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Technical When did brake fluid get so smart?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 31Vicky with a hemi, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

    Even though this book is used as a teaching text for hydraulics in marine engineering, the principles are the same. Get a copy of this book, they are still in print, you will be amazed at the information compiled. And it has clear and very concise descriptions about the principles of hydraulics. No doubt brakes can be complicated with such items as proportioning meters and valves etc. But this book explains in detail about hydraulics, a great reference book to own. It wont tell you how to solve a problem with your particular braking system, but it sure does illustrate the complexity's of hydraulic principles !
    vickers book 1.JPG vickers book 2.JPG
  2. sure they can spell it
    The just have no fucking clue if they are talking about breaks or brakes.
    I didn’t invent breaks, brakes, or the English language so we got to work with what we have.
  3. Doublepumper
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    I come to the HAMB when taking a brake from working on my breaks.

    Pretty sure brake fluid is as smart now as it's always been. Gotta be something else, but I can't figure out what it would be....:confused:
  4. Oh No! not the spelling police now along with all the other non important Crap!
  5. oldtom69
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    from grandin nd

    OK-which is the correct spelling for the sheet metal bending machine!!!or for the British station wagon?
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  6. Slopok
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    I once knew a guy that was addicted to brake fluid...but he said he could stop anytime!:rolleyes:
  7. Break fluid
    7852CF64-FD26-4006-AC0A-A2F0EC76BEA0.jpeg 61D7CE91-911B-43E7-A0BE-1D5EC4125882.jpeg
  8. I've got one of those somewhere; 'course all I remember about hydraulics is that it's just a leak waiting to happen. Guess them's the breaks... or brakes.
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  9. Blue One
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    Blue One
    from Alberta

    The guys breaking boards doesn’t impress me, been there done that.
    Even on the way to a black belt I wasn’t impressed.

    Why? Sure it takes some force and skill to make those boards break into pieces but they always snap them in the direction that the grain of the wood runs.

    Now break the boards across the grain without breaking bones, that would be impressive :D
  10. GearheadsQCE
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    When I was teaching Autoshop and one of the kids would get to something hard, not trying to figure it out, I would ask them what would they do if they were at work and this happened. The response was, "I'd take it to a mechanic!"

    Regarding Brake or Break, I got so tired of it, that if they handed in their daily work sheet with the wrong spelling, I would throw it in the waste basket.
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  11. BoogittyShoe
    Joined: Feb 18, 2020
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    Oh stop. Please.
    A guy was going to teach his wife how to drive. She said "Which pedal is the brake?" He said "Never mind, I'll drive."
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  12. New=Never Ever Worked

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  13. scrappybunch
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    from nj

    We get this a few times a year. Towed in from an independent repair shop unable to bleed the air out.
    caliper 2.jpg
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  14. Now that right there is Funny. Sad to say I don't have any problem believing it.
  15. I don't even open these anymore. If your to Dumb to figure out what out of the 3 things it takes is missing, just Go Away!
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  16. 67drake
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    from Avoca WI

    gotta walk before you run.

    I gleaned these “ nuggets” through years of asking questions and making mistakes.
    I also like to learn, and figure stuff out.

    Hey! I think the same guy wired my new project house! Wire taped together in many places. I don’t think they understood that the clamps on boxes are there for a reason either.
    I found this today after the roof tear off- brown extension cord run above the drywall to wire a light fixture below

    And yes, I’m rewiring the whole house

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  17. Flathead Dave
    Joined: Mar 21, 2014
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    Flathead Dave
    from So. Cal.

    I hear you. That's why I use a cross cut saw when I go against the grain...
  18. loudbang
    Joined: Jul 23, 2013
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    Must be that new Silicone brake fluid is smarter than the old stuff. So which one should I use. :rolleyes:
    Joined: Dec 14, 2009
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    What reall drives me nut with the “ why don’t my:
    No start
    Driveline noise
    Threads bug me is, most of the time there is an issue and no thought or diagnostic from the op.
    I get this at work a lot from some of the techs.

    they phone me.
    Hey I got code G1 on a Raymond.

    me- ok what did you check so far?

    them- nothing...... what part do I change?



    me-hangs up phone.

    I got no issues helping people. And even stuff that seems dumb and mundane to you can throw others for a loop.
    I’ve had no starts hand me my ass, and other seemingly “ simple issues” turn into cans of worms.

    what I hate is, my car don’t start, I think it’s go spark and I hear noises when I crank it
    What wrong, oh it’s a ford!

    no mention of any diagnostic, parts, engine, etc etc.
    Being in front of the unit makes iteasy to diagnose things.
    Over the inter webs with nothing more then bits n pieces of a story makes it near impossible and frustrating.
  20. Vandenplas, I get the exact same thing at work. “Hey, this truck is doing this, what do you think?”, Me: what engine are you working on? Them, uh, I don’t know. Me: well, why don’t you figure that out and then we can move on.
    I used to answer their questions with questions designed to make them think about what they are working on, but they really don’t want to know anything about what they are doing. Now I just come up with snappy smart ass answers, and they still can’t figure out that it’s not my job to do their job as well as the one I’m working on.
    I don’t mind helping or even teaching, but these guys don’t want to learn anything.

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  21. Oh yeah , for sure. But here you’re jumping into things much more advanced, involvement of multi system and problems needing specific and expensive specialized equipment. The frustration could be endless up there at that higher realms.

    Wayback when I was a kid my dad drilled it into my head - “Make it stop, make it go,
    Make it pretty and always in that order” . As I’ve gone through life I found it very important to be able to stop what I’ve put in the motion. There’s been a few times generally oh shit moments where I’ve heard the voices in my head telling me that’s why he told you make a stop Make it go make it pretty and always in that order. Not just vehicles

    As long as I’ve been doing this shit I’ve not ever one time needed some sort of pressure bleeder or vacuum bleeder. However I’ve always had a helper or pedal pusher. And that includes transplanted systems factory systems complete custom systems comprised of parts that were never meant to work together. I’m not saying that it always goes perfect either, sometimes there’s a booger in the wood pile and you have just got to find it.

    Usually a simple process of elimination or isolation whoops the brake fluid bully’s ass and you get to keep your lunch money. Requires logical thought but since brake fluid has been getting smarter,,,
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  22. My Dad used to say "ya gotta be smarter than your Tool Box". It took me a while to sort that out. One day I was called over to help a Guy adjust his new Welder. There really wasn't any problem with his machine and I said "Buying a high dollar welder don't make ya a good welder", I finally understood what the Old Man meant.
  23. It is just hydraulic fluid.

    That said, I switched my bike to silicone (because I had a big bottle on the shelf) I don't have a problem with the front brakes at all but my rear if I let the bike set for a month or so you always have to pump the shit out of it. Never had that problem with the old caustic crap. LOL
  24. Brake fluid is devious as well, almost every case of “why don’t my brakes work” is followed by “everything is perfect, no way I could miss something” yet they don’t work.... sneaky fluid.

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  25. Ebbsspeed
    Joined: Nov 11, 2005
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    I know this corona virus isolation is getting to all of us. However, what you do in the privacy of your own home is up to you.

    Never heard it called a "wire" before.....

    One of my "higher education" professors built a Tesla Coil that had a 6 foot tower for the high frequency transformer, a tank capacitor made of glass panes and tin foil that took up a couple dozen square feet of floor space, and a 15KV neon tube primary power supply transformer. It took some convincing for me to stand next to that thing and let that high frequency plasma crawl all over my skin. You could feel just a little bit of 60HZ that was carried through the capacitor from the primary power supply, but the hundred thousand volt stuff just tickled your skin. Some crazy shit, those Tesla Coils.
  26. BoogittyShoe
    Joined: Feb 18, 2020
    Posts: 330


    TruckDoctor said "...don't mind helping people..."
    Yeah, (maybe this should go on the "think too much" thread. (I've been thinking too much about OPP. (Other people's problems)
    When the guy asked how tough it is to change a stick to an automatic, I kinda figured he wouldn't have asked if he didn't know. So I went through the process of getting almost half of it done. And as an alternative I asked if he had thought about a floor shift. (couldn't find column linkage)
    No "Thank you, I'll get started."
    No "No, I haven't thought about a floor shifter."
    (No, this isn't a rant)
    It's like when I saw 2 women outside their Honda Camry or whatever. They had knocked front plastic piece loose and it was dragging. I turned around, parked in front of them, got a couple of heavy-duty wire ties, got under the car, tied it up, and as I was getting in my car I saw them both on their phones.
    (I ain't finished yet)
    Then yesterday a guy asked how to wire a starter button. (Like "Push to Start" buttons are 21st century tech.) I told him how I wired mine and that it lasted 27 years. (Well, I wrote "37", but I lost count)
    Not another word from him to me or anyone else who bothered to offer advice.

    I either get a raise or I'm quitting.
  27. beaner how’s it hanging buddy ?
    Since you quoted me , I’ll guess you read it.
    If it’s just hydraulic fluid how come is smarter than these guys with brake problems
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  28. 41rodderz
    Joined: Sep 27, 2010
    Posts: 4,692

    from Oregon

    Yes , a thank you is the cheapest price they can pay. I don’t have two nickels too rub together most of the time but I do get richer in knowledge reading others questions and answers.
  29. They over think it. Uh I think.
    Yes I read it.

    My buddy (the brake man at the GM dealership) actually says that brake fluid is smarter then the average tech. He says that its a good thing or he would be out of a job. LOL
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    Joined: Jun 3, 2005
    Posts: 8,041


    Me and brakes are equally "educated" in the context of the topic. Not yet found a system that didn't respond to simple, dare I say casual, basics. New products that try to reinvent? Let's not pick that scab. I went crazy on an OT rod that refused to provide vacuum to the spite of strong engine spite of all new components put EXACTLY as spite of reworking the mechanical relationships of the pedal and rod to optimum...all because there was a PCV valve. Yup, took that out of play and VIOLA! (yes I spelled that wrong) it worked. So in that case the PCV valve was outnumbering the braking system in it's ability to confound the basics. It also engratiated me even more to my lowly little 39 Ford Standard. Since the car is back for an annual debugging, minor changes, AND being a victim of a hit and run while parked all by itself, I'll revisit the PCV virus (seems and appropriate term, no?).

    Speaking of terms, I've gone through a lot of brakes and brake work lately. Just went through and did all the 41 Packard sedan system. Rebuilt master, all 4 wheel cylinders, all new soft lines, all the OG lines are clean and clear. All to find that 1 brass fitting has developed the desire to sodomize us while trying to bleed. Basics were followed in spades, proud of how it all turned out, only to have the fitting on the end of the master develop a leak. It gets worse in the simplest of ways considering the change in the most common search engines. What in the EVER LOVIN FUCK is the official part designation for the brass BANJO? TEE? MASTER CYLINDER END FITTING? It looks like this;
    So I have deduced that it's used on forklifts, has similar uses on several cars, comes in different sizes, and should surely be available locally given my Motown location. But asking for it, searching for it, makes one sound just short of stupid not knowing the official term. Fluid? Yeah, it leaks on that fitting.

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