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Whereabouts of 56' Crown Vic "Unfinished Business"?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by wingspread7, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Sure do miss this guy! Now & then break out some of his music like "13 Women" (Cruisin' Dueces album) when working on my cars. He was billet proofing back in the 80's with most of his spare time.
    Anyway, one of the projects he didn't complete is on an album named "Unfinished Business". It's a 56' Crown Vic and was off to a great start. It's about midway down in this link: Anyone know where it is now?
  2. aircap
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  3. One of the guitar greats..... [​IMG]
  4. impalamark
    Joined: Jan 31, 2007
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    Danny was the best guitar player. I saw him in the eighties in an empty bar in Fairfax Virginia on a rainy week night and sat spellbound as he played. best live perforrmance of anyone I ever saw. didnt realize he was a hot rodder at the time .

  5. Avgas
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    Thought his Sun medley was insane! Gone way to early Wayne
  6. I usta' see him at the Cellar Door in Wash, DC way back when.
    I dug his version of "Harlem Nocturne"....
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  7. jim allison
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    jim allison

    Danny was a good friend and I have great memories of not only playing music with him but of many days spent "Junkin". We would drive all over Maryland and Virginia trying to spot Barn finds and there were plenty of them in the late sixties and seventies. He loved to drink beer and wrench on "Tin" all day and night. I found his first car, a '34 Ford all-door, behind a gas station in Fairfax. I bought it for $500 and we towed it to his house and spent countless hours getting it back on the road. When it came to playing a guitar, there was Danny and then there was everybody else. RIP my friend....
  8. customcory
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    I found out Danny Gatton was a car guy on a special with him on NPR back when he died,he talked all about it on that show, I don't know how you would find it.He liked that echo on his guitar.
  9. oj
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    That would've been at the 'Lighthouse' i believe it was called and located in a shopping center strip mall. Every Wed night the FatBoys would be there and just rip that place apart. Every guitar player in the area would be there, maybe playin maybe listening. Nils Lofgren tried to but couldn't hang with Danny, but he was a regualar. Others were Roy Buchanon - how i wish somebody had a recorder when those two played, just amazing; Jimmery Thackery and Tom Principato were regulars, i had heard that Buddy Guy and George Thoroughgood would stop by for the odd set. Ron Hammond would set in on sax every now and then and they'd do some swing stuff.
    You're right tho, that place was never discovered and i never saw more than 30-40 people in there.
    They were all motorheads, old school before it was popular. The real deal.
    A jam was recorded from then with tom principato the title was something about 'dueling telecasters'.
    Dannys' gone but we still have the Nighthawks and they are a fucking treasure i will tell you that!
  10. Wow! I loved Danny Gatton's playing. I had no idea he was hot rodder too. Hell, I didn't even know he passed away. When did that happen?
  11. oj
    Joined: Jul 27, 2008
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    He committed suicide back in the 90's i believe. He and Roy Buchanon both committed suicide within a few years of each other, they found Roy dead in the Leesburg VA jail.
  12. krusty40
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    88 Elmira St is at the top of my CD stack right now... RIP Danny vic
  13. BHT8BALL
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    Some of the Doors, most of Stevie Ray, Warren Zevon, Marshal Tucker, & Danny Gatton's Desert Rose all great inspirational hot rod music, RIP
  14. Yep, well spoken, guys! Being deeply involved in the recording business at that time, I was also very intrigued in his home brewed guitar his "dingus box".

    Now...about that 56'....Do I see that he chopped it but saved the Crown Vic stainless trim? And surely someone on this amazing HAMB knows the status of it. Heck, I'd be proud to drive it in it's last seen "unfinishedness". For that matter, I'd like to know where any of his cars might be.
  15. customcory
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  16. bump for you Ford guys
  17. flatheadpete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2003
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    from Burton, MI

    Not familiar with him or the car but I'm a big fan of guitar players. I'll have to dial him up and crank it up loud.
  18. customcory
    Joined: Apr 25, 2007
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  19. V4F
    Joined: Aug 8, 2008
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    from middle ca.

    what state is this vicky in ???
  20. Well, I guess it's "gone".
  21. Michelley
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    I wonder about the fashionable 1950 Ford Tudor sedan,
    Displaying the newly styled
    V-“8” centered inside the compass spinner
    On the grille,
    And the Ford coat-of-arms crest
    On the hood,
    Featured on Danny Gatton'’s 1991 album cover,

    88 Elmira st.
    Family car?

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  22. Ltorch
    Joined: Jun 8, 2009
    Posts: 313


    I seen it at Carlisle, PA swap meet cant rem what year it was but was in black prime not choped and i think it was around $6,500
  23. Good eye, Michelley. You're the only one I know who'd use a word like "fashionable" to describe a vintage accessorized automobile:D
  24. ol55
    Joined: Oct 1, 2008
    Posts: 492

    from Virginia

    I recall that there was an auction at his home in Southern Maryland (Charles County?) that was to benefit his wife and daughter. Maybe the car was bought there and then resold at Carlisle. I think I read about it in the Washington Post, which had a tribute to him when he died recognizing him as a guitar great.

    When I was a teenager, I delivered pizza ("Don't Cook Tonight, call Chicken Delight") to an apartment complex on Beauregard Street in Alexandria, Va and would see a "Danny and the Fat Boys" Step Van which I thought was very cool.

    Later had the opportunity to see him play at the Courthouse lawn in Leesburg, Va. He did not seem to be a center stage kind of guy but I found myself focusing and listening only to his playing. Fantastic. Bought a tape, 88 Elmira St, for my brother and had him sign it during break. Seeing the Ford on the cover was like icing on the cake.

  25. impalamark
    Joined: Jan 31, 2007
    Posts: 78


    Yes !! Danny and the Fat Boys. I got dragged there by a couple musician friends and what a night just an amazing show . wish I had realized they were a regular gig there. great memory
  26. I knew I'd posted this pic up here some time ago.


    Try a site search for "Danny Gatton" and see what else turns up. Somewhere on the web I've seen some shots of the finished car and it looks like the current owner did a nice job. Thinking maybe the car was in Washington state or maybe Oregon???
  28. Way cool info., Claymart! We're getting closer.
  29. That same shot also appears on this body shop's website with the claim that they were going to finish the customization of Danny's '56. They're located in Williamson, N.Y. but there's no mention of the completed project or any dates mentioned.

    And here's a shot of the car that I hadn't seen before posted on this site.

    With the car is apparently a friend of Danny's named Tom Hildebrand.


    I know I've seen a couple small pics of the finished car online at an outdoor car show but I think I kind of "backed into them" by accident and don't remember how I searched for them. Going to keep snooping around for them and see if I can find them.

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