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Who Has Tractors

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by crashfarmer, May 14, 2018.

  1. Boneyard51
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    The key to success is the operator! Here on the ranch we always ran old equipment and they were fragile! If operated at a moderate level they would give good service. That old D-9 only saw low gear and reverse here on the ranch and was not roadbed all over the place. It stayed on the West pasture five years before coming back home. I was know as a youngun to be able to get the last drop, so to say, out of a piece of equipment. Had to , to get anything done!
    Dozers are one of the easiest pieces of equipment to tear up! Just because they’re big, doesn’t relate to being tough! Most folks don’t understand that. The guy with the D-8 did.

  2. Yes If you was the person who had to fix them you tried to not break them. Everything I have is old I can get along just fine with them. However eventually everything wears out and somethimes shit happens. The fuel line on my 301 kept clogging. rust in the tank and filter. I pulled the tank & flushed it with water. got a considerable amount of rusty crap out. I will put a magnet in the tank and a screen over the pickup tube. I have a inline filter and a settlement bulb. Should be Ok now? boys n tree 004.JPG
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  3. 1953naegle
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    We had a Ford 8n or 9n growing up but sold it when we moved to Texas. I still remember riding around our place sitting in my dads lap.

    We moved our shop 3 years ago and have around 4 acres around usnto keep up (in city limits too), so I've been on the lookout for an old tractor. A Ford like we had would be nice, but anything old would work too. It would mainly be used for mowing, grading, wood chipper, and dragging stuff around. The wood chipper would take some horsepower so it would need to be bigger than an old farmall cub.

    Some of the other posts on here got me thinking though. I've read some old popular mechanics books about building a tractor out of spair parts. We still have my brothers 59' Chevy Apache 3/4 ton chassis and motor (235 straight 6).... if I added some gearing to it and chopped the frame down, it might make for an interesting project.....
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  4. they would use two transmissions so they had lower gears. put both transmissions in reverse and you went foreward.
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  5. Boneyard51
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    Look around a find an 8N or later Ford tractor. It will make a good tractor for small acreages. And you will get to drive a piece of history. Due to the availability on new smaller tractors the old Fords are getting real cheap. You can buy them running around here for under $500, now! I have two for that in the past week or so.
    Most people don’t know the history of the 9-N Ford tractor. It’s amazing what it and Henry Ford contributed to agriculture!

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  6. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

    Indeed, the MM UDLX comfort tractor is still one of the most elegant of the rare collectible tractors, how ever, the MM universal, of which only one was ever built, is still the most rare to find.....................grin GOTCHA! M M.jpg
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  7. Randy1944
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    Just another two cylinder.

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  8. tractorguy
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    I like the idea of a "doodlebug" tractor being built with the stovebolt others have said.....8N/9N type stuff can really be found for decent $$ since many folks are simply writing a check for a new Kubota instead of fixing up the older vintage stuff. The 8N/9N will give you hydraulics and a nice usable 3pt. lift......which the doodlebug won't
    Have fun
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  9. flatheadpete
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    from Burton, MI

    I use my '41 9N to move snow. Runs like a watch (even at -10*), enough power to do the job efficiently and best of are still available and it's a cinch to work on!
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  10. crashfarmer
    Joined: Apr 4, 2006
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    from Iowa

    Wow! I should head for Oklahoma to buy my next tractor. I watched a nice 9N sell a few weeks ago not far from here for a little over 2 grand. I did hear someone mutter that the auction was just too close to Des Moines where there seems to be a big demand for old acreage tractors.
    The last one I saw sell for around $500 was non-running, the engine was locked up.
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  11. We have a BF Avery in the hoard. Avery tractors used a flathead 4 cyl Hercules engine. ours also has live hyd. The BF Avery paint color is called Tartar Red. A California Customizer named Joe Balion Painted a show car with it and called it Candy Apple Red.
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  12. The availability of new relatively cheep import small tractors has diminished the demand for the old classic American tractors. and just like the old cars. the folks who grew up with the old tractors are dying out.
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