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Hot Rods What are the causes for a (new) starter motor that barely turns over?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jasper6120, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. plym_46
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    from central NY

    Training provided to the off shore child laborers needs to be kicked up a notch. And the quality control guys need to stop watching porn on their cell phone.
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  2. That's not entirely true. Skin effect exists to a degree in any energized wire, but the caveat is that there's virtually no meaningful loss until you have very high voltage, plus high current and frequency can add to it. When you get to that point, then it's an 'effect'. If you've ever seen a downed high voltage line writhe like a snake, that's the skin effect at work. You can also see it in lower voltage stuff (under 600V), but extreme currents are needed; look fast, something will blow up. So unless you're a power utility trying to eke out as much efficiency from your lines as possible, it's ignored.

    This idea won't die because snake-oil salesmen selling 'high end' audio, video, and speaker cables keep insisting to people who don't know any better and accept the technobabble that this is an issue. Right up there with gold-plated ends and 'oxygen free copper'...

    There used to be a reviewer at the old 'Stereo Review' by the name of Julian Hirsch. When these cables started appearing, he tested them. Publically called them out as snake oil. Went so far as to post a $10K bond to go to any of these cables that could pass a double-blind listening test, and they could pick the listeners. He never had to pay off... A few tried and failed, none of the rest even tried. Julian passed away (RIP), Stereo review was merged with another mag, and the cable makers advertising dollars were just too tempting. Except for the consumers getting hosed, everyone was making money. No more negative reviews, and the snake oil is still marketed....
  3. Mudgy
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    wow I can't believe anyone asked two VERY basic questions....

    1. Does the pinion "throw"too far? i.e. the pinion race shell fouls on the face of the flywheel when engaged?
    2. How's your ignition timing?

    FFS, atomic theory can fuck off until the basics are checked first. For the layman, imagine a hose full of marbles. I push one marble in one end. A marble pops out at the other end. That's electron flow.

    Good earth, good voltage, a battery that can handle a few attempts without wimping out. 13 or 15 plater per cell or so, something decent !!!

    Oh yeah, btw, your store bought jumper leads will be crap. they all are. But good enough for a bench test or a quick start - that is, if your starter motor is all sussed out first. Without Einstein. You want decent jumper leads, prepare to pay for them in the hundreds of dollars. And yes I agree, the gold plated audio connectors are SCAM. In saying that, I did use ONE RC jack for a RC boat internal battery to external charger connector, as it won't stuff up in marine environment.
  4. southcross2631
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    I worked at Advance Auto parts and offered to bench test every starter before it left the store. Just ask before you leave. If you assume it is good then it is on you for not taking advantage of a free service.
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  5. It's not in a car, he's bench testing it.
  6. Jasper6120
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    from Australia

    Hey everyone. I just thought I'd let you know I took the starter back to the shop and replaced it. The new one spools up just fine! Though the jumper leads do still get hot. As people have mentioned, these rather cost effective jumper leads I have mustn't cope well with the load that a starter motor needs.
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