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Why is your “Location” optional ?

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Peter Nowak, Jan 14, 2020 at 11:36 PM.

  1. Seems to me that i should know something about a poster other than a handle.
    It fits in nicely with Age, What you drive, and What you do
    But why is location an optional ?
    It certainly helps in answering some questions and in understanding certain replies. And, in knowing where to send an item to or where it is coming from. (not optional in for sale)
    I think total anonymity on this forum is, frankly, BS.
    Is this really an extreme view ?
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  2. 270dodge
    Joined: Feb 11, 2012
    Posts: 671

    from Ohio

    No your view is not extreme. Nowadays most don't even fill out the profile or do a proper introduction. I guess that it is too much work and it takes time from their bitching about the unfair rules that are not specifically suited to them. Please excuse my extreme view.
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  3. I can't begin to count the number of times I've responded to someone's request for help or advice and find that they are unwilling to even give a "general" location on their profile page. There could be someone right in the area that has experience with the exact problem they are inquiring about and might even be open to giving some hands-on help. I get it, no one is going to give out their street address unless they've already established some sort of relationship by way of a "conversation" with someone and maybe not even then if they don't feel comfortable. That only makes sense, but to give up a reasonable location, like "Central Coast California" or "So Maryland" hopefully doesn't create a security issue.It's a community, guys. I think a lot of people have forgotten what that is.......Don.
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  4. BamaMav
    Joined: Jun 19, 2011
    Posts: 3,591

    from Berry, AL

    I think a lot of them are scared of the black helicopters and the spooks dressed in black and driving black suvs finding them........
  5. Paranoid is a terrible way to live.:D;)
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  6. Thor1
    Joined: Jun 6, 2005
    Posts: 1,235


    I don't know how many times I have told guys to finish filling out their profile with at least a general location. It really helps in knowing how to respond to someone if they need help or information to have an idea where they are located. In almost every case they have filled out their location.

    I don't think it is paranoia and wearing tin foil hats. I think these days most folks are moving too fast to pay attention to details. It's all part of our backwards, instant gratification, zero attention span society.
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  7. HEY !
    I like my tinfoil hat !

    Id be happy with a “State”.
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  8. Then lets be the shining light for civilization, and require a location.
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  9. Thor1
    Joined: Jun 6, 2005
    Posts: 1,235


    I think a state would be a good compromise. It gets you in the regional neighborhood but not too close so that the guys with the tin foil hats don't get too nervous...sorry Peter!;)
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  10. I want people to know where I am, I could have posted my location as South Carolina, and we have so many variations of our State, Upstate/Piedmont/foot hills.

    I live in Anderson, South Carolina, the IRS knows where I am and they keep in touch with me.:rolleyes: HRP
  11. Same for California. Many regions and preferences. Which is why i chose what i did for location. Could have given a city/town but it is so small it wouldn’t give you any idea to where.
    But just having a state will help.
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  12. Stay safe everyone.:D hqdefault.jpg
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  13. I’m sorry Don but the dividing line for Southern Md is where route 260 crosses route 4. You will have to use the Central MD location from now on. We can’t have ya’ll Northern boys encroaching in on us like that.
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  15. Im getting to the point where i just dont want to respond to their posts. They give me the feeling that they are scammers somehow.
    For the person just looking for an answer to one problem, not interested in joining, i can understand. Ya know, why bother and fill it all out cause they aint staying.
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