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Projects When it was complete, did it turn out to be what you originally envisioned it to be ?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 34Larry, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Baron
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    Another one that came to fruition. 47 coe 1.jpg 2016-11-11 08.52.37 crop 2.jpg
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    from IDAHO

    It Was Close Enough To Have Loads Of Fun... IMG_6520.JPG
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  3. jnaki
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    After we got our 2nd 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery aligned, fixed, tuned, and running well, it was time for some changes to go along with the look of the SD. We had seen this Yellow sedan delivery in person and my wife liked the look of the Buick Skylark wire wheels. Well, that was interesting. I knew what it took to get it converted to adapt to the wire wheels. So, that was in the next development of our sedan delivery. The costs had gone up since I had my 58 Impala converted to Buick Skylark wire wheels, so this was going to be a project.
    From another thread:

    “…Can't let a yellow hot rod thread go by without one of the cleanest YELLOW 40 Ford Sedan Delivery vehicles from So Cal. The late, Lee Bright created this one after he had problems with the accident in the chopped 28 sedan delivery. This is one good looking sedan delivery that my wife liked and would happy if we owned it. (SBC, Buick Skylark wires, A/C, belly pan louvers, etc.)”

    We had what we needed in our own, cool looking, sedan delivery. Now, it was the tuning of the fine points and detailing it as best as we could. The single rear taillights needed a partner for the other side, we also liked the high beam lights for clear night driving. So, that was on the schedule. A new AM/FM radio and cassette player was on the workbench, so it was being planned as the next install.

    We could not afford several weeks of a lay up, for getting independent front suspension. That was on the books, but not in the coming weeks/months. There were plenty of little things that needed to be done to complete the whole sedan delivery look.


    Then, surprise, a little guy popped up and caused a commotion in our household. For weeks/months prior, the conversation was, how to get both cars ready for adapting to the new guy and his paraphernalia. The El Camino was easy, while a rear tarp was considered. But the sedan delivery still needed all of those changes and now a new project was in the making.

    How were we going to get the safety car seat in the back chamber of the sedan delivery. We had plenty of ideas, all which would require a box being built to raise the car seat, car seat belts installed and an extra light for those night rides. No one we knew had ever made the back of the sedan delivery baby proof and safe for the car seat to sit securely. If we drove in the sedan delivery with one adult and one baby/toddler, the other bucket seat was safety approved for a baby car seat. But two adults called for more room somewhere.

    So, the final look of the 2nd Ford Sedan Delivery never made it close to being finished with our changes in mind. It was sold to get another baby safe, easy to use baby seat, adaptable car. We had lived and used our 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery for 4 plus years (1000s of miles...) and it made our lives just that much better, but it did not end up as we planned.
    It had all of the stuff to make it a long time owned hot rod, but it just needed a few extra touches to make it a pristine sedan delivery. Now, when the new arrival came onto the scene, nothing else mattered, except to keep sane and help the little baby grow up to be a great guy in the long run.
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  4. YEP ! You should always build'em to suit yourself. Unless you not planning on keeping them that is. But most of mine are lifers. Soo yeah I'm happy the way they turned out. :) 109.jpg 273.jpg 2304.jpg
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