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Wasp/hornet removal under a car

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by partsdawg, Aug 21, 2013.

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    from Ireland

    Got asked to 'remove' a nest of wasps from the facia of a house, years ago - owner had young children who were getting stung daily-used diesel soaked rags on the end of long 2x4's wood/lumber lengths- they were that far in; about 5 mins later a swarm emerged - they went straight for a tree in the garden, n attempted to 'rebuild' the nest there - again diesel rag 'wands' got them to reconsider that - it didn't kill any of them that I saw;seems they just didn't like the fumes...
  2. Oldbill51
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    One more piece of hard earned advice, make sure your escape rout is open and clear! In the spring I uncovered my boat for its spring cleaning and discovered the beginnings of a wasp nest forming on the bottom of the rub rail. I had been spraying some of the uglier areas with some Simple Green from a pump spray bottle. When I saw all those little wasps crawling around their new abode, I decided to give them a few quick sprays from my cleaning solution, BAD IDEA! #1. So when they all attacked in unison, I turned and fled as fast as I was able, BAD IDEA #2. It seams that I had parked my power washer strategically in my best retreat rout. I was wearing shorts, and many of you would not believe how hard and sharp some of the surfaces are on a power washer, right shin first, then something caught my groin and nearly pinched my willy off at the head, and finally my other head smacked the fence first, and then the ground. I never did get stung, but that was in June, and there is still a large goose egg on my shin, and my willy's normal color has returned. I really wish I would have just stood there and let them sting me all they wanted to.
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  3. partsdawg
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    from Minnesota

    Finally got the turd home.273 w/torqueflight.Big bolt pattern 8 3/4 with 3.91 gears.Probably get 18" of snow next week but figured some might like the pics.;)

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  4. GTS225
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    Dawg.....SCORE!!! An A100 with a V-8 and 8-3/4....not bad. I see you've also got a vintage Accell super coil, too.
    Oh....dibs on the third'll fit nicely under my '68 Dart. ;)

  5. pnevells
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  6. DrJ
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    Call the guy...

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