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Hot Rods Welding Health Risks

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by captainflight, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. nutbush
    Joined: Jul 7, 2006
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    from Texas

    Some of these posts have to be sarcastic. I was waiting for the “I welded inside the reactors of Three Mile Island for 20 years with no eye protection or respirator and I’m fine” contrails, dirt under your house, granite countertops, sex, life is full of things that can and will kill you.

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  2. I was always told to keep my face out of the smoke; worked well for me. Of course, one of the guys that always pointed that out to me always wore a dust mask under his welding hood... with a hole burnt in it for his cigarette to stick through.
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  3. Sarcasm is : terror of the heart with intent to wound deeply, usually disguised as humor and delivered with a smile . Usually to point out a character flaw. Example would be "coming from you, that really hurts"

    Irony is conversation of opposites compared to similarities or visa verse to prove a point and can be funny. Example would be " that's like the pot calling the kettle black."

    Then there's reality and the truth and generally both are stranger than fiction. Jack Nicholson said it best to those more comfortable with BS "you want the truth, you can't handle the truth!"
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  4. Stogy
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    This Hobby we enjoy and a lot of our employment is laced with life threatening situations...most are cumulative but its our decision these days to wear the PPE we should to give us more time on Terra Firma with quality of life. You owe it to again yourself and those around you.

    I fully believe most of the posters here are serious and thank you for providing more fuel to consider the way we work with what we do.
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  5. Roys40
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    I didn't go through all the replies so this may have been mentioned. About 3 years ago before I had gotten the ventelation set up in my shop using a combo of mig and stick welding while fabricating the rack for my lumber/ metal storage I gave myself metal fume fever. It was cold I didn't have insulation up and was using space heaters to stay kinda warm so the shop was closed tight for the 6 hours of welding and grinding. I didn't get noticeably sick til several hours later. Chest was heavy, hard breathing, cold sweats and high fever. Lasted longer than 12 hrs so I went to the hospital. They gave me oxygen and pushed fluids to make sure my kidneys didn't shut down filtering the crap in my bloodstream. Moral of the story is just follow practical safety guidelines. Most of us don't order new metal for every job and who knows what all has been spilled/sprayed on the rack. Just not worth the risk.
  6. Roys40
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    Also will add that I'm probably one of the younger members on this forumn and was 27 at the time that this happened. Do I weld or perform any dangerouse/potentially toxic task with all the proper ppe/precautions 100% of the time? No I'm like everyone else. However watching someone die a slow painful death/not be able to walk 30 feet without stopping and catching their breath due to emphasema mesothelioma or any of the hundreds of occupational diseases I've seen take guys I knew and taught me stuff will make you much more mindful of what risks you want to take.
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  7. F&J
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    There is some really good shit in this thread that went to so MANY things that "can" cause us to shorten our visit on this "plane".. of life :)

    yes, some things posted here, we simply cannot change, like what "things" are NOW in the environment, BUT the great things that are here, are the ones you guys have had issues with!, and took the time to "warn others".

    keep it rolling!

    Now back to ME having a PPE on those silver solder rods??? Nope! I don't know, nor know where they came from or how many years ago they were made! So you may say toss them? Nope, I make near zero income,...and I get tons of stuff for free or almost free! You roll your way, I will always roll my way!! I only use those rarely if ever, and always with a fan far enough away as to be able to keep the flame tip perfect! So Yes, I do take precautions. But I never knew about that DAMN brake Kleen! this thread going, on other things you ran into..that you never heard of before!!

    On the garage heating...Yep, after losing everything incl mortgage fee home, new shop, you name it.... I am plopped into a shack with a 24x24-- 2 car, trying to fund me and my 12 year old son...I had no heat, & NO money!! so I bought a new Home Depot propane unit NOT made for what I tried to use it for! I had one window OPEN,and one bay door cracked on the first morning.. Felt woozy, no comprehension at that point!!!, as it "snuck up on me"... I luckily went right the F into the house...passed out as soon as I sat down, woke up 2 hours later... well, missed a little trip to the cemetery that day, right?

    that is why his mother is alone now, and fighting terrible, terminal cancer ALONE, without a son! He saw what her mental state put us through back then . I recently tried to hook us all 3 back together to help her, nada, "she ain't havin it". Suck on that one for a is life! we all face different shit, OK? I had to post THAT Personal! stuff as I know the web forums all too well, some asswipe would spouts shit about doing things all nice and perfect!! I did what I had to try, to keep my kid going, Ok?,'se " potential fucktards." ? LMFAO !

    oh, then, same shit TINY cramped former shop, PPG epoxy primer that my best friend wanted to use on a restored 5c Coke machine! ...small spray job, right?......same woozy shit, went back in the house, almost like NOW I'm subconsious-trained?..passed out, could not work back in there with that evil stink for 2 days! I won't touch that evil shit ever again, cars were restored for MANY decades without the so called "must use THIS, or you are an asshole" things!! (one of the self proclaimed "golden boys" on here, NEVER uses mud? no, what he says is "always metal finish?...never mig, bla F;n bla....Oh, "a little pic" I see on another forum, blocking mud on the roof of an exotic rare full classic?" Suck on that one! Some of us are sensitive to different things than our twin F'n brother might NOT be!!!

    That is why this thread is so good! Keep it rolling.
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  8. SEAAIRE354
    Joined: Sep 7, 2015
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    One of the first welding shops I worked in 30 years ago used brake clean to clean aluminum and it worked great. At one point I got a snoot full of the fumes and it nearly nocked me out, eyes were watering and it completely took my breath away. I decided to keep my face out of the fumes and maybe hold my breath,after the second time it happened I decided not use it any more as dumb as I was then some times I had half a brain. Fast forward 18 years I was in a fire school hazmat class and learned about phosgene gas produced by refrigerant in a vehicle fire and BRAKE CLEAN. Have read multiple stories about guys having permanent lung damage from it. I know it on this thread but just wanted to reiterate how this can ruin your day.

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  9. PPE= Personal Protective Equipment, Examples safety glasses. respirators. hearing protection. gloves. etc.
    MSDS= Material Safety Data Sheet This is a sheet of paper that is required to be available to you (from the product manufacturer) to explain all of the safety issues and hazardous products and or chemicals present in a product made by a manufacturer.
  10. DAMNIT, the two things I love to do working on cars and sitting on my ass.....:eek::confused:

    I'm doomed...o_O
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  11. gimpyshotrods
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    PPE: Hardhad, reflective vest, work boots, Carharts, and a clipboard.

    With those, you become invisible. You can go anywhere, do anything, and nobody will stop you.
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  12. duncan
    Joined: Aug 23, 2006
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    Good information. Unfortunately, a little late for some of us, but being diagnosed with COPD 2 years ago has scared me into wearing a respirator and changing the filters regularly, no matter how small the job. Its never too late to think about safety, might make the difference between packing an O bottle in 10 years (I'm 69) or not at all.
  13. dirty old man
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    dirty old man

    As I said earlier in this thread, seems to me that a separate section of HAMB could be set up where HAMBers could post (with a stickey) posts on things we all do that could be detrimental to our health if proper precautions aren't taken.
    Much of what is in this thread has been posted in the past on the main board, but it gets lost in the avalanche of posts here in time.
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