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Technical When did brake fluid get so smart?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 31Vicky with a hemi, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. I mean the brake fluid today has that special ability to outsmart a lot of guys out there. It’s not nice either, brake fluid has become a bully. It seem to baffle individuals to the point of a complete stupor leaving them whimpering in the corner, lying in the fetal position sucking their thumb.

    I suppose I could do a write up, explaining that brake fluid is stupid and can’t take your lunch money. Go thru how it is predictable and always follows the rules and will do exactly as it’s instructed.
    The problem I have with that is nobody will read it because they haven’t read anyone of the thousands of publications already written by the smart guys. I’d have nothing new to add because it’s all been covered 5000 times.

    I didn’t want to accuse anyone of being lazy or say that anyone could have born without the full knowledge of brake fluid. So it must be that brake fluid is getting smarter, right?
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  2. I couldn’t agree more....I don’t know why brakes are so hard for people. Other than there are so many people that spread false information.

    The other one are students are baffled by is differentials, apparently they are black magic as well.

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    Hydraulics !!!!!

    Been around since the Egyptians

    fluid cannot compress in a sealed circuit , then it causes movement.

    surface area, length of travel play a part in this.

    it’s not rocket appliances, most of us have our grade 10.

    it’s like electrical,
    It can be daunting, it can be a task, but follow the systems rules and you’ll be fine.

    I see the biggest issue most folks have with brakes is mix and match parts without know what said parts actually need and do.
  4. Maybe I overthunk
    Now - Were you just born with those nuggets of info?
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  5. hotrodjack33
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    It's electronic distributors for me. Points, condenser and rotor make a lot of sense...a pickup module?...not so much. :(
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  6. trollst
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    Has it outsmarted you Vick? One time.....building a 29 dodge 4 dr we'd get a pedal, then after sitting a couple minutes, the pedal would go away on further testing. After days of diagnosis, it was determined that the pivot point on the pedal was too close to the hinge point, after being redrilled by the owner of the car in an effort to relocate the pedal. Of course, he never told anyone that he'd done that. So.....ya, sometimes.
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    1EEF7F56-5EB7-4113-8277-6F896A24CFB9.jpeg 3E591FD5-F873-4538-BD24-5D21BBEFFCDD.jpeg 746DA278-9F6D-4FC3-8E7A-442622A856D5.jpeg 37EE2C09-7C33-400D-B8CA-9916E04967A6.jpeg 524966C4-9C48-4856-B000-AF1956177DBC.jpeg

    gotta walk before you run.

    I gleaned these “ nuggets” through years of asking questions and making mistakes.
    I also like to learn, and figure stuff out.

    ive never really done home electrical except wire in new lights or switches etc.
    Bought a house and dig into it and the electrical is a complete mess.
    Talk to my uncle who is a retired master electrician, go on the ontario electrical code website.
    And know I’ve been pulling my wire for the last week.
    Almost done, and glad I have.

    what I’ve found,
    Yes those are super man band aides !!
    Yes wiring taped together
    I’m not done, but that was the panel when I started. 200 amp service and it’s full !!!!!
    I’ll have 12 breakers when I’m done.
    I got a head ache and I don’t want to do this again.
    But nothing that can’t be gleaned from some time, research and questions to people who know more.
  8. Black_Sheep
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    I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I am smarter than a jar of brake fluid. Some of the questions (and answers) I see in online forums are downright scary.
  9. Not yet but today isn’t over.
    It’s made me think and hunt an issue.
    Anytime brake fluid isn’t doing what you want it only means there’s something in the sting telling the fluid what to do that you don’t want. The fluid MUST and will always do what it’s told.

    When brake fluid is misbehaving it’s because it’s listening to directions given.
  10. What dumbfounds me is how many times the same Brake issue has been beat to Death on just this sight and few if any use the search venue before making themselves look St,,, Oh wait that's being judgmental. The other thing I don't get is when a person don't know anything about Brakes why does he buy products from 4 different suppliers and think he now has a system? If your at a Swap Meet and pick up a part and ask the seller if it fits your project the answer is always Yes. When you call Brake Systems Inc and ask if this Master cyl will work on my system, the answer is always Yes. Do you know why? They are selling parts and know You don't know what you need. Kit and Parts sellers are in business to sell parts, not cure your lack of knowledge.
  11. oldtom69
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    from grandin nd

    I have the same frustration with the "why won't it start"threads
  12. williebill
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    Is it Chinese brake fluid? Well, there you go.
  13. 40FORDPU
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    from Yelm, Wa
    1. Northwest HAMBers

    So much emphasis on the scores on testing of the SAT's for college acceptance, or all of those tests we stressed over during our school years for that matter.
    The real test for us is the test we give our selves with every day challenges.
    I've surprised myself simply by testing/challenging myself to take on unfamiliar tasks..and surprisingly passed, and in so doing gained the confidence to take on more, rather than walking away and hiring a professional.
    We are smarter than we think..test yourselves, the reward is priceless.
  14. blowby
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    from Nicasio Ca

    You do have a way with words..

    Why don't they make brake fluid stop leak? They have hydraulic stop leak, use it in my backhoe/ground lubricator. Yeah I know, safety, if it leaks, fix it. My C2 Vette has 4 pot discs all around, 16 of the damn things. :eek:
  15. The comparison and understanding is kind of like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.
    Thomas Edison being more analog and circuitry like points where Nikola Tesla is more magnetism like a pick up module.

    The majority of all the cool shit we have today is because of Nikola Tesla’s work.
  16. BoogittyShoe
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    I think it must have something to do with the fact that it lives its life in complete confinement and isolation. So it developes its own intelligence. It must have some kind of superiority programming when it is introduced into the "MASTER" cylinder.
  17. You might be onto something there :D
    I’ve been hearing a lot about Artificial intelligence (AI) taking over.
  18. upload_2020-4-5_12-29-9.jpeg

    That looks like the Hulk got pissed off and threw pile of electrical scrap at the wall. Then Superman tried to fix it.
  19. BoogittyShoe
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    Yep. About "brake fluid stop leak" ?
    I saw the thread about the guy's pedal going to the floor. But the master cylinder was full. Now that's so scarey I can barely type. Like it's cloning itself and escaping.
  20. Beyond what is truly a lack of understanding of how brake systems work, and what parts will work together, along with the proportions involved in brake pedal geometry and cylinder / caliper sizing, and indeed, what size of actual brakes might be needed, the amount of substandard (NFG) master cylinders on the market today is staggering.

    In the last 18 months I have installed two different disc brake kits that wouldn't work. After re-checking my installation I found all that was needed to make the system work was a quality master cylinder. Add to that, last year at this time, it took me three tries to purchase a master cylinder that didn't leak for another car I was working on. These parts were coming from a parts house that is my regular supplier and sells (mostly :) ) quality parts.

    When you add inexperience, lack of understanding, low quality parts, and the belief that new parts can't be bad parts, brake fluid takes the advantage and outsmarts many people. Also, as has already been said, a lot of false information available to anyone looking on the internet doesn't help matters.
  21. I think brake fluid got smarter when high schools dropped the vocational education auto shop classes.
    Or possibly the brake fluid is just smarter than the people working on breaks for their car....
  22. Oh yeah!!!
    New parts used to (long time ago now) mean that they were good parts.
    Today “New” only means that the parts have not proven themselves yet.
    The sooner you can get that into your brain the better.

  23. So it is brake fluid that is evolving
    I thought so :D
    Now we’re getting down to the actual “when” part.
  24. Wanderlust
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    My take on this is no one wants to take the time to figure things out for themselves, they simply want someone who has to tell them how, so they can still say they did it themselves but did they really!
  25. 2OLD2FAST
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    from illinois

    And look how he ended up , penniless % alone ... Used and destroyed by others greed !
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    there was also a sub panel buried in the wall with the breakers “safety wired in place”
    And buddy must have owned stock in a junction box factory as no piece of wire was longer then 8’ and had a junction box
    Just crazy what happens when people don’t inform themselves.
    I guess staying at a holiday inn express isn’t all what they say it is !!!
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  27. egads
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    Last edited: Apr 5, 2020
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  28. lippy
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    from Ks

    Need to combine this thread with Porknbeaners , " Do we overthink things too much " thread. LOL.
  29. Flathead Dave
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    Flathead Dave
    from So. Cal.

    When I was taking Karate lessons, I was trying to break boards. It looked easy enough but no one told me that the wood was hard to break...
    I guess I should have used "brake fluid" to help me out...
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  30. manyolcars
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    It seems that we need a forum just for brakes. Probably wouldnt help since so many people here cant even spell 'brakes'.
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