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Who sells the Litterio L100

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Chopshop13, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Anyone on west coast?
    The only place ive heard of is Cam Techniques in Florida.

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    Cam Techniques is only one I've ever heard of. Cool flatty street cam. DD
  3. I understand its a standard cam regrind. Will it likely be different from one grinder to the next?
  4. telecustom
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    from Langey, BC

    My L100 cam was also grinned at Cam Techniques in Florida. Looks like the only place to go..
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  5. So is it more specific than just giving a cam grinder a set of lift and duration specs? BTW does anyone know what they are?
  6. bttt, Anyone have any advise regarding this?
  7. Does anyone have the specs?
  8. flatoz
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    you don't want the specs. you want to get on the phone and call them. I have one in my roadster, call them up and order one, they generally grind on an old cam so you might have to pay for a core charge.

    thats the only way to tell that you get the right grind, otherwise you could end up with someones interpretation of it.

    best way I know of to ship a cam is in a piece of PVC pipe, as in water pipe, wrap it in paper then plastic and then slip inside a piece of pipe and seal the ends. let chance of the jounals getting knocked.
  9. V8 Bob
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    V8 Bob

    Here's the specs.

  10. Thankyou. Im in NewZealand so not so easy to core swap.
    Would any cam shop be able to do this as well as Cam Techniques? i dont know much about grinding cams.
  11. RidgeRunner
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    from Western MA

    Any cam shop could grind you a cam to those specs but it wouldn't necessarily be the same as an L-100. Profiles of the lobe between base circle and max lift are not shown, they determine how fast the lobes open and close to the listed specs, valve train dynamics are affected as well as total "opening time under the curve". Slamming the valves open and closed for max time open can lead to wear problems and/or breakage of the components, time open at different lifts affects flow. Compromises, compromises......

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  12. Thanks Ridge Runner, Can anyone else shed a little light on this subject? Thhats exactly what im concerned about, takin my cam localy and them making a mess of it...

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