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Featured Hot Rods Who's running external clutch slaves

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by model A hooligan, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. The most volume of fluid that can be pushed with the shortest stroke.
  2. Well both are the same bore.. like I said I'm going to get a 1" the only difference is the wilwood has a longer stroke than a tilton. The body of the tilton is a bit shorter

    I take it as the both pump the same except the longer one can pump farther than my pedal can move.
  3. Per every 1/16" of stroke both will transfer the same volume of fluid. When the short one stops's the larger one will continue to give more fluid the the slave. So, will your pedal assembly allow the longer stroke master to discharge completely to give you maximum slave travel your looking for?
  4. A 3/4" bore master has a cylinder area of 0.45 square inches
    A 1" bore master has a cylinder ares of 0.79

    That's approximately 80% increase in size.
    The 1" master will deliver 80% more volume for the same stroke, your slave will move 80% more than it does now, and the pedal effort will be 80% higher.

    Is it enough throw? Is it no much effort? Not sure because the ratio of the modified fork isn't here and the distance the throw out bearing needs to move isn't here either.
  5. Lol :) Didn't I say math couldn't answer all question where things are beyond one's control.

  6. Well this is my thought, the pedal before I could push it with my hand,and not even using that much strength. My foot is much stronger (I've had cars with hard clutches before) I feel that I would actually like the pedal being much firmer and the increased movement is what I need so I don't really see a downside. I've got a 1" wilwood high capacity on order. Should be here before friday
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