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What size clear tubing to bleed my brakes?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by JPMACHADO, Mar 30, 2007.

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    from Not Listed

    I tried to get a hold of Pete and Jakes to see what size clear tubing I need to bleed the GM Brake Kit they sold me. The one that adapts to the Ford style spingdles. They must be gone because they ALWAYS have great customer service. Can anyone help me out?
  2. porknbeaner
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    No they're still there.

    But what you're going to need is about 1/4 inch. Although I don't know why you need tubeing to bleed your brakes.
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    from Not Listed

    The only way I know how to do it is to put the tubing in a jar of fluid and go until there are no bubbles.
  4. Relic Stew
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    Relic Stew
    from Wisconsin

    The tubing and jar is the "one man" method. I use 1/4" vinyl tubing from Home Depot or wherever. Aquarium air line from the department store pet section is the same thing, but more expensive. I take it a step further and run the tube through the lid of the jar, seal it with silicone, then run another tube from the lid back to a vacuum port on the engine for the power vacuum bleeding. Need to keep the reservoir full though. A few pumps will suck the MC dry.

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  5. Darby
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    Measure the diameter of the bleed screw. Grab a drill of the same size from your drill index. Take it to the pet store. Find a piece of hose that fits on the drill. /rocketscience
  6. Get some vacuum hose and shove it over the bleeder screw, it's a lot more pliable than the vinyl hose, so the size doesn't have to be an exact match. You'll still see the bubbles in the jar.
  7. Frank
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    Get a set of speed bleeeders and never worry about the tubing again. You just crack open the screw, get in and pump away. The have a one way check valve so you don't have to worry about it sucking in air. Once you've bled one out, tighten and move on to the next.
  8. brownbagg
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    from grand bay

    use a piece of black vaccum line and a old plastic 20 oz coke bottle. punch a hole in the plastic lid, thread the hose into it and bleed away
  9. other than power bleeding a system " reverse " bleeding them is the way they do airplane's, pushes all the air to the highest point.
  10. publicenemy1925
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    from OKC, OK

    Reverse bleeding? Wild idea. Those airplane guys think totally differant than car guys. I use my mity vac gun, it has a bunch of differant tips to use and costs 30 bucks at sears. You can use it on other things to. Easy one man bleeding and fast too.
  11. Longbox55
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    Actually, there is a tool on the market, the Pheonix Injector, that does just that. You hook up at the bleeder and force the fluid back to the m/c. Goes on the principle that air rises in a fluid. I've never used one, but i've heard they work really well. Supposed to be good for hydraulic clutches, too.
  12. i can't believe that this thread is at 10 posts...and that someone had to call the seller of the brake parts to figure out how to bleed them

    i know guys come here to learn...........but , come on........

    sorry to say this.....if bleeding the brakes with a hose is a real challenge for you , you should take some shop classes at the local votec , or in high school

    this is stuff very 14 year old kid should know....and if you don't , there is something wrong with america....oh, shit.... that's right..schools have all dropped shop class

    never mind
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  13. Cwarren150
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    You don't have to be a dick. They are just discussing different ways to bleed the brakes.
  14. what? a new guy with one post brings up a 8 year old thread and i'm the dick?
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  15. Budget36
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    I'm sure you've mellowed out a bit in the past 8 years;)
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  16. 49ratfink
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    from California

    I think "36" made a good point. wonder if the OP ever got his brakes bled.
  17. Probably his first and last post.:D LMAO!
  18. C are the one being a dick.. NO INTRODUCTION<<Brink up a thread from the dead..and then procede to flame a guy...GET A LIFE ..or find another forum that fits you better
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  19. Almost seems like a "ruse", his profile says 88 Wrangler. Probably a rat rod.
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  20. Stu D Baker
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    Stu D Baker
    from Illinois

    The OP wasn't asking the "different ways" to bleed a brake system. He asked what size hose would fit the bleeders on his calipers. Probably, if you can't look at the bleeder and figure it out, a guy might be better off NOT working on brakes.
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  21. You know. , Way back when I was a kid, I tried this tube into the fluid bleeding process. It doesn't work- for one, the bleeders threads need to be sealed and that won't happen if the bleeder is open. It will suck air right past the treads and into the calipers.
    All It will do is move the air bubbles in the line back and forth while filling the wheel cylinders full of air.
  22. stimpy
    Joined: Apr 16, 2006
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    or better yet have the tubing shut the bleeder back down when it rotates ... arrrgh
  23. Yep. You still need another person to close the bleeder before the pedal comes up after each stroke. It's a two person job.
  24. low-n-slo54
    Joined: Jul 25, 2009
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    Just when I thought my day couldn't be better. A question about calling to find a bleed tube that fits Ford brakes, a new guy calling out someone on "being a dick" 8 years ago, said new guy getting his pee-pee smacked.
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    The best way I have ever bled brakes is gravity bleeding , just open the bleeders and let gravity do the work. Then close the bleeders and refill the master cylinder
  26. geoford41
    Joined: Jul 26, 2011
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    from Delaware

    If you can't figure out where to get the correct size tubing PM me and I'll send you some Tygon clear tubing I work for the manufacture & I can send you a sample.
  27. There's no better helper than gravity, never calls off, never needs to leave early, Doesn't need training , never quits.

    But Boy oh boy God help you if need to go against gravity. It's relentless!!!
  28. slowmotion
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    True. I don't wanna be a dick but..:D
    I've had pretty good results by putting a little grease on the bleeder threads to make a seal, using a Mity-Vac. Times I was bleeding brakes by my lonesome, no 'pumper' to be found. Worked most times.

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