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Who cruised Van Nuys Bl in the 70's?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Groucho, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. I don't remember Pat ever racing

    I worked with the Vega's owner (Mikey D). BUT, at the time we raced the Vega we worked together at Moorpark & Coldwater (S.E. corner)

    We put my nitrous kit on the Vega-beat that 55 and a LOT of other fast cars
  2. F&J
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    ^ those ride heights are what I miss most.

    Todays builds look broken to me.
  3. Harleychris
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    Well its been 40 years but I'm back cruisin the blvd !

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  4. Harleychris
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    I'm back with no more older cars left. Downsized with new dodge muscle ...

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  5. JEAnorthridge
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    For those who fondly remember cruising Van Nuys Blvd. back in the late 1970s, I have just posted a website ( containing B&W photos that my friends and I took back in the fall of 1978 and the spring of 1979. While I only have 48 photos posted at this time, my collection contains about 500 images (the best of these need to be prepped still and will be added to the site over time). It will be interesting to see if any of your cars or members of this group are in them.
  6. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    Waiting patiently!
    Well, since I have always been a northern'r I won't find any photos of me in your shots but I was there right with you living vicariously and following along every time Hot Rod, Car Craft or Popular Hot Rodding covered the scene. I started getting magazines as a teenager about 1967/68 and spent a fair amount of time with my nose in them, good times.
  7. VonWegener
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  8. Rice n Beans Garage
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    Rice n Beans Garage

  9. Roger O'Dell
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    Roger O'Dell

    I took what became my wife there every now and then, but Bellflower and tweedy was the regular, throw in Whittier, and hawthorn now and then
  10. Oh yeah, I knew her, if only because she worked at the Dennys on Burbank and Topanga, and I worked next door at the 76 Union service station, so we talked frequently. The Chevelle was yellow with the side stripes. The girls name was Betty, and all the young guys at the gas station called her "heavy Betty"......obviously because she drove the Heavy Chevy Chevelle, but also because she was "stacked". Betty was sort of a tease. There was another girl , a brunette, .who worked at that Dennys who had a bright red '64 (?) Plymouth with Cragars and a super stock style hood scoop. I don't remember her name but she was real nice and dated one of the guys I worked with at the gas station. We were all car guys...I had the chopped '34 originally then a '30 Model A, one of the other guys had a 396 El Camino, and another still, had a white Roadrunner, while the graveyard guy rode a Harley. Those were days...P.S., that Chevelle of hers was not heavily modified, and many could have blown it away. Lots thought that it must be fast, 'cause why would any girl put that saying on her car? Like I said...she was a tease
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  11. Annie with '32 grille.jpg With 442 Olds.jpg Todd's pic 34 side view.jpg Some of my cars, all of which saw boulevard crusing…...the chopped '34 is pictured with the affore mentioned Dennys in the background, where "Heavy Betty" worked.
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