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Walt's Auto Supply

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by J.Ukrop, May 22, 2013.

  1.'s a great thread...sadly those murals are now a distant memory. I'm glad I was able to get in and photograph some of Walts personal stuff before it was all loaded up. I'll post some pics later
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  2. khead47
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    Sadly, Rays Precision Engine is also gone. I believe Gonzelez is still there.
  3. ..............Would love to see those pics. Thanks.
  4. Here's some pics I grabbed from Walts other building while it was getting cleaned out. I did some Dumpster diving and pulled out a few things. The room where the trophys and stuff were in looked like a ski lodge ala 1965...kind of a cool looking spot. Besides the Olds there was an old 54 Ford convertible custom that was very rough, a nice 67 Riv, a old custom Van complete with boat portholes for windows, and some cool old speed boats.

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  5. I'm liking that '57 Olds hardtop a bunch.
  6. ttpete
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    from SE MI

    Even more if it's a J-2!
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  7. Have to add to this thread
    In the 80s i was living in Livonia. Acquired a 50 Merc and needed a rebuild on the engine. I found Walts auto. On the wall were a set of headers for the car, which i bought. He also had an Isky can and lifters ! New ! Got them too.
    The block needed 3 sleeves due to cast iron rot and had it done as well.
    Never had an issue with that motor. Used new offy aluminum heads intake and a holley carb.
    Was a real find.
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  8. pirate
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    from Alabama

    I grew up in the Melvindale, Allen Park, Lincoln Park area. Was a teen in he 60’s and can’t tell how many times while just driving around we would stop and look into the window to see Walt’s Puffer. I agree most of the drag racing history is centered on Woodward but there was also a lot going on in the downriver area
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  9. Definitely down river.
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