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what is the rarest car you have come across

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by davesville, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. I bought a 1949 VW Hebmuller Caberolet aprox. 696 produced. out of a wear house in Navato Ca . not running had it running next day
    bought a 1970 Monti Carlo 402, 4 SP, with skirts out of a wrecking yard in Maryester Florida with build sheet
    62000 mi
    rebuilt carb brakes re upholstered it original then painted
  2. Fulvia
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    Triumph Mayflower I think... Some guy chopped it and put a 392 semi in the small thing. Saw it at Columbus Goodguys show.
  3. hrm2k
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  4. H.R.charlie
    Joined: Oct 23, 2006
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    image.jpg This car was advertised in Hemmings in 2000 as a 33 ford roadster. Had to go look at it.
    It was a custom fiberglass car built in the 50's in California and made its way to Pittsburgh,Pa. It was built on a 33 Ford chassis. Had a flathead with a 2 pot Evans intake with dual strombergs. Also had very rare Harrell aluminum heads. Brass tag on motor said built by Competition Motors,Burbank Ca, Probably should not have sold it.
    When I was in my 20's I worked for a guy that had a Pegaso coupe.I think 5 were made. He also had a Maserati GT 5000 that was once owned by the Shaw of Iran. Pretty rare stuff.
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  5. tbenvie
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    I once owned a 1966 rambler American convert, which is rare in it's own right, but it had a 290 4 speed, one of three made (and 25 290 autos.) it was the first year of the 290 engine and 623 cars had them-500 were special 2 tone Rogues. Some were even four barrels. (mine was a two barrel). Also owned a 74 Bricklin-only made just over 700 with the AMC engine.
  6. Chrisbcritter
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    I suppose I could also toss in this one, an Allied/Atlas Swallow:
    Early '50s kit car (copied from a Cisitalia) that brings new meaning to the word "crude" but there were only about 35 built. The open cars were rarest with only a few built, but the guy from Forgotten Fiberglass says this is a decapitated coupe, so it's probably beyond saving. Anyone recognize the chassis? MGTD?
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  7. Terry Buffum
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    Terry Buffum
    from Oregon

    Your Atlas/Allied pseudo Cisitalia is similar to Bill Burke's own car in that he cut the top off when he repurposed it from running Bonneville to road racing. I think he said it had a V8-60 in it at that time.

    I would think his car was one of the first ones with a frame built of elliptical tubing rather than being from another car.
  8. MGTD frame here....looks like the frame in question was altered.... MGTD frame.JPG
  9. I have another car to add to the couple I've already posted. I picked up a '53 chrysler new yorker deluxe club Coupe about a year ago. It's one of 1934 built for '53. 00q0q_27OeepUsdf4_600x450.jpg 00N0N_7yQsMyaHbVF_600x450.jpg
  10. mr.chevrolet
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    I had one of those Chryslers too. same color. wrecked at 33K, put in a barn. engine missing. JJibs & I parted it out.
  11. aircap
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  12. Fulvia
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