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Projects What To Do With Old Car Parts No Body Wants

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by GreaserJosh13, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Age plays a big part in this. When I was a kid, I ditched all my flattie speed parts for almost nothing and put all my money into Olds stuff. Later I tossed all that obsolete junk and invested in SBC parts. In the '70's and '80's I got rid of all the obsolete SBC stuff like 3X2 setups with 97's and bought tunnel rams. I finally sold 2 pickup loads of SBC stuff for $200 and decided to go back to the REAL hot rod stuff. Whoops, too late. All the junk I sold for peanuts was now gold. Being old and stubborn I just refuse to pay a fortune for stuff I used to get for 20 bucks so I guess I'll never get to relive my youth with an Olds powered '40 coupe. If you're young, hold onto the obsolete stuff. It'll come back around sooner or later.
  2. That's the big problem. Everytime I have purged out old stuff that I never thought I would need, it has come back to bite me. However I am at the limit of what I can store, so now I don't buy anything without at least getting rid of something of equivalent size. That keeps it manageable.
    The ace in the hole, is that I have 3 of my son's cars as well. I can't fault him, he works in Vancouver, and even having an excellent salary, he is still priced out of the market.
  3. Speed Gems
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    Speed Gems

    Put those 882 heads on Ebay or some Racing related Facebook pages (if you have it) a lot of purestock dirt track racers want those. Here's one too start you off with.
  4. upspirate
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    Guilty as charged :( Buy high and sell or give away low or store for 25 years.
    I have a set of 305 pistons with the rods installed backwards someone gave me, somewhere.....old parts from trunks, takeoff rad caps,lights,etc:rolleyes:
  5. Budget36
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    My Dad used to jokingly tell me "Some day this will all be yours"...he'd get a beat up old trailer for dirt cheap, just because it had something on it that he needed that was worth more than what he'd gave for the trailer, ofcourse we scrounged bits and pieces off his "collection" for years, but after he passed my mom wanted to start cleaning up, I took 13 tons of unprepped scrap in...this all came off about 1/4 of his one acre parcel, stacks of 3/4 truck frames and running gear, etc.
    Anyway, looks like now I'm the "collector", and I've pretty much filled his old space up with stuff as well his barn and 55 years old, I have to start making some decisions soon as well.
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  6. fordcragar
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    from Yakima WA.

    I've taken parts a couple of times to the Portland Swap Meet and almost free on them and still brought them home. Some of the same parts have been listed on Craigslist with no interest too. I'm getting to the point that they'll go in the scrap bin. I've collected most of these parts of a long time and now appear to be worth nothing.
  7. GreaserJosh13
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    from Chino

  8. Two sets of SBC heads here. Free to good home. BTW these are Corvette parts. But you knew that!
    Lately, I've been keeping an eye out for people who may need something. Then I ''junk'' them by giving to them. "Uh,... thanks''
  9. Modded 105E
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    Modded 105E

    Those look excellent would love to see some like that at shows here in the U.K.
  10. southcross2631
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    Got a free 4 bolt 350 short block with a set of smogger heads. Can be picked up right after Christmas when I get back . PM me and I will give you address.
  11. I went old school and built jack stands out of a bunch of early Ford rears no one wanted
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  12. More tools-

    This is an old floater rear. It was advertised as the 39-52 3/4 Ford Stude rear used in stockcars.
    I had to go to Connecticut only to find it is a later style. I figured I bring it home and do something with it after a 4 hour one way trip!
    IMG_2311.JPG IMG_2312.JPG IMG_2314.JPG IMG_2315.JPG
  13. We did a similar thing at the Rockabilly Rumble a few years ago.... had some cool stuff that was just getting in the way, and a LOT of odds & ends from cleaning out the garage. Nothing too valuable but didn't want to just scrap the odds & ends. After we sold all of the bigger $ stuff, we took the rest and made a sign for the table that said something like FREE - BUT DON'T TAKE IT ALL AT ONCE. Came back to the table after hanging out with some friends and photographing all the cars & trucks two hours later and ALMOST ALL of it was STILL THERE! I got a little smarter and threw away the "FREE" sign and made another that said "Anything on the table $2.00" and actually SOLD almost all of the stuff that people could have gotten FREE just moments before!!!
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