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Technical Who really loves wiring ?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Blue One, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. GeezersP15
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    from N.E. PA

    Funny you said son-in-law likes to tell folks that it's "Launch Control for the Space Shuttle" when we're at a car show!!! It's really not as complex as it appears, but it does get a lot of attention at a show!:D
  2. Mount the box on the left kick panel up high, pull all the front wires thru the firewall hole, instruments and turn signals, brake lights hanging under the dash, rear lights along the drivers floor and on out thru the trunk, now go back to each pile of wires sort and separate them, bundle them, route them, cut to length, install the wire ends, hook them up. That's about it. JW
  3. gatz
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    Update of "Probable Circuits" for Hot Rod

    Separated the Turn Signals and Emergency Flasher.

    Will the Vintage Air require 2 circuits; 1) for the blower, 1) for the compressor's electric clutch ?

    Any additions or corrections?

    The '40 Chrysler that I'm working on was originally 6v Positive Ground.
    Even if I use a 12v to 6v reducer, will the change to Negative Ground affect the fuel gauge/sender unit?
  4. Always nice to have a hidden USB charger port for the phone...
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  5. 24riverview
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    Lighting will depend on what headlight switch you are using-tail and park lights can go on same fuse, headlights may have a circuit breaker built into the switch.
    A modern radio needs 2 feeds, constant 12v and key switched accessory.
    Emergency flashers can be added to the brake light fuse (if you are using a modern turn signal switch).
    Every vintage air I've wired only required 2 feeds-constant 12v with circuit breaker that they supply and a key on (ignition, fused) source.
  6. metalman
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    I use to hate wiring but over the years it's gotten to be one of my better chores. If it's a simple car (t bucket or so) I'll wire from scratch, once there is A/c, radios, electric fans ect I'll use a kit. I've used a lot of different kits over the years, they all work pretty much as they should I feel. One thing I learned is to remove ALL of the wire ties they provide a separate out the wires that aren't fused. I guess to make it more "kit" like they bundle everything to the fuse box. I don't see why they do that, only wires that need to go to the fuse box are the fused wires! Makes routing easier and neater when all wire don't run to the fuse box and back.
  7. gatz
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    Can't see the labeling in the small pic...
    A cigarette lighter?
    Used for a USB port ?
  8. Exactly! ... and it gets rid of the ugly "knot" of crossover wires where the fused wires exit the panel.
  9. I have what people say is a "dumb phone". Stands to reason my dumb car would charge my phone via a cigarette light socket.
  10. dana barlow
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    dana barlow
    from Miami Fla.

    Didn't care much for wire part of things,but got-a-way with with it ! Now days it's EZ-er with kits out there. Yet I still take wire an fusepanels out of junkcars at times,not pertty,but works with out cost.
  11. 57JoeFoMoPar
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    I've actually come to really enjoy wiring and electrical work generally. I enjoy the mental challenge of it, while not physically busting my ass or spending a load of money. It's sort of relaxing.
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