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Projects Whole interior used in another car?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Mike Britton, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. yea, but will she love you long time. ;)

    I got a machine in the basement, I guess I should get busy teaching myself to stitch hydes. Way better money than I will ever make turning a wrench.

    I'll out on a pot of chilly, then it can be too old farts remembering the good old days. ;)
  2. A lot of newer seats will fit right up in the older cars. I had a '72 GM A-body seat in a '51 Chevy and it was actually almost too narrow. Just hit a junkyard with a tape measure and go from there. Usually a repop carpet isn't bad to buy and make the door panels yourself -
  3. The Continental
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    The Continental
    from Texas

    Haha so that's why there aren't a lot of armadillos out this year
  4. The Continental
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    The Continental
    from Texas

    I'd like to see 48ford's and outlaw's interiors. Any build threads for budget interiors or atleast done by someone that isn't a professional?

    I didn't know a '64 Impala door panel fit a '57 Bel Air. What other examples are there?
  5. Same reason Maaco paints cars for a few 100 and custom shops get 15k starting price. Quality costs. I see guys all the time bragig about "my interior only cost $XXX (instert insanely low price here)". When you look at it, the finish isnt super great, small wrinkles, trim lies a hair off. Is it bad for a driver? Nope. Will it win shows? Nope. Quality costs.
  6. Mr48chev
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    12K sounds like leather from select hand massaged European cows and carpet made from the wool of sheep that only live on one little Island off the coast of Scotland.
    Or a completely scratch built interior with a lot of special pieces.
    Just what the hell did you ask them to do to get those quotes?
    I don't know if Bobby Russel in Waco is still doing upholstery but he used to be able to turn out one hell of a nice interior that wouldn't break the bank.
  7. One quote was Fat Luck's, and the other was a vendor I talked to at GG.
    I told them I had a 47 Ford tudor, with the original wool interior, and I wanted Tomato Red vinyl with a bit of roll&pleat. I even went so far as to say since, in the 60's, we couldn't afford anything better than J C Witney, I'd be OK with welded pleats.
    Neither one of them batted an eye...$10,000-$12,000. I felt like telling the guy at GG he really didn't want the work, did he....
  8. Sean ( fat lucky) is one of the premier upholster's in the country. You can't walk into a Ferrari dealership and expect to pay Ford prices.

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  9. Sean ( fat lucky) is one of the premier upholster's in the country. You can't walk into a Ferrari dealership and expect to pay Ford prices.

    If I tell the salesman I don't want a Ferrari, but want a Ford instead, and he insists on selling me a Ferrari, he's going to loose the sale....
  10. So, you expect one of the best names in the biz to give you a low cost and what? Not do as good a job? :rolleyes:

    Try a small no name shop and I bet the price goes way down.
  11. The point is you have to know where you are shopping. The salesman at the Ferrari dealership is not going to sell you a Ford regardless or your budget.

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  12. So....You think it's reasonable for a craftsman to do only one level of work and cater to only one price strata? Then it's not problem for him to turn away a large percentage of business because the end result will be ostensibly "beneath him"?
  13. Fat Lucky has only one level of work, high quality. He has a backlog I am sure and would spend as much time on your interior as the next next guy wanting his service. His name is on it and he will not half ass it.
  14. Earlier in his career - NO

    Now - YES and that's the way it should be.

    I once had a guy tell me this, he said " I can't afford you on every job , but on some jobs I can't afford to not have you."

    I told him when you get those jobs , I'll be there for you !

    If, and this is a big IF , I had a 200k plus car I wouldn't think twice about dropping 20gs on an interior.
    On a 20k car 2 grand on an interior would make me nervous but I'd probably do it.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2012
  15. Yes, I do. I build a lot of parts/frames. I constantly get guys wanting to build rat rods and seem to think "because I'm building a rat" the frame I build for them should be cheaper. How? Should I not put it in a jig? Should I weld with my eyes closed? How/why should I dummy down the work to fit THEIR build and budget?

    So, I ask you..... what shortcuts should he take to do your car for less than the next car?
  16. YES I do! When you have worked at your craft to become the best and established a reputation as the best you have the right to charge a premium for your skills. I certainly wouldn't expect a top craftsman to do a lesser job for me because I can't afford the best and have them risk hurting that reputation.

    Having a Fat Lucky Interior is like owning a Rolex watch or an Armani suit you want the best so you have to pay for it. You wouldn't go to Rolex and ask them to build you a Timex because that is all you can afford would you and even if you did you can't realistically think they are going to do it?
  17. I'm not going to get in a pissing match with a bunch of you. You believe the way you do, and I believe the way I do. Lastly, I don't want the mods closing a thread because it got out of hand.
    The original question was about whole interiors installed in other cars. Let's go back there.
    If we don't have pics,maybe we do want to let this thread sink. Didn't really want to get in a fight about why someone charges three times what someone else charges.....
  18. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    I got the Sid Chavers tapes. (Santa Clara, CA) Sid's the originator of the 'Bop Top', a folding roadster top for '32s that looks and acts like the real thing.

    The tapes covered everything, from the measuring/planning to the selection of materials; then went on thru a step-by-step series of all the steps, including Sid's 'patented' way of patterning side panels with transparent plastic!
    (ever wonder how they know where all the attaching blind holes get located behind that finished panel?)

    Seat covers explained thoroughly, my mother-in-law taught sewing & upholstery for 25 years; she exclaimed that she learned some tricks! (my wife is expert in sewing, she watched the tape and said, "Looks like two days to me," so that's what we'll do.

    Think about it, Fat Lucky wasn't born 'annointed'. He had to learn, too...

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