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Whats the worst thing you ran over with a Hot rod

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by carlos, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. rustang
    Joined: Sep 10, 2009
    Posts: 710


    About 1979 or 1980 and it was my dads garage door... the brakes were out on my '38 Chev truck in my avatar after sitting the winter in the old factory where I stored it, came back to my folks house with the truck and "intended" to use the parking brake and forgot until it was too late.....slid right through the garage door on the house...

    My dads then one year old Lincoln was on the other side of the door... someone was looking out for me that day as the door broke loose on the side I went through, and on the top, but when I got the truck stopped the door was hanging from the side and top over the Lincoln, never did touch the car.....LOL

    Funny thing was, when I told my dad, first thing he said was "Did you hit the car"? and I said "no, the car is OK, only the door is bad".... he then said "Good, never did like that damn garage door anyway, now we can get a new one"..... :)

    I sure miss that man... :)
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  2. castirondude
    Joined: Jan 26, 2012
    Posts: 496


    I hit a deer once with my old bronco. I came around a blind curve and it just hopped out from behind a bush. I managed to slow from 55 down to 35 before hitting it. Thud, it went under the truck. There was no place to pull off the road and I didn't want to be the next victim. So I drove for half a mile till there was a safe place to stop, checked the damage, there was none, no blood, only water on the truck. I guess it had come through the river next to the road.

    On another occasion there was a deer carcass just in a blind corner on the way to work. You couldn't see around the corner so it was not safe to drive around it, you had to drive over it. Over the course of a few days the deer got smeared out over like an 80' stretch of highway, yuck!!

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    Joined: Jul 16, 2006
    Posts: 2,571


    This may not sound like a big deal, but I will never forget it.

    A warm summer night, windows down, cruzing a back road..... A june bug hit my mirror, the impact softened the june bug enough that when it hit me in the mouth... most of the juice went across my teeth.

    It took a couple miles to get the taste and bug parts out.
    Joined: Jul 16, 2006
    Posts: 2,571


  5. I was 19, cutting through town in my '64 Olds 88 and this big irish setter runs out in front of me, BAM! I hit him a ton and he runs off. I drive around slowly, find the dog sitting on someone's stoop. I go to the door and the owner comes out, she looks the dog over, feels him for broken bones, not a yip out of him, in fact he was glad to see me. Lucky dog that's for sure.

    A few years I was driving from the LI Expressway to the Sagtikos Parkway and it has this long sweeping on-ramp. I'm doing about 65 in my OT Niassan, as I come around the last of the curve, a motherin' big raccoon waltzes right into my path. I hit him so hard I thought he went through the radiator. But no... I drag him about .3 mile down the ramp, another .2 down the parkway before he exits... right under my rear wheel. Cars behind me had to dodge the remains. No overheating, no odd noises, I run for home. I hit him square with the license plate, fur all over it. Cracked my front air dam and loosened a splash shield under the car.

  6. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.... musta been awful. I travel the nasty old Sagtikos Parkway often enough. Accidents galore, mostly 3 & 4 car deals.

    I'm heading north one rush hour and the southbound lanes are stopped ahead. I look, one of those multi-car wrecks with cars into the median, on the grass. There was a lady laying motionless on the pavement, got knocked out of her car it seemed, 1/2 in a 1/2 out. If the traffic wasn't stopped, she would have been run over.

  7. JimC
    Joined: Dec 13, 2002
    Posts: 2,235

    from W.C.,Mo.

    Hiway 66 between Vanita and Miami, Oklahoma in my 32 Victoria!
  8. need louvers ?
    Joined: Nov 20, 2008
    Posts: 12,906

    need louvers ?

    Russco, you kinda stole my thunder.... Back in the VW days I was known for having the lowest cars running around town. I had just repaired and pulled out the nose pan on my '63 that was hovering about 2 1/2" off the ground and headed out to Tempe to make the scene,when much to my suprise in blind turn there lay an Old English sheep dog that had been hit earlier on that 120 degree day.... Found bits and pieces of that poor boy for years to come, not to mention having to completely cut the nose of the car off and replace it afterward.

    I had an extension ladder fall off the back of an illegal's landscaping truck on the freeway in front of the Plymouth one time, and that was quite exciting, not to mention damaging!

    The funniest damn thing I ever ran over was years ago in my heavily dropped Falcon coupe when I ran over a shoe... Not a big deal you say? The first bump was just that as it bounced off the floor pan, but the second bump wasn't, - it was more like "POING!" Then the gas gauge started to dive... Turns out I ran over a steel cleated Golf shoe and the cleats popped just slightly less than 300,000 tiny holes in my gas tank.

    Last one was the scarriest, and I can't remember who was driving along side of me when it happend, but It was either ElPolacko in his green truck or Miles M, possibly in the Roach Rod. We were leaving from my place downtown to Scottsdale for the Sunday at Good Guys and headed hot and heavy down the 202 just as it curves west of the Tempe Town Lake. I was in the far left H.O.V. lane runnin' about 85 or so when I got into the previously blind apex of the turn and saw, much to my total terror, a four drawer steelcase file cabinet standing upright with it's second drawer up open right in the center of my lane! Full of files from the very brief view I could see!!! With another hot rod in the regular left lane to my right and a narrow shoulder to my left with a concrete divider wall my choices were very limited... Left we go and physics be damned! I got close enough to the wall that the left front bumper just barely touched the wall, and got the car almost all the way around the file cabinet with the notable exception of the right rear fender's leading edge smacking the open drawer... That file cabinet spun like a pinwheel and sprayed paper like a storm behind me! I didn' have time to scrub much speed off during this deal so I as calmly as I could (ya, sure!) did a quick pants check and rolled back into the H.O.V. lane and continued on to Good Guys. The Plymouth to this day wears a large, deep gouged scar on the leading edge of it's right rear fender!
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  9. tfeverfred
    Joined: Nov 11, 2006
    Posts: 15,793


    Ran over a dead dog last year. I was going so fast, I had to pass a couple medians to pull over. Looked underneath and no damage. So, I drive back to inspect the mess. Bones, blood, fur and brain matter in a long patch. I also spyed the dog collar with a tag. Found a stick, snatched it up and drove to the address. It was fairly close to me, so it was no problem. No one home, put the collar and tag in the mail box.
  10. 40Standard
    Joined: Jul 30, 2005
    Posts: 5,821

    from Indy

    ran over left foot, off work 6 weeks
  11. Funny man,,:rolleyes: :D

    This was the 4 legged variety and probably weighed in between 45 to 60 lbs. lbs. HRP
  12. I'm on a three lane free way in Cali, I'm in a dropped C-10 doing about 70-80. in the distance a dog runs across the freeway and looks like it wants to jump over the j blocks but changes its mind and double back over the road as he gets to the center lane he turns and heads straight for me. I glance left car, I look right car,I look in rear view loaded semi, Not gonna slam on brakes. I looked at my wife and tell her "we are gonna smoke it" we hit head on. Of all the things i remember about it the look on the ladies face next to me was mortified. Sorry I'm not gonna risk my life or my wife's to save a dog by swerving into someone at 70 or stop in front of a semi.
  13. Mr48chev
    Joined: Dec 28, 2007
    Posts: 28,156


    Ran over a 4x4 about 3 ft long. in the road on the highway between Salt Lake and Provo on the way to Texas in 1981 and damned near lost the right running board in the process. I ended up wiring it on until I could get to my friend's shop in Waco to fix it right. And like just about everyone I have spent some time at the car wash washing skunk off the bottom of the truck at one time or the other.
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  14. need louvers ?
    Joined: Nov 20, 2008
    Posts: 12,906

    need louvers ?

    I guess I could share the time I ran over ME with a Baja Bug as my High School let out - in front of everybody in the city of Scottsdale. My buddy had my '39 'cause he had an after school date of great importance, and left me to drive his Baja Bug to school. Well, as usual the damn thing wouldn't start, so I was just gonna give it a heavy push down the service road next to school, hop in and bump it, it starts, many females impressed with my automotive prowess, pretty simple operation, right? 'Cept I forget about short wheels bases and huge rear tires coupled with long legs! I caught the back of my right ankle as I pushed off and ran that damn thing right up the back of my leg to about my ass, knocking myself to the 100 degree pavement... Right as everybody else was walking out of the school, including that impossibly hot blondie I was constantly trying to impress, Kathie Anderson (dot that "I" with a little heart when you spell that one!!!) not much "impression", but fotunately a bit of sympathy rubbing and cuddling that helped ease the pain quite a bit...
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  15. JC Sparks
    Joined: Dec 8, 2008
    Posts: 712

    JC Sparks
    from Ohio

    The crankshaft. JC
  16. My brother back in his drinkin' days had a good one. He had this big old GMC pickup, looked like hell, ran like stink.

    He cleans out the old man's garage to make room for his '54 Chevy 3100. So a shitload of things go into the 9' bed of the truck with sides up on the bed so he can stack it higher.

    The capper to the whole deal was this big old dresser that came from my grandmother's house. We used it to keep parts in. It was maybe 5' tall by 5' wide. He tosses it on, secures it with a light rope.

    Comes dinner time, he decides to make a Beefsteak Charlie's run. He looks at the truck, contemplates taking dad's car, but dad was going out, the truck it was. He drives the maybe 6 miles to the place. Parks the truck, walks around the back.... no dresser!

    I met him there a bit later, he tells me the story and we follow the route he took home. No dresser, no dresser... wait.. there it is! Right in the middle of 27A is this 1/4 mile trail of kindling woood... I still wonder whose car it fell on.

  17. Brad54
    Joined: Apr 15, 2004
    Posts: 6,014

    from Atl Ga

    I hit one in my Suburban several times.
    A little clean-up on the front seat was all the repair needed...

  18. GaryB
    Joined: Dec 19, 2008
    Posts: 3,529

    from Reno,nv

    rainy oregon day,heading south out of Portland on the behind a bigrig,could'nt see anything from all the spray.was in an o/t datsun, changed lanes to pass,a pallet laying right in the middle of the lane.hit it at about 60 got airborne and launched into the center median bushes, got it stopped,and after pulling the seat covers out of my ass,pulled away,checked steerring,got back on the road home
  19. TBone69
    Joined: Aug 21, 2007
    Posts: 819

    from NJ

    Pulled over to make some roadside repair on the way to the beach and ran over a dead bloated raccoon. What didn't get stuffed into the traction bars fell off piece by piece the rest of the ride. The smell was gawd awfull!
  20. Brad54
    Joined: Apr 15, 2004
    Posts: 6,014

    from Atl Ga

    Hit a full exhaust system from a late-model Mustang with the wife's Corvair... It was during a torrential rain storm, and the road in front of our subdivision was flooded... it was several inches deep, and I thought it was just a thin layer or shallow water so I didn't slow down, nor did the Mustang that passed me going the other way. He hit the water, and it ripped his exhaust system out from the X-pipe back... I didn't know that, and just saw him sitting in off the side of the road when I made the turn into the subdivision at about 20mph, through the water, and hit one of the Borlas... Huge "BANG!" and the car pulled to one side, while going through the water that I totally misjudged.

    I thought I ripped something out of the car and limped home dragging it. When I pulled into my driveway, I stopped with the front wheels on the hump and got out to look under the car and spotted the exhaust pipe and muffler. Pulled it out and drove back to tell the guy I had his exhaust, but he was already gone.

    The only bad thing I've hit in the '61 Suburban was a bird, square in the windshield directly in front of my face--it EXPLODED and left a huge black smoosh the size of a soccer ball directly in front of my line of sight. I had to look between it and the A-piller as I drove to the car wash. I wouldn't have thought a robin had that much guts in it.

  21. Veach
    Joined: Jun 1, 2012
    Posts: 1,081


    Hit a railroad tie doing about 70 in a 54 2dr post RIP She was a fine Car but nobody got hurt but we need clean underwear
  22. S.F.
    Joined: Oct 19, 2006
    Posts: 2,894


    giant chunk of concrete at night, it exploded like a bomb when it wedged between crossmember and road.
  23. That's on a totally different web sight! ;)
  24. BIG-JIM
    Joined: Jun 13, 2009
    Posts: 1,376

    from CT

    Not me but a friend Linda hit a deer with her prostreet 34 coupe. She was on her way to York PA and had Jersey barriers on the right and a tractor trailer on the left. Right in front of her was a huge injured buck. She slowed down and just before hitting it she nailed the gas raising the front end off the ground enough to go over it and not scoop it up. She said you could hear the antlers and bones cracking under the car. After going over it oil pressure went to zero. She killed the engine and coasted past the end of the barriers and off the shoulder. The antlers were sticking out of the oil pan. Very little body damage. She said the insurance company (Sneed robinson & gerber) sent her a commendation plaque and letter thanking her keeping cool in the situation.
  25. davo461
    Joined: May 13, 2007
    Posts: 345


    A buddy was scooting his pickup along at around 100mph, on a country road, one very early morning, when he hit a barn owl. It got him right where the windscreen meets the roof. Busted the screen, damaged the roof and left him, literally, with egg on his face.
    .Took quite a while to clean the cab; feathers, egg and birdpoop!
    How Jonesy wasn't blinded, I don't know.
  26. In 1972 on the way back from A.S.R.A. 1st Run at Kansas city, KA. In OK. ran over a very ripe Armadilo, it was about 100 degrees. Sadly we took some it back to TX.
  27. 45_70Sharps
    Joined: May 19, 2010
    Posts: 331


    I've always been pretty lucky with that. I've hit a couple deer in non hot rods in my many years on the road. I came around a corner in my 70 Suburban and a bunch of birds were in the road trying to get warm. They hit the front of the rig like hail! One stuck in the headlight bucket without doing any harm.
    Just last weekend I was on the freeway in my OT truck and a guy just in front of me on the left is towing a boat.
    A five gallon bucket comes flying out of the boat, lands next to my bumper and then flies into my lane.... Right behind me where someone else hits it.
    Sometimes it's paying attention that keeps you from having a problem, sometimes it's luck.
  28. need louvers ?
    Joined: Nov 20, 2008
    Posts: 12,906

    need louvers ?

    Okay, one last one involving my girlfriend, The incredible miss Judy... So back before she moved up to my house she called one day and said she was on her way up. This trip entailed about 22 miles of mostly 6 lane freeway traffic moving at 75-90 mph as most stuff does around this town. I get a call about the time she was half way here from a COMPLTELY ruffled Judy talking in her Chinese/English at about 200mph. "Something just hit windshield! Crash righ' through - BANG!!! SO SCARED!!" Are you alright I asked calmly trying to calm her down, are you still moving? YESH!! SO SCARDED!! Just keep driving until you get here and we'll worry about it then, do you need me to stay on the phone with you? YESH!! So I did trying to keep her calmed down as best I could. I shut off my louver press and walked up to the front of the house as she came around the corner onto my street... With the pointy end of a six foot long drywall square stuck right through the passenger side of the windshield of her Mini cooper and stabbed right throught the passenger seat! Damn!!!
  29. mickeyab
    Joined: Nov 29, 2012
    Posts: 37

    from Texas

    I ran over my own harmonic balancer in my '57 Chevy after the engine spit it off the crankshaft. Seem the previous owner had boogered up the keyway on the crank real good. What's worse It happened a second time. Found out at 6,000 RPM it would let go!
  30. Hit a little lap dog with my shovel head, tried to avoid but caught him with my foot peg. Felt horrible, I was going way too fast, found the owner and she asked if I would bury it in the back yard, gave me a shovel pointed where to dig and went back inside. As I was digging the hole the dog started convulsing. I thought it was dead-the damage to its head was beyond description. I did the only thing I could and try to put it out of its misery with the shovel. Turned around just in time to see her fainting on the back porch. Ran to the porch to see if she was hurt. She gets up and runs into the house, I hauled ass. Have not driven down that road since.
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