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Went down 4 some Tijuana tuck and roll and was robbed!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Deville1904, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Billy54
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    from Houston

    Thank You...fuckin nailed it Scott.
  2. Still_Crazy
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    from . .

    You just lucky to be alive
  3. at shp.jpg champions.jpg Imap.jpg I would like to thank HOMBRES RUIN aka Paul for taking this Canadian down to Champions in TJ we had our 52 Plymouth done in one day. we were on our way to Mexico for 3 months in our Plymouth and stopped in TJ to get the interior done We had an estimate at our shops around home for 6000 to 7000 dollars . Champions shop did it in one day Full interior on this fordor $1100.00
  4. IMG_20131213_115814.jpg
    I pulled this Plymouth out of a field Spent 80 days rebuilding it and hit the road for 3 months Only problem was one flat tire in Mexico It has a 230 chevy 6 Saginaw 3 speed and a 8 inch rear out of a 65 Comet

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  5. My buddies and I went to TJ back in the 60 to get his 57 Ford tuck and rolled. We, of course, took our own thread because we knew they used inferior Mexican thread. We also were ready to watch the entire process to make sure the seats weren't stuffed with manure or newspaper. The shop owner, who spoke almost perfect English, laughed at us. He showed us a closet, in his front office, that must have had a thousand rolls of high quality, American made thread that nitwits, like us, had supplied him with. He took our thread and added it to his stash. He also showed us his shop. Plenty of US made, genuine Naugahyde, muslin, cotton batting, foam rubber and American Singer sewing machines. No manure to be seen anywhere. He said we could watch if we wanted. We opted to go to the bar, drink Mexican beer, get our puds pulled, buy a few packs of Horseshit Cigarettes (Not a Fart in a Carload), some Spanish Fly, which turned out to be baby aspirin and switchblades. The interior turned out beautiful, it wore like iron and still looked perfect the day he sold the car. I don't remember the price, but it was, maybe, 150 bucks
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  6. 34toddster
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    from Missouri

    Do they take VISA?
  7. Good old cash
  8. This is the Man Enrique or just George at Champions[​IMG]
  9. I,ve put 10,000 miles on the Plymouth since Dec 1 2013 and the upolstery job still looks like new I will drive my Henry J down from Canada to get the interior done at Champions
  10. john worden
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    john worden
    from iowa

    I'm curious to know how many 900-1200 dollar days the TJ shops have in a typical month of business and how much of that goes to overhead?
  11. bobjob55
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    I lived 100 miles from the border when I was growing up .. everyone in high school went down there to get work done ..... it's like a rite of passage ....... BUT nowadays DON'T FORGET YOU'RE passport. ..... a lot of great bars down there .... don't know about these days ,,,, but anywhere around 18 ,, you could get hammered waiting for your car to get finished .........

    drive em like ya stole em
  12. SanDiegoJoe
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    My '63 C10 was just down at Champions. The painted / upholstered and carpeted the inside of the truck.

    Here is the before shot:

    and the After: (pinstriping by my buddy Rudy)

    They did the paint work there - the assembly was all done here. We delivered the pickup pretty much torn apart.

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  13. jamesd1502
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    from san diego

    I love TJ for an array of reasons>>>
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  14. SanDiegoJoe
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    Must have accessory for a vehicle done down south..

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  15. We have put 22000 miles on the Plymouth and Upholstry is just as good as the day it was installed
  16. Leaving in 2 days to go to Champions in TJ with my Henry J
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  17. xtralow
    Joined: Nov 12, 2004
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    from So Cal

    looking forward to the pics!
  18. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
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    If you are still in doubt, there are a ton of car upholstery shops on your route down the west coast. It may not be worth it to go all the way to TJ. With the political climate the way it is and the border crossings being a hassle, think twice before crossing. The west coast has shops, so call ahead and get an estimate.

    Yes, we, as teenagers were strapped for money. So, when upholstery needs popped up, we made the trek from So Cal. It was not that far away for us. But, the border crossing was always, at least a two-three hour wait during normal daylight hours. Sometimes it was better to go to Tecate during the late evening to miss all of the traffic and waiting time. It was a no hassle wave through during those times.

    Yes, the horse stuff inside the tuck and roll was a myth, but straw was a true to life factor if you did not chose the right shop down there. Now, it just is not worth the time and money to make the crossings. There are too many good upholstery shops in So Cal to not pass up.

    Actually, do a search for all west coast shops. It might be worth it to spend the time and money kicking back at a coastal resort like the Hotel Coronado or Lowe's Resort on Coronado Island (peninsula), instead of crossing just minutes south... IMHO
    Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara if you did not want to go that far south.
    or Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. Those places sound a lot better than TJ.
  19. old man hal
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    old man hal

    I remember those days. We'd take our cars down there and get the whole interior done for $100. We always took two or three guys so one could stay with the car while the others went to the bars and whore houses. That was in the late 50s, early 60s when T.J. Was still wide open.

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