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Technical What's your favorite spray paint?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rockable, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. chiro
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    SEM with catalyzed clear coat will give you a spray gun comparable finish, The SEM stuff is incredible. Lots of VOC's. Must be well ventilated. I love the stuff. The EZ-coat stock colors will dry COMPLETELY in 30 minutes and are direct to primer needed. Just let it flash and coat it again in 5-8 mins or coat over with one of their finish colors. Flash again and catalyzed clear ( a spray can) and you're done. Work fast though. Stuff is just amazing. I know a builder that uses the EZ-coat colors exclusively on his traditional builds. I visited him and he was all about the stuff. He sprayed a small piece and left it outside while we were BS'ing for a few minutes. Was hard as a rock by the time we went to check it out. I was sold. Been using it ever since. Y'all should try it. Really. You can get it online or at body shop supply shops. Buddy of mine who has a HUGE and very successful body shop (insurance smash and fix late model business) uses the EZ-coat for trunks, radiator supports, etc. because it is so easy to use and the colors match the OEM for those areas. Cuts time in his shop which to him is MONEY.
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    Krylon, the end. Once in a while you find something that works ok because you're outta Krylon and they're outta stock at the store but there's no substitute. And with even a 1/2 assed prep it seems to last for years and years. Sprayed a scuffed and cleaned roll bar, no primer, 2 nice coats with their semi-gloss black. It didn't even scuff much getting in and out which was shocking to me. For a short time around here (SE Mich) there was some Krylon wrinkle finish. Holy kiss my go ta hell! It was fast, even, perfect texture with no help from heat or the like. I bought 2 for some Packard stuff and used it all on that job, went back to buy more and they had 1, never got any more in. I look every time I'm in Wally World or a craft store but nada. Anyone else ever see it, use it? If you do and you need it you'll be as chubbed up as I was. "Do It Best" hardware shit isn't bad, it's fast but a sorta ugly black (yes there's a difference).

    Here we are with a rattle can topic so let yer ol Uncle Jocko give ya a tip. Want that subtle earth tone interior color for columns and the like inside your hot rod? Camo paint. You know, those colors splattered all over the redneck rusty truck used in the woods?:rolleyes: They have various shades of tans and taupe-ish browns. Also, each brand has different shades and most are flat or satin which is perfect for interiors. I had already mixed my own for the 39 then had seen a really close camo color and thought "...well shit this woulda saved some time." but I was already done. There's also a couple chestnut browns that are right on for 40s era Packard columns and lower dash panels. Great topic, have fun;)
  3. topher5150
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    I've been having pretty good luck with Rustoleum heavy rust primer. I get it as clean as I reasonably can and it turns out real nice. That surface rust that you see in front of the seat from other parts after it got caught in the rain.

    Their cobalt blue seems to be holding up pretty well too.
  4. Marty Strode
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    Marty Strode

  5. gimpyshotrods
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  6. Marty Strode
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    Marty Strode

    Pretty sure, it was all free from a store closeout.
  7. Mopar Tony
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    Mopar Tony

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