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Hot Rods What can be used on a 46 truck chassis?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by flatheadfever, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. I have a chance to pick up a 46 ford truck chassis

    What can be used on a 35-40 build?

    Can the rear be used for the an open driveline?
    Can the brakes be used on 35-40 rears or front?
    Are the front spindles the same as car spindles?
  2. When you say truck do you mean F-1?
  3. I think the rear will work if you're not running should measure yours to be sure.There was a thread about that yesterday with rear dims.Brakes will work.Just looked post was thurs 2:45pm post #3.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2014
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  4. The wheelbase is longer than '35-'40, 114" if I remember right, as opposed to 112" for '35-'40. Cabs are basically the same '40-'47, so a '40-'41 cab will fit the '42-'47 frame if you use the '42-'47 front sheet metal. Brakes are the same as Ford car. The rear end is an open driveshaft version of the Ford banjo, probably a 4.11 or lower, depending on which engine the '46 had. 6 cylinder pickups were geared lower than V8 pickups. Not absolutely certain whether the spindles are the same, think they are. Look for a part number on the spindles. If the ones on the '46 pickup have an A in the part number prefix, they are the same, if the part number has a C in the prefix, they are unique to the pickup and not the same as car. 21A prefix would indicate a part first used on '42 car; 21C prefix would indicate a part first used on '42 pickup. The prefix on an old Ford part number tells you the first model that part was used on. The rest of the number tells you what the part is, say a driver's side spindle. A part that first appeared on both cars and pickups in the same model year will have the passenger car part number prefix. BTW, the F-1 designation was first used in '48, was not used on the '42-'47 Jailbar pickups.
  5. If you find the '42-'47 pickup rear too wide or geared too low, you can use parts off of it to convert a torque tube rearend to open drive.
  6. Thanks
    I am putting together a bunch of ramdom parts
    36 frame, 46 cab 38 deluxe fenders, 39 axles, SBC or maybe a flathead.
    The 46 chassis gives me some extra options
  7. Can I use wide five drums on those backing plates?
  8. Yes, you can use '37-'39 (but not '36) wide five front hubs and drums, '36-'39 rears will fit.
  9. Okay thanks
    I have been scooping up all the wide five stuff I can find around here.
  10. How close in shape is the 46 cab to a 38-39 cab.
    I know the windshield is different.
    How much difference is the cowl and firewall?
    The beads on the side of the cab are different.
    What else?
  11. A '40-'47 cab is dimensionally about the same as '38-'39 but completely different. '38-'39 has 3 ribs on the beltline that taper down to two on the cowl. '38-'39 has the wipers above the windshield and a roll-out windshield '38-'39 firewall is stepped, while '40-'47 is flat. If you want hanging pedals, a '52-'56 Ford car pedal assembly fits the '40-'47 cab like it was custom made for it. All you need is a drill, bolts, and hand tools to mount it. Everything to do with the windshield--glass, garnish moldings, etc. is the same as '40 coupe/sedan.

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