J Racing Team. (B was Harry’s nickname: Burk)
    This radical 34 Ford coupe was before the advent of the Altered Coupes/Sedans class popularity of the early to mid 60s. It was a show car dressed up and powered for the drags.
    As young as those kids were in were in 1958-59, the coupe was a forerunner of the Altered Coupes we saw later on at Lion’s Dragstrip and other So Cal dragstrips. Highly modified hot rod Coupes/Sedans with motors set back (25% allowed), a powerful motor to boot made that Altered Coupes/Sedan Class very exciting to hear and watch.
    Old Friday Art
    “The 354 cid Olds was bored .030 over with a 3/8" stroker crank and boxed steel rods. With a Vertex mag, 6:71 GMC blower, and Hilborn Injectors, this Gas Altered Coupe was a menace for the competition from the time it hit the strips in February 1959.”
    upload_2022-8-7_4-48-52.png This old photo was the inspiration for the drawing and researching some historic facts.


    It is amazing that history and involvement in drag racing still continues to wow the drag race fans every time the Green and White Fuel AA/ALTERED Fiat Coupe rolls out at the Cacklefests and at the full power runs at the March Meet.

    But, this is where it all started in 1957-59…

  3. Excellent post JNAKI.:)
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  4. Al Consoli
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    Al Consoli

  5. Hell yea Dan. That's a great looking street bruiser!
  6. 26hotrod
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    from landis n c

    ^^^ window rattler, I like it.................
  7. People flock to the Burkholder's Fiat at Cackle Fests to see the white nitro flames blowing over 3 feet in the air. By far the best show at any cackle fest!
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  8. chessterd5
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    from u.s.a.

    Am I the only one cheesy enough to admit that this was the car that made me want a hot rod!
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  9. Stogy
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  10. Speed Gems
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    Speed Gems

    Let's not forget Gaby Bleeker's Bantam coupe.
    Gabby Bleeker (1).jpg
  11. Speed Gems
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    Speed Gems

    @curbspeed has a pretty wicked coupe as well.
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  12. Stogy
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    Nothing like calling a sedan like car a Coupe...:eek:...just to make things confusing...and man!! what a nasty Coupe it doubt a PPE influencer...
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  13. Gabby passed away last week. Thats my pick from union grove spring 1966.
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  14. Speed Gems
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    Speed Gems

    I picked this one off the Lions drag strip Facebook page. Anybody know who it was? 297633856_10217249906239217_4809243690417635851_n.jpg
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  15. Stogy
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    That's unfortunate, condolences to the family and friends...may he rest in peace...he looked a fierce competitor with a monster of a machine to deliver the goods...

    You took that pic too, that's awesome, glad you were already getting into the scene...I was still doing Tonka Toys at 6 years old...:eek:
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