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Technical What type of air hose fittings are you using? I need heavy duty

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Roothawg, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Roothawg
    Joined: Mar 14, 2001
    Posts: 21,146


    5FF014EF-4053-4DA0-AFAC-468098E47E21.jpeg I guess I am either extremely hard on fittings or they are just crap these days.

    I keep having issues with them blowing apart or they start leaking internally followed by chewing up the male fittings on my tools. About half the time, when I separate the fittings they hang open and I have to beat them on the floor to get them to shut off the air flow.

    I don’t know if they are made for low pressure or what. I even bought them in sets, thinking maybe I had a mismatch on the style. No bueno.

    Here’s a prime example. Notice all of the pieces scattered about. These fittings are about 3 months old.
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  2. alchemy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2002
    Posts: 16,589


    I bought handfuls of hose ends and male fittings from Horrible Freight. I've found the brass ones to be fine so far, but the steel ones are sticky. None of mine have fallen apart like yours.
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  3. I've used Hansen? brand forever, no issues. When I was still working, Purchasing brought in some cheaper copies, and they would come apart. Seemed they were just screwed together, with no clip grooves, or any other type of retainer for springs, or checks.
  4. 2OLD2FAST
    Joined: Feb 3, 2010
    Posts: 3,177

    from illinois

    Milton M style , some of mine are 50 years old & still working fine !

    Joined: Feb 16, 2016
    Posts: 87


    Agree with Milton "M" style. Have had good luck with them. Some still USA made.
  6. Roothawg
    Joined: Mar 14, 2001
    Posts: 21,146


    I thought maybe I was running too much pressure. I have the regulator set around 100-125 usually. None of these were from HF.
  7. Moriarity
    Joined: Apr 11, 2001
    Posts: 20,510

    Staff Member

    ARO push to connect, You only pull back on the body of the female part to release, and you can take them apart and replace the rubber seals when they go bad (almost never and I have flipped the rubber seals before with good results)

    aro1.JPG aro2.JPG aro3.JPG
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  8. 37 caddy
    Joined: Mar 4, 2010
    Posts: 378

    37 caddy
    from PEI Canada

    Milton M style here too,make sure you use the Milton nipples too,seems to work better as they last longer on that end as well,the cheap ones tend to leak there.Dont use any type of adapter on the ends,just a coupler and a nipple.Maybe you could try a whip hose,there about 2 feet long,they are made to take the stress off the end of the tool,Ive never used them but they are recommended for air guns?. Harvey
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  9. rockable
    Joined: Dec 21, 2009
    Posts: 3,286


    I used to sell Parker, which is a very high quality quick disconnect. (It appears you are talking about quick disconnects or quick couplers, rather than fittings.) I have many of the HF brass QC's in my shop and have never had a problem. Maybe you just got some from a bad batch.

    One other thing, the HF QC's are "Industrial Interchange" design and will interchange with other manufacturers of "Industrial Interchange" designs. The ARO, for example, uses a different nipple, so you and your friends may not be able to use each other's tools without changing out the nipple. There are many different designs, so I stick with the Industrial Interchange design, regardless. Parker's 30 design is a push to connect that uses the Industrial Interchange nipples. It is a copy of Foster's QC, if I remember correctly.
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  10. 'Lincoln' style for me. Have yet to have one fail (although one of the oldest female connectors leaks just a bit sometimes), most of mine date to the early '70s. Back when I first started buying air tools, I looked around and this type seemed the most prevalent in commercial shops. A bit harder to find, but only a bit and I've never seen one in brass, only steel. You can't buy them at HF....
  11. Boneyard51
    Joined: Dec 10, 2017
    Posts: 4,855


    I ran Milton brand, but not the common type most folks use now, mostly, in my shop at 175 PSI. That pressure made my air tools work! One other thing I did on my big air tools,like my 1 inch impact, was to not use a quick disconnect on them. I ran a large flexible hose directly into the air tool and back to an air tank. Then put a quick disconnect into the air tank. That gave the air tool full volume/ pressure for the first few seconds. On my smaller(3/4 inch drive)I added the large flexible hose and at about ten ft length I put a tee with two quick disconnects and hooked up two hoses.

  12. vtx1800
    Joined: Oct 4, 2009
    Posts: 1,251


    I have found that the Milton series works best for me also..........I am a CASO (Cheap assed Studebaker owner) but the "juice seems to be worth the squeeze" with Milton:)
  13. BamaMav
    Joined: Jun 19, 2011
    Posts: 4,747

    from Berry, AL

    Campbell Hausfield from WalMart. Work as well as any others I’ve used. Last one I bought is a different locking style, little harder to lock but doesn’t leak and fits different male ends.
  14. ekimneirbo
    Joined: Apr 29, 2017
    Posts: 1,848

    from Brooks Ky

    Check the number of balls inside the coupler. More balls, better quality coupler. I like Milton products too......but I like the "H" fittings because they have the same size thread fitting but much larger air passage. Especially good when doing HVLP painting. I threw away most of the small stuff and replaced them with the large fittings on every tool.
    Air Fittings 5.JPG
    The thing I found was that Parker was rediculously priced for the home hobby guy but I could buy Milton on line much more reasonably. I do like the push connector hoses since they last forever and if you have a problem, just cut the end off and push the connector back in place. I always hated leaky hoses and putting hose clamps around hoses. I'd check for other brands of push in hoses as the Parker is pretty expensive for hose too.
    Push Adapter.JPG
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  15. woodiewagon46
    Joined: Mar 14, 2013
    Posts: 1,800

    from New York

    DO NOT use the air hose couplings from Harbor Freight. One night we were at my friends garage and he plugged in a 3/8" air socket. He placed it on his workbench and about a minute later we heard a noise and the air line shot across the garage and dented the front fender of his '40 Ford. The hole coupling came apart in pieces.
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  16. egads
    Joined: Aug 23, 2011
    Posts: 989


    Been using this style Milton coupler for years, push in to connect-push red button to disconnect. (I am not nice to them either.)[​IMG]
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  17. Roothawg
    Joined: Mar 14, 2001
    Posts: 21,146


    I had converted everything to a true 3/8” but dad would come over and he was always bitching that his tools wouldn’t fit, so I converted them back to give my ears a rest.

    The latest batch would groove the male coupler from the balls inside I guess. Bizarre.
  18. goldmountain
    Joined: Jun 12, 2016
    Posts: 2,720


    I'm always a few couplers short and stealing from one tool to use on another. Also, why do spray guns insist on needing a female coupler?
  19. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
    Posts: 14,637

    from oregon

    Regardless of brand or style of air fittings, if a person can break themselves of the habit of throwing the hose down on the ground everytime they are used they will last longer.
    Keeping the moisture out of the system will also improve fitting longevity.
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  20. Ebbsspeed
    Joined: Nov 11, 2005
    Posts: 5,425


    Milton "G" style here. Keeps people from borrowing my air tools. I've used them for at least 35 years and have never had a failure or breakage. I have had to rebuild the couplers a couple times after the rubber seal wore out and I had a hissing hose. Sounds painful, doesn't it?
  21. winduptoy
    Joined: Feb 19, 2013
    Posts: 2,347


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  22. indyjps
    Joined: Feb 21, 2007
    Posts: 4,103


    AGREE, had a chinese HF crack / break and the hose whipped me, could have easily hit a finished car. I threw them all away that day. Dont have a good recommendation on where to buy, I got a box from work when they were changing crib suppliers, threw out all the old suppliers stuff.
  23. Tickety Boo
    Joined: Feb 2, 2015
    Posts: 1,318

    Tickety Boo
    from Wisconsin

    Quit holding your hose and pulling around your tool :p:p:p

    That didn't sound good :D
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  24. Joe Blow
    Joined: Oct 29, 2016
    Posts: 501

    Joe Blow

    Milton M. Their chucks are still made in the USA but the last couplers I bought didn't show where they were made.
  25. I had a hose get out of a connector and sail across the garage right at my '37 Chevy. The coupler hit a can of beer sitting on the radiator cap and fell to the floor. No damage except to the beer can.

    The next day I ordered 3 of these: safety cable.jpg
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  26. Scrapbmxrider16
    Joined: Jul 29, 2020
    Posts: 35


    Yep. Never have had an issue
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  27. 1oldtimer
    Joined: Aug 21, 2003
    Posts: 7,891


    Whip checks, use them at work on the gang trucks (1" air hoses).

    I'm in the Parker camp, they abuse the crap out of them at work with jack hammers. They do eventually wear out, but it takes awhile. The ones we us have 5 balls inside to hold better.
  28. bobkatrods
    Joined: Sep 22, 2008
    Posts: 685

    from aledo tx

    Milton high flow
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  29. ronzmtrwrx
    Joined: Sep 9, 2008
    Posts: 613


    I used Milton M style for years, until I switched over to the Milton V style hi flow fittings. They make a lot of difference in supply, especially noticeable in the paint room.
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  30. David Gersic
    Joined: Feb 15, 2015
    Posts: 2,344

    David Gersic
    from DeKalb, IL

    I recently switched everything to Milton V high flow couplers, discarding the random collection of unknown and HF couplers that never quite worked.

    The Milton V coupler will latch on to non high flow nipples if there are some you don’t convert.

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