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Technical What is the easiest way to get a title?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ratfink, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. gimpyshotrods
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    Well, the still are required by Federal law to report their data to the NMVTIS, on a regular basis, which means, if someone pulls some kind of stunt using a number that is active in another state, it won't matter that Iowa is not the one keeping the records.

    For perspective, there are fewer people in Iowa than there are in the City of Los Angeles. Not the LA Basin. Not the LA metro area, just the namesake city in the center of all of that. The LA metro area alone, has 4x the population of Iowa, and it is not the only large metro area in California.

    It already happened here, and in-time, it will happen to every other state. The computer systems used will break down, and be no longer serviceable. When that happens even the most bare-bones, entry-level systems sold to the smallest states, will have the capacity to store every present, and potential document. It is not speculation, it is Entropy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Neither cares what your opinion of either is.
  2. dirty old man
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    dirty old man

    Man, this shit gets deeper every time it comes up, regardless of what state of residence the OP is in, or what state the respondent calls home.
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  3. rudestude
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    How about this deep.....
    Look in the glove migjt get lucky.....

    Some times if you can get the right person behind the DMV counter its not difficult at all..a few years ago I went with a friend to the dmv in Oregon he was from Washington state .
    He had bought a 64 Fairlane that was registered in Oregon and the last owner had signed it off but in the wrong location so we went to a Oregon DMV to ask what to do.
    We get to the counter and told the guy that he, my friend, had bought this car and he wentto the Washington dmv to get it transferred but they couldn't do it because it was not signed off properly...the guy looks at us then looks at his watch and says its about lunch time ...if you two want to go get some lunch and when you come back we can get this figured out...we kind figured ok..then he says here's a pen, just in case you happened to run across the previous owner ...she needs to sign and date it right here as he points to a line on the paper.......
    You know ..we found that gal having lunch at the same place as we did ...went back to dmv the guy says great you found her..finished the paper work problem.
    That guy was cool...

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    A client had me build him a whole new car from all aftermarket stuff. He had a receipt for the engine and trans and an MSO from American Speed for the body. Had his paper work from Lobecks for the frame. That stuff plus an inspection from a cop who was more impressed looking at his and the other cars in the shop made it an easy thing to do. His sign off allowed for a state issued VIN, that got him a title from MI.

    And he didn't have to win an election...:rolleyes:
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    Your state is the one who sets the rules in this procedure. There maybe several options other than a bonded title. Do your research, I know in Missouri we have abandoned vehicle applications, bonded titles, Antique rebuild which requires a major modification i.e cowl or frame replaced, and some others.
    Also, you may have the declaratory judgement option too, which is basically you take your bill of sale with matching VIN # and hire a lawyer, Sue the previous owner, and the DMV for a right to title and go in front of a judge and then he decides ownership and grants you the judgement. Then you take that judgement to the DMV and a new title is issued. So good luck in your process, as it is a long one.

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  6. Boneyard51
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    That’s what I’ve said, many times, it’s not what a clerk “ can “ do..... it’s what a clerk “ will” do! I’ve seen it in person , also.

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  7. Boneyard51
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    I did that one time on a boat , here, in Oklahoma but I didn’t need a lawyer. I knew the District Judge, told him of my problem , he wrote out a piece of paper and I took it to the DMV went through, no problem! But, that has been many years ago. Oklahoma has changed a lot of laws regarding tags and titles recently. Not sure what you can or cannot do now. Luckily, I’m not playing with any new “ old” cars now! But my friend and I are opening up his salvage yard, again! So I’m sure I will be learning, soon! Lol

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  8. The best & easiest way to get a title is when you purchase the car one comes with the sale. HRP
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  9. That's cool and all, but you seem to be failing to realize the enormity of the number of cars that were registered prior to 1996 and wouldn't be in that system. That is the point. Some 1933 Whatchamacallit that had its last title transfer in 1955, and sat in a field behind grandpa's barn since 1961 won't be in such a system. That's often the type of car for which people here are trying to obtain titles.

    Hard drive space isn't the issue. Scanning technology isn't the issue. The lack of source material is the issue.

    Why are you afraid of the title saying "bonded" across the top. A vehicle with a bonded title can be purchased, sold, or traded just like any other, and when the bond period is up the title will no longer be "bonded".

    What's possible in other states is irrelevant to your situation in Wisconsin. Follow the Wisconsin process and be done with it.
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    from IDAHO

    Very Informative Thread And Still No Title?...They Can Be A Challenge...
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  11. 340HilbornDuster
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    Found this on Craigslist.....THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!?
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  12. dirty old man
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    dirty old man

    Dealing with that guy just might get you free admission to the cross bars hotel:eek:
  13. Mr48chev
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    True there. I still cannot understand why people think that they have to cheat on the title thing and probably pay three times what they would if they just went though the steps to do it legally.

    I've got two titles to my OT truck in my safe, the good title in my name and the original title that was in my uncles name that had a LOST TITLE application filed on it and is just a nice piece of historic paper that is absolutely worthless otherwise. Show up at the DMV with it and you are going to find out that it has no value as it has been replaced.

    Guys need to once and for all quit posting what happens in their damned state (s) that has no bearing on what state the person asking the question has to do as all states are different.
  14. gimpyshotrods
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    Hubris leads to nemesis.

    People need to stop taking risks that endanger not only themselves, but our entire hobby.
  15. Hudson31
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  16. 5window
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  17. gimpyshotrods
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    That's what I was thinking.
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  18. Some of these horror stories have originated as the laws dealing with stolen cars and interstate regulations have changed over time. The feds would make a law, and the states had to pass an enabling law to bring them into compliance. But the states didn't always get it right the first time, or sometimes even the second or third time. As demonstrated by current affairs, legislators aren't always the brightest people. You'd get pissing matches between agencies as to who was responsible, or they'd fail to give clear direction to the affected agencies. You'd run into clerks that didn't know how to do whatever had changed, and weren't interested in learning. There could be times when you were sure the only law operating was Murphy's... I even had a situation similar to post 93, although in my case I ran into the widow's husband...

    As to the national database, it's real. Washington state used to require every out-of-state vehicle to be inspected, all they were checking for was hinky VINs. These days, if you have a clear title, it's just paperwork. You will get flagged for inspection if the vehicle is from a no-title-if-its-too-old state or if it's a 'conditional' title of some sort (salvage, rebuilt, etc) or if the declared value is out of line, but if everything is on the up-and-up it's no problem. The only titles I know they won't accept is a Maryland 'certificate of destruction' title, which I've been told can only be transferred in a few states.

    Like Gimpy says, you DON'T want to get caught playing title games. An wheeler-dealer acquaintance I used to know who skirted around the edges of the law (and got caught a few times) tried that, and he not only lost the car, but also a even bigger pile of money in fines and legal fees in keeping his dumb ass out of jail. I heard through his ex one of the conditions of his settlement was he could only buy vehicles in-state and from licensed retail dealers, no auctions or private sellers. Pretty sure he's out of the hobby....
  19. Darin Younce
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    Darin Younce

    IN South Carolina, if you purchase a vehicle from Georgia, to get a title , you need a bill of sale and a current registration from Georgia.I had both those when I Bought my 39 ford pickup. Seems there was some other simple form but I did what they said and got a title .The title will come with the words ( forget exact phrase) Unknown Liens or something similar but after 4 months you can go back and they will give you a clear title. Unless laws have. Changed , I understand folks have gotten friends , relatives or others in Georgia to buy their car, register it and sell or back then do as I did and it is legal. sorta like what the gentleman from Kansas above suggested.
  20. vor
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    The easiest way to get a title in the UK is to give a member of parliament a cash bung and you will be a lord in no time.
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  21. Elcohaulic
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    I have found that when dealing with the state, if you go in there with a good attitude and realize they are there to help you and not hurt you, things usually work out well..
  22. chopped
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    Four pages and the answer was on page one. My suggestion would be to become a citizen of the Conch republic and get one there. But that's just me.
  23. 5window
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    I bought an Ohio '31 A with a PA title and VIN tag. When I re -titled the car in my name, Pennsylvania DMV abandoned/vacated/nullified the existing title and issued me a new title with a completely new VIN tag that matches no other number on the car. From previous attempts to understand the DMV, I mounted the new tag and drive the car. :)
  24. Mr cheater
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    Mr cheater

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  25. This right here “ Felony “
    Most folks think it’s just a bit of paper no big deal, until it becomes one.

    a story from when I was a snot nosed 14 year old.
    Out after school with some friends and a postal van was parked filling up those big mail boxes for a town house complex.
    Well three of my buddies get the bright idea to steal it for a joy ride!
    My buddy Phil and I turned tail and walked down the street as if we knew nothing.
    Well those three bozos got caught and ended up in court. Judge told them
    What they did was a felony offence and IF he wanted to throw the book at them he could and essentially fuck there lives.
    He chose not to.
    It might look like a simple thing but if you get caught and don’t get a sympathy judge /cop etc.
    A couple months of paper work can turn into a huge pain right on the inside of your asshole.
    Not a good place to have pain!
  26. Sonofabob
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    While Kansas is a "Bill of sale" State. Meaning you can buy a antique car with a bill of sale and be able to get it titled. (The VIN has to match the bill of sale and no current title available.) Sold multiple antique cars in Kansas. Most had good titles, some were projects that did not. In your case I believe that the best way to get a title is to do it legally and by the letter of your states laws.
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  27. Deuce Lover
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    Deuce Lover

    Years ago (1990's) there was an ad in Hemmings for titles with rusty frames,$125.The frames he said were toast but had the titles.The seller was in NY. Robertson's Salvage if I remember correctly.A friend of mine bought one for his '32. Well the VIN number was not even close.It was more like a 1937.My buddy tossed it.
  28. southcross2631
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    Built a Morris Minor with a old Tn title . Hadn't been registered in over 20 years.
    The original owner whose name was on the title couldn't get a replacement title because it was no longer in the Tn computer system.
    Sold the car for a dollar to a friend in Ga. Had it inspected by a Ga.. cop. Bought a tag and he turned around and sold it back to me for the same dollar. Took the bill of sale and the registration to the DMV in Tn and was issued a Tn. title. DSCF0936.JPG

    A little run around ,but it worked . The car was inspected by the state of Florida when I moved there and was issued a Florida title. Sold it it to a guy in Minnesota and he got a legit title.
  29. GeeRam
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    Only if your're a British citizen (or a citizen of some of the Commonwealth countries that allow the honours system) ;)
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  30. 5window
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    Nice car!

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