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Hot Rods Waking a 216 from a long slumber

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by dmac620, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. dmac620
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    I recently picked up a '52 Styleline that hasn't run in about 6 years. I've been going through everything in order to get it started. I've drained all of the old gas, put new sections of rubber fuel line, changed the oil, flushed the radiator, new cap, plugs, Pertronix Ignitor kit, new spark plug wires, converted to 12 volts, and put on a known functioning carb. I am going to put a table spoon of Marvel Mystery Oil down each cylinder and turn the engine over by hand a few times to lubricate the internals. Then I will turn it over (via the starter) with the plugs removed to spit out any oil that remains in the cylinder.

    Is there anything else I am forgetting? Also, how do I go about getting fuel to the carb initially, I don't want to be cranking the engine for a long period while trying to pump fuel up to fill the bowl. Lastly, is starter fluid acceptable to be used to aid in getting it to fire for the first time.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. squirrel
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    I would work on getting the carb and fuel pump in good shape, rather than messing with starter fluid. You should be able to fill the cab with gas by pouring it down the vent tube, about 1/4 cup should do it? I've used the bottom half of a soda can or water bottle, and bend a little spout into it, to pour gas into carbs.
  3. frosty-49
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    Drain and change oil using 30wt non-detergent. If it is thick and sludged up,pour kero through it to help clean it out. This is a dipper motor and you what the troughs clean, otherwise proceed.
  4. Dan Timberlake
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    Dan Timberlake

    I understand the concern about a fresh dose of detergents theoretically bustin' loose a bunch of sludge and deposits in engines previously deprived of detergents/dispersants.

    Non Detergent oil is rated at best SB, and sometimes only SA.
    Supposedly In some API tests SA oil can >> cause << impressive amounts of sludge in service.

    Chevy openly recognized MS oils as being "better" in the 1949-1953 Shop Manual and recommended them.

    MS rating varied/evolved over the years, but by 1970 pretty early flavors of MS was equivalent to at least SC.
    "1970 API establishes S performance classification system
    - SA describes non-detergent oil
    - SB describes non-detergent oils that contain ZDP
    - SC describes 1964 MS oils
    - SD describes 1968 MS oils "
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  5. Gofannon
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    Make sure there are no stuck valves before cranking, or you'll bend pushrods.
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