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What can i expect to pay????????

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by gggholson, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. gggholson
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    What is a resonable price to rebuild a Buick 364 Nailhead? Needs hot tanked, bored, valve job and rebuild kit.
  2. Its a shot in the dark, here it would be north of $2500 - if everything checks out, if you can get away with a "basic" rebuild kit AND you find a machine shop owner who doesn't need you to make ALL his boat payments for the year.
  3. Find a good machine shop and ask for a price list. Most guys around here have itemized price lists. Boring goes for $8-$12 per hole, hot tanks about $40. Check out Egge, Kanter, or Northern Auto (Iowa) for prices on rebuild kits. Add it up, and then add a decent amount for labor, and you should have a pretty good idea. Just guessing, but I would imagine that Verbal is pretty close at around $2500.
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    from Holly

    Just did a 425 Nailhead and a 401 last December. The stated prices are pretty close. MOST nailheads need the rocker shafts and rockers rebuilt=spendy. Also hard seats for the exhaust and decent exhaust valves, springs. I found a couple Isky and Engle NOS cams for cheap. These really helped the final price. :D
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  5. Retro Jim
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    Retro Jim

    Well depending on what parts you need to rebuild it and what the machinist in your area charges I would say , $2200 to $2700 .
    If you need a bore , pistons aren't cheap . That will drive the price up real fast . Rod and main bearing can be costly too , all depends on the engine rarity and which ones to use . The there is the cost of valves and spring if needed . If you get your block Magged for some reason that will cost too !It all adds up very fast . But I will stick with the figures i gave you .

    Retro Jim
  6. plym_46
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    from central NY

    Just had a single cylinder engine done for 400 bucks, so 8 X 400.

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