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What is the go to Electric Fuel Pump

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by wegortw, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. stimpy
    Joined: Apr 16, 2006
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    build 3 is the proper orientation , the steel ring has to fit into the groove on the bottom portion of the pump

    the "studs" we used were basically long screws withe heads cut off ( screwed into the lower case but gasket side ( pic 3) so the top cap , ( part with fuel fittings ) bellow and gaskets would slide over them place the lower half in a vice to hold it and then we would push the top cap down and use 2 of the screws to tighten the cap down , pull the studs and then insert and tighten the last 2 screws . your just using the "studs" to keep everything aligned while pushing it together Make sure the steel ring is in its groove when you tighten it down .the pump when off pushes against the cap , your fighting that spring pressure ,

    also if you have the 2 piece top cap there is a filter in the inlet side that should be checked to see if its clean
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  2. jazz1
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    I have my Carter pump 3 years now(edelbrock 500 thunder series carb) wired to a toggle switch from an auxilary so I can turn pump off when I want to leave ignition on to tinker with truck. I tried a couple other lowbuck pumps that failed almost immediately.
  3. wegortw
    Joined: Nov 17, 2013
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    from Austin, TX

    Thanks I did find you could reassemble it with the ring into the groove with or without the bellow threaded through the ring. Since I had time yesterday I went ahead and reassembled it like in Pic #3 with it threaded through the ring and gave it a shot.

    It seems to have worked better and for the first time I got the truck to "run" without using carb spray but only up to 30 seconds or so, so I am still thinking the fuel pump is not providing enough pressure (took almost 3 minutes to prime the lines from the rear temp fuel cell to the in-line clear filter before the carb).

    It very well could be only running for 30 seconds due to the carb, but with my lack of experience with carburetors, I think it would be easier to try a new fuel pump like Leevon pointed out versus getting too far into messing with the carb at this point. I feel I gave the fuel pump rebuild my best shot and hopefully if the replacement fuel pump proves to be the same, maybe they will let me return it (if not oh well at least I learned more about the internal workings of fuel pumps).
  4. carbking
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    Carter offers a "quiet kit" which really works well, and used to be cheap (haven't bought one recently, don't know current pricing). You have to strain your ears to hear the pump with both the engine and radio off.

    Had the Carter and quiet kit on our shop truck for more than 30 years, no issues (well, the truck has needed painting twice due to MODOT, and winter salt).

  5. wegortw
    Joined: Nov 17, 2013
    Posts: 21

    from Austin, TX

    Thanks Leevon I ended up going this same route as well and with the new fuel pump installed the truck runs smooth (no choking on lack of not enough fuel). I ended up finding it on Amazon which saved me with the free shipping for Prime.

    Word of warning, don't over-tighten the filter onto the pump as it breaks the crimped seal of the filter and causes leaks (thankfully easy shipping/returns with prime).

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