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Hot Rods Well, I went and did it again!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 50dodge4x4, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. 50dodge4x4
    Joined: Aug 7, 2004
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    For that last 2 or 3 days, I've gotten calls from 3 or 4 different people telling me about a Plymouth sedan sitting at a location near me. None of the stories exactly jived, except the cars location. It was everything from a 2 door fast back to a 4 door sedan, and between 41 and 48 as a model year. The price range is also all over the board, from "maybe as low as $1500" to "a couple hundred" to "scrap price", and the comments ranged from old restored, to near junk. Also the story is either "its got to go soon", to "she would like to sell it".

    The last guy to tell me about the car was the property owner. He told of a sad story that the lady & her late husband had rented the building for the last 36 years, he passed away a few years ago, and she tried to keep the tire business going, but got into some kind of trouble. He said that her problems were "winding down", and whatever was going on between him and her, as far as the building was concerned, was on temporary hold, but she was going to have to do something, and her options were limited. She is in the process of cleaning up the area, there have been several trucks/trailers removed recently.

    One of the other stories was that the lady's husband restored the car several years ago, then got sick and died shortly after the restoration. The car was driven very little, and has sat in the same place (on blacktop behind the store) for the last several years.

    Now, I really don't need or want another car sitting here, especially with winter coming. Still, the thought of a possible good car going to scrap was too much to bear, I had to at least go and look at it. I figured I would take my wife along, for support, that way, I won't get in trouble with her, either way.

    We arrived at the car location. Its a closed down tire shop on the edge of town. The car is sitting around the back of the building. Its got 3 flat tires, a cracked windshield, lots of surface rust on some panels and an aftermarket sunvisor. Its a 46-48 Plymouth 4 door sedan. Its missing one front turn signal lens, and 1 tail light lens (both the chrome pieces are in the car.) The remaining chrome is all there, but some of it is hanging loose on the car, there are 2 hub caps present, the other 2 might be in the trunk. The hood would only open about 2", but the flat head 6 appears complete, the battery, and rad are present, but it looks like the generator is missing. Hard to see much else without being able to open the hood all the way, and I didn't want to force it. 3 of the 4 doors open and close very nicely, the floors are solid! I did the stomp test on both front floors, and looked under the car on the passenger side. The truck floor is covered with junk, but it appears to be solid as well. Both the chrome strips on the rockers are present, but are screwed to the rockers, rockers appear solid as well! Some of the body panels have really nice burgundy paint, and some are surface coated with rust. The interior looks to have been really nice several years ago, but is now deteriorating pretty badly. The dash still has a nice wood grained look, and the instruments and dash chrome look really nice. If I was looking for a project, I'd be thrilled with this one. My wife even made the comment that even though she doesn't like that body style enough to put the effort it needs to be road worthy, it would be a shame to see that car go to the crusher. Some help she was!
    Anyway, I suspect I will get in touch with the owner, and see what the deal is. I might be dragging another unwanted refuge home.
    The wife took pictures of the car with her cell phone, so if we can figure out how to get them off her phone to post them up, I will do so. Gene
  2. tommyd
    Joined: Dec 10, 2010
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    from South Indy

    redneckdogswcaption.jpg Sleep is overrated, get those pics posted!:confused:
  3. 3wLarry
    Joined: Mar 11, 2005
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    Member Emeritus
    from Owasso, Ok

    damn gene...still picking up strays :)
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  4. missysdad1
    Joined: Dec 9, 2008
    Posts: 2,942


    I've got a '48 Plymouth business coupe that I've had for many, many years. That had always been my favorite body style until I saw a 4-door dropped hard with a bit of a "California rake" and a mild tire stagger. Oooooo, mama! If I had it to do over again...

  5. ...sounds like no deal yet, hope you get it cheap, I like them ol 46-8 Plymouth 4doors.
    you can't have too many projects; I just bought 2 more ol trucks last week...
  6. GTS225
    Joined: Jul 2, 2006
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    Gene; You should be able to send them directly from your phone, to your email address, as an attachment to a text message, then farm them into a posting, or to your photo hosting site.

  7. 50dodge4x4
    Joined: Aug 7, 2004
    Posts: 3,535


    My wife and I are tech handicapped. The phone is hers, and she's not sure how to use it, and I don't even have a phone I can leave home with, let alone take pictures with! She was going to get the kids to help her, but she forgot. Maybe tomorrow. If I can get them on my email, I can get them posted, but this pictures on phones stuff is way past me.

    Sam, I'm getting past the point of collecting stuff, its getting way too hard and takes way to long to do this stuff anymore. I think it might be nice to see what that side yard looks like with green grass on it, instead of car & truck remains. I wouldn't mind one more project, but this car isn't it.

    Here is your chance, I'm sure you could get rid of your old coupe, and build the car of your dreams! You need it a lot more then I do, I can hook you up. LOL! Gene
  8. My first car was a 49 Plymouth, I know they were very different cars, but the overall look wasn't that different. Hearing about a 46-48 on the loose is making me twitch and it isn't in a good or happy way. It only took me a few short months to learn to really hate that car. Next car a 62 Dodge Dart 2dr post with a 318, life was better!

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