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Hot Rods What did ya do back in your day,local car hop hangout?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by dana barlow, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Clik
    Joined: Jul 1, 2009
    Posts: 1,842


    In this case it was Fred's Inn at 12th and Monroe.
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  2. ..........Been there.:D......and The Family Tavern.....and the RIA.:)
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  3. In the early 60's we hung out at In N Out on Arrow Hwy., in Covina, CA.. Cruised between In N Out and J & M Chicken Patio also on Arrow Hwy., nearly every night. Occasionally we would head over to West Covina to the Bob's Big Boy.

    By the late 60's, I had moved to Phoenix. We cruised Central and hung out at Bob's Big Boy. This was before they outlawed cruising on Central!
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  4. Clik
    Joined: Jul 1, 2009
    Posts: 1,842


    I've been told that GM didn't have a cowl # designation for fuelies and didn't keep track of what model the $500 option went into (but I'm no expert). At $500 I'm sure they didn't care. That's like $4,500 in 2019 dollars. The option was more than a quarter of the cost of the car.
  5. I usually just drove the back roads in the county looking for old cars older than my 56 Ford. I wasn't in the clique with the cool guys so I mostly kept to myself.
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  6. olscrounger
    Joined: Feb 23, 2008
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    59-61 Stan's drive-in in Fresno. Made dedications on the radio. Also Mars in Fresno. Lots of cars at both on weekend nights. Also cruising Belmont or Fulton looking for races and girls.
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  7. Frank Carey
    Joined: Oct 15, 2009
    Posts: 496

    Frank Carey

    Don's DrIve-In, Livingston, NJ. Late 1950s. Always crowded. I was usually there in my channeled 34 coupe. One evening a kid came over to my car. His parents and my parents were friends so I kinda knew him. He said his cousin was visiting and asked me to take cousin for a ride in the coupe. I agreed before finding out cousin was a 14 year-old girl. John Milner all over again except this was before Milner. Don't remember how long I had her in my car.
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  8. 48fordnut
    Joined: Nov 4, 2005
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    In B'ham Al, it was a place called the Sky Castle in the 50s.
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  9. dana barlow
    Joined: May 30, 2006
    Posts: 3,956

    dana barlow
    from Miami Fla.
    1. Y-blocks

    Back in the early 60s, our local Miami promoter had the bright idea too do a car show up in Sebring Florida at the same time as the Sebring 12hr Race. After all the town is full of 10000+ car fans right!
    I always had been going to see the races anyway,so why not drive my full custom Henry J up from Miami this time.
    Now back then,frankly the road US 27 was really bumpy an bearly two lane an not EZ drive in a low custom car.
    Turns out Rudy{the promoter} had rented a wearhouse right on the circle mid town to have a car show {set up on thur PM, then fri,sat,sun.} live band etc. Adds on radio an poster every were.
    OK count showed up( 16 nice cars} close to as many as would fit.
    But all the car fans are at the races,about 7 miles outside of town,and near no one come to show !
    Rudy got no $ to pay for the rent,an dose not want our cars impounded by the local law on sunday.
    So, Rudy tells every one to get ready****,We got to make a "Secret " very late night run sat.night ,out of town an clear of county line,before the law catchs up. Well,if we get out of line,,meet up at Palmdale truck stop in next county.
    So yes ,we all pick up signs an ropes etc., and ready to roll out the back door when Rudy gives the go!!!
    3 showcars normally go in trailers,but they do run,Rudy said not to load up out side,or move those trailers tell we all go by{plan was if any one broke down on run out,the trailers were to pick them up. Don't even start the motors{some make a lot of loud noise , tell he waves go !
    About 3;30 am Rudy waves GO GO.
    Wow,it was a bit of a high speed run,had too be crazy to see ,if any one saw that hot rod an custom parade flash by!!!!!!!
    We all made it to truck stop,with only one over heated custom Olds,but no harm done. CarCraft J 1963.jpg
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  10. 6sally6
    Joined: Feb 16, 2014
    Posts: 1,171


    Sam's Drive In with the big neon missle sign. There was a canopy with parking on either side and the other side of the drive. Had several curb hops (black/colored kids...HEY! that's what they were called back in the mid 60's!) When they would cross the drive with the food.......we would try to run over them!
    Not really. It was a game with them. I would wait until he got about midway in the driveway and then do a burnout toward him....while he screamed and ran with the tray! They would dance to the music if we gave them a tip. (Juke box was always playing)
    Never really "got crank'in until after mid-nite on Fri-Sat-Sun". Lotsa fun
    Guess you had to be there
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  11. badgascoupe
    Joined: Jul 22, 2011
    Posts: 135


    Norwood,Mass. Art Rounds burger joint on a stop light on Rt 1 with a finishline pole @ the speed shop just up the street.middle 70's for me.
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  12. I know exactly where your talking about. Where Monroe goes over the RR tracks. You could get air on the Taylor St. bridge too but the traffic light at the bottom of the hill could be a real downer.
    I believe I also know Al (mid to late 60s Chevy ), Crazy as a loon for sure.
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  13. Pete1
    Joined: Aug 23, 2004
    Posts: 1,781

    from Wa.

    It is 7:00 in the evening, 1949 at the Olive Way Triple XXX in Seattle.
    The roadsters and coupes start drifting in and parking back on the bank
    where Nick the owner said they could hang out...A few hot street bikes show up also.
    Soon the cars started pairing up for a friendly race at the various little used streets or through the Mt Baker tunnels and out on to the floating bridge....Bikes are welcome also but they almost always win the street races....They don't fare so well against the cars at the drag strip though. The cars get them at the top end.
    After the evening races, it is time for more grease burgers.
    One of the biggest events of the evening is after the restaurant closes and all the customer cars leave it is time for "hot laps".....One car at a time to see who can get around the building the fastest.
    I quit doing that event when some guys started trailering in track roadsters running alcohol....Eventually the Olive Way barrel closed and everyone moved either to the Rainier barrel or the Ballard was never the same though.
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  14. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
    Posts: 4,648


    Friday nights were the after varsity football, basketball game, dances, and the cruising scene. But most high schools in our school district had recreation centers specifically built for the own local high school kids. Ours was called the Hutch. It was a cool place to hang out until closing or when we were all ready to go cruising to the hot, Bixby Knolls area hang outs.

    The Hutch was the place that centered on four things, a smoking outside patio, a huge dance floor, a corner with several pool tables, and of course, a food center. Kids ate, danced, played pool and went outside to smoke in the enclosed patio. The supervisors knew the students smoked, so they designated the outside area for that purpose (not advertised).

    From the parking lot, it looked like a chimney, puffing smoke upwards, over the tall walls. The Hutch was the birthplace of weekly dance, rock music shows from the high school band (The Pyramids), made famous with their one song, “Penetration.”

    But, after the set(s), it was time to go up to Bixby Knolls. There in the heart of the area of shopping and homes were two specific attractions that had been around for many years of high school get togethers. It was “the” place for the gathering of the hot rod/drag race guys and girls. The high schooler’s older brothers did their scene years before each groups’ 3-5 years of cruising and bantering in the parking lots.

    The top two local destinations were Grissinger’s Drive-In and around the block was Ken’s Hamburgers. Each had a huge parking lot that was usually full by 10pm every Friday and Saturday night. Fridays were the high school gathering nights with all of the teenage activity taking place after the games and dances. Saturday nights started the ball rolling after the local Lions Dragstrip closed around 10-11pm. Or if you got eliminated in the early rounds and were disappointed. Each night had tons of teenagers out for a good time cruising and gabbing.

    On Fridays, there were some drag racing challenges going on in the back row of the parking lot. On Saturday nights, there was an abundance of challenges with the people coming into the parking lot after seeing the action at Lions. Luckily, the standard place to race was just another mile East on Cherry Avenue, adjacent to 2, one mile long cemetery properties.

    It was a scene not to be forgotten, of our teenage escapades, in the timeline to the present.
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  15. Rambling Rudy
    Joined: Apr 10, 2013
    Posts: 67

    Rambling Rudy

    Not the best picture, but this Cool place was in Lemay Missouri. Was closed in 1964 when they built a Stake-n-Shake down the street, [​IMG] You got one of these when you ate there!
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  16. jailbird
    Joined: Jun 18, 2015
    Posts: 151


    does the name Emerson Roderick ring a bell he was from Decatur area and one of my dads best friends not only did he build my yellow 57 when I was 16 making it safe and fast he built many 100 pointer corvettes and held a few track record in a 57 station wagon
    might have been about 5 years younger than you
    Surely you new Platzbecker speed shop Bill Platsbecker
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  17. Very unique advertising for sure. I like it! was the food?
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  18. jailbird
    Joined: Jun 18, 2015
    Posts: 151


    Oh Yeah' I bet out of towners could have called some of their trips return to Macon county
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  19. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
    Posts: 4,648


    Carl's Drive-In on PCH near Santa Monica.
    Not associated with the current Carl’s Jr. Hamburgers chain.


    One day, my dad took us on a coastal drive in his big 1949 Buick Roadmaster from Long Beach to Oxnard to visit some family friends. Coastal PCH was the future road that we would be taking plenty of times on our surf trips and vacations in the Northern areas. My mom was born in Santa Monica, but those memories were waning. Part of this trip was to try and find where she lived when she was little. (No luck there.)
    upload_2019-8-8_3-37-22.png 1949 Buick Roadmaster 4 door sedan, photo taken in 1952

    As the search was going on, my brother and I were extremely hungry and every little market we saw, both of us yelled out food of some kind. My brother and I were messing around in the back seat and were hungry on this long drive from Long Beach.

    After several shouting episodes, my dad pulled over into this tiny parking lot. It was fairly empty. We were happy that our final destination was this little drive-in restaurant . So, my brother and I were still fighting in the back, while my dad was ordering the food and drinks. My mom told us that the food would not be ordered for us unless were were settled down. The waitress left, without asking us what we wanted.

    Minutes later, the food arrived at my dad’s window and my mom’s window. We smelled the delicious food, but my dad did not turn around and give us our food. They both started eating their food and did not look into the back seat.



    The smell was driving us crazy in the back seat and being a 5 year old kid that got blamed for the error in the food order, I started crying. My brother blamed me for everything. But, he was quiet, so my mom gave him a hamburger and Coke. Now, the flood waters came rushing out.

    But, wait, what was the white wrapping paper around a big lump being handed to me by my dad? Why was he smiling? Then everyone laughed at the situation.

    (That was some trick that was played on me) My dad had secretly ordered a hamburger, fries and Coke for me in the confusion and it was sitting on his tray out of sight of the two brothers in the back seat. This was the huge rear seat of the big black, 1949 Buick 4 door Roadmaster.

    The food was gone in an instant, I was so hungry, mad and sad. (My mom told me many years later of this story. She said that my dad used “two fingers up for the waitress,” to order the extra hamburgers, fries and Cokes for us) My wife always said it was a well-deserved trick played on a couple of rascals. She married one of them…ha!

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  20. Hey, Somebody finally mentioned the Wich Stand. In the Fifty's It was the top hot rod hangout. I ate my first cheeseburger there when very young.
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