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Event Coverage What’s up with the new 85 mph speed limits?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Boneyard51, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. scoop
    Joined: Jul 4, 2001
    Posts: 1,459


    I thought it was 90/10 haha.
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  2. Gman0046
    Joined: Jul 24, 2005
    Posts: 6,256


    Most Interstates in the South are 70 MPH speed limits which means most are running 80 plus. My 60 Pontiac with a 400 and a 2004R turns 2000 rpms at 80 MPH. Can run 80 MPH all day long without breaking a sweat.
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  3. saltflats
    Joined: Aug 14, 2007
    Posts: 12,571

    from Missouri

    Same here.
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  5. 73RR
    Joined: Jan 29, 2007
    Posts: 7,155


    Not long back I made a trip through Wyoming and had 18 wheelers chasing me at 80....

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  6. A few years ago when Dad went to the Sturgis Rally every year, I would run I-90 across South Dakota at 90. The only reason I didn’t go faster was I that I was afraid of burning up a trailer wheel bearing.

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  7. Sky Six
    Joined: Mar 15, 2018
    Posts: 9,285

    Sky Six
    from Arizona

    My '57 just cruises right along, never been on a tow truck or trailer. I would just sit back and listen to the radio but I don't have one. For all you Hot Rod Chevy guys, just beware of the valley's UPC's. (unmarked police cars).:);)
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  8. MeanGene427
    Joined: Dec 15, 2010
    Posts: 2,307

    from Napa

    My avatar car will do about 115 max- of course it has 5.14 gears in it
  9. 85 ain’t fast enough...It’s a long way across South Dakota and not much to look at. I know a guy that drives linehaul semi every night from Rapid City to Sioux Falls and back. Company truck and is governed at 64 mph . Imagine doing that every day.
  10. flatheadpete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2003
    Posts: 10,473

    from Burton, MI

    I must be the only pokey guy on here. I'm the slow guy in the right lane. Even in my daily...65-70 max. If I'm pulling my camper, 60 tops! Don't have time to be in a hurry.
  11. Top speed on the big island 55.
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  12. gnichols
    Joined: Mar 6, 2008
    Posts: 11,334

    from Tampa, FL

    My sister's trucking co has governors on all theirs at about 65. They do on time delivery. No hurry, just stay on time.
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  13. LAROKE
    Joined: Sep 5, 2007
    Posts: 2,077


    My O/T Caddy will do 189 but I'll never see that.
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  14. 62rebel
    Joined: Sep 1, 2008
    Posts: 3,232


    They put the instructions right on the back of a "Dodge"....
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  15. 6sally6
    Joined: Feb 16, 2014
    Posts: 2,432


    Yeah but......3.2 beer!
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  16. BadgeZ28
    Joined: Oct 28, 2009
    Posts: 1,162

    from Oregon

    Some idiot in a OT corvette was clocked at 192mph last week in Washington State. I have 3:50's in my 1955 Chevy. I have a 3:00 which I could install but it would play hell on performance, but make cruising at 80 easier on the motor.
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  17. hotrodjack33
    Joined: Aug 19, 2019
    Posts: 4,128


    The problem with 85mph is it takes too long to stop...and that makes it a longer walk back to pick up parts that have fallen off my Hot Rod.:eek:
  18. The last semi I drove was a Pete with a 475 HP cat engine. 13 speed had about a million and a half miles on it. Vibration in 13th gear. So I drove it in 12th which is direct drive. 57 MPH. got a average of 7 MPG . it was heavy weighed 36 thousand empty. I drove over 350 thousand miles at 57 MPH. Didn't bother me at all.
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  19. el Scotto
    Joined: Mar 3, 2004
    Posts: 4,698

    el Scotto
    from Tracy, CA

    I saw 154 in my ‘70 Challenger on 580 once coming back from a wedding... didn’t realize I was going that fast until the shift light came on in top gear... :eek:

    not sure about the model A roadster, it only had a functioning water temp and gas gauge but I’ve gone reallly fast in it... no windshield, no wind resistance and centrifugal supercharged 283 with a 2.76 rear and 30” tires... :cool:
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  20. 62rebel
    Joined: Sep 1, 2008
    Posts: 3,232


    Ah, the days of the severely regulated 55mph speed limit..... tried driving 55 lately? Seems like you are sitting still. And I rarely get past 70....
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  21. KenC
    Joined: Sep 14, 2006
    Posts: 1,040


    Not any more! We get the real stuff now. And even buy wine in grocery stores. Just like the big boys.
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  22. Budget36
    Joined: Nov 29, 2014
    Posts: 13,063


    Cue Sammy....
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  23. Mine is governed at 67.... Scariest times trying to pass another truck governed at 66 but he's not loaded and can maintain his speed going up the hills!
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  24. After 63 years and I never heard that one! Hahahaha
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  25. My Model A Roadster with the highway gears in the Quickchange showed 154 on the GPS and climbing going to Mokan HAMB drags.

    Greg was in the car with me as we sped past Louverdudes 54 Chevy that was doing over 90!

    Great speed until something goes wrong ... Slowed down quite a bit when I saw the windshield glass bend!
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  26. BamaMav
    Joined: Jun 19, 2011
    Posts: 6,649

    from Berry, AL

    I used to be a leadfoot, not so much anymore. I worked for a guy for about 11 years, we had Macks that would bury the needle, and he paid the tickets, so you know how we all drove! I got so many tickets in one year they threatened to take my license away, I slowed down some. Ever since I've been out on my own, every truck I've had were set up that way, too, but I don't get but about 2-3 over the posted limit anymore. I had to come to the realization that my livelihood was my drivers license, and I had to protect it in order to make a living. Oh, I'll still punch one down and run it up for a few seconds, but I'm aware of where I'm at when I do it. Had my current Freightshaker up to 98, and had the OT Vette we had up to around 145 once. Now days, I set my cruise +2 or +3 mph over the limit, 70 on the big roads around here, pass some, get passed by others, Smokey Bear never looks at me as I'm with the flow of traffic.
  27. cometman98006
    Joined: Sep 4, 2011
    Posts: 223


    the fastest speed limit I've seen were in remote Arizona and Utah. Went on road trip with my daily driver a 2013 Jaguar XF all wheel drive with a supercharged V6 and I believe the speed limit was 85 mph (could have been 80). I was cruising at 90 mph or more and had no problem with the law. Averaged 28 miles per Gallon and wish my truck could get half of that.
  28. seb fontana
    Joined: Sep 1, 2005
    Posts: 8,399

    seb fontana
    from ct

  29. Boneyard51
    Joined: Dec 10, 2017
    Posts: 6,408


    Nope! They messed that up, strong beer now!I hated it when they did that ! I’m a beer drinker and like to drink beer! Twenty cans, no problem..... untill they changed the 3.2 beer! Now it’s strong beer, so I’m down to 12 cans! I drink beer because I like beer! If I want to get drunk, I drink Jim Beam!

  30. Yeah..Wyoming, 1995. We just bought a new '95 Lincoln Mark VIII. We lived in Colorado Springs, and decided to take it for a break in drive up to Deadwood area to see Mt Rushmore. On the way back in Wy., we got on a newly paved wide 2 lane highway, straight as an arrow, smooth as silk. We're driving along and I glanced down at the speedometer. I had no idea we were doing 95. Decided to see if the 140 mph speedometer went that high for a reason. I had read those cars would do 187 (clocked at Bonneville with the governor off and tires borrowed from a 'vette). Got it up to 135, could still feel it accelerating, when I noticed two pickup trucks pulling on to the highway about a mile ahead. I took my foot off the gas and slowed to about 110 steady. Never did catch those two pickups. That trip was the inspiration for my OT drivetrain in my avatar. It's never seen 100, and probably won't while I'm driving it, but it cruises great at 75-80 all day.
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