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Technical What is the safest way to remove dried tar?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. John, the car was last painted in the early 60's and I'm not sure if it's lacquer or not, the paint doesn't have a lot of crazing. HRP
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  2. Diavolo
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    Naphtha or lighter fluid but it's because I already have it in the house. Goo gone and other good suggestions.
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  3. 6sally6
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    I use lacquer thinner for everything like that. Pour it on a rag and wipe tar. Wouldn't let it set.
    Works great to remove that yuuukkk film that gets on windshields when visiting/living at the beach. Great for "ether starts" down the carb.
    (Sorry I got a little off subject)
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  4. Fortunateson
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    Goof Off works quite well. Just don't be cheap and by less expensive Jack Off.
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  6. 3W JOHN
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    3W JOHN

    I've got a little bit of goof off in a lighter fluid can, I'll drop it off at Brenda's shop when I go to the VA next week.
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  7. alchemy
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    I'd just grab the mineral spirits from the house painting shelf. Works great, is cheap, already have it.
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  8. I got most of it off with gasoline and lacquer thinner, they softened the tar and after most of it started smearing I used the Goof Off John gave me and it did a great job,. Thanks for the suggestions. HRP
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