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What Happened To The Hot Rod "Door Prize" Roadsters?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Enbloc, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. The first annual Hot Rod Exposition, sponsored by the SCTA was held in 1948. The exhibit was presented in the National Guard Armory. It was Hot Roddings first big effort to present a positive image to the public.

    A big feature of the show was a door prize given at the end of the show. A team of Rodders led by Lou Baney, an active member of the Gophers, dissambled a junk '32 Ford roadster and proceded to rebuild it into a full out Hot Rod. The entire construction was done during the 3 day show.

    Here is some pics of what I believe to be the first "Door Prize" roadster.


    Everything was built on stage including paint, chrome and upholstery.
    Notice that the roadster was fitted with Kinmont brakes?


    With the success of the first show, the SCTA sponsored a Second Annual Hot Rod Exposition in 1949. Again held at the National Guard Armory but this time running for 9 days.
    To better the previous years accumplisment and with a whole 6 days more to fill it was decided to build not one but two '32 roadsters!
    Each roadster had its own team of reconstructors which consisted of Harvey Haller, Rulon McGregor and Bill Burke in one team with the other team consisting of Frank Breene, Lou Baney and Newell Durling.

    The roadsters were once again dis-assembled, repaired, painted and re-assembled as traditional '32 roadsters. One was painted Burple, a blue purple cross and the other orange.

    This picture shows #807B which was the first "Door Prize" roadster (Again notice the brakes). Nelson Morris who is standing with the car was the lucky winner of the roadster. The car ran 106.38 mph at its first lakes meet. Nelson belonged to the Dolphins car club.


    Getting back on topic the question still stands with what happen to these three roadsters?
    These three roadsters remind me heavily of the Ken Gross roadster (TRJ #14) in that he built a car that would have been the ultimate roadster for the late forties, early fifties. These three givaways must have been pretty darn close to the ultimate in '48 and '49.
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  2. flatheadmalc
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    Never knew about that, course it was just a little before my time. Really interesting what might have become of these cars.
  3. 3wLarry
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    from Owasso, Ok

    Bttt...I love a treasure hunt...
  4. Anybody...?

  5. Nope.
    Checked down the back of the sofa here Clark - didn't find nothing but crisps and crumbs.

    Met a friend's great uncle a while back who was over visiting the old airfields he was stationed at. Wished I could remember his name. Used to run out to Muroc before the war and hung about with Lou Baney.
    Became a test pilot after the war and was amazed that anyone was into "those old cars" after the war.
    Even more amazed that anyone was STILL interested in that old junk and told me I could have the old 16" wires of his farm trailer if I was ever in the area...

    Not that this has anything to do with your search Clark - but hey, I'm awake so that counts for something!
  6. BTTT one last time....
  7. Someone thought this was one of the give away roadsters.... 10505447_866720976701431_2614466004307639151_n.jpg hot rods 2.JPG hot rods 4_edited-1.jpg hot rods_edited-1.jpg
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