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Vintage Sun Tune Up, Testers, Scopes, Analyzer, Distributor Thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Flathead Johnny, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. I think this was mostly a matter of the fact that most of their equipment was leased and not sold outright. The machines that are still out there were no doubt purchased originally, and probably at a premium price. Sun, and the other vendors of this kind of equipment went out of their way to discourage an outright purchase.

    I recall hearing of the same kind of scrapping policies applying to jukeboxes and pinball machines as well.

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  2. G-son
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    from Sweden

    I hear Singer used the same strategy for their sewing machines. Trade in and scrap all the old ones to get them off the market, so more people have to buy new ones.
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  3. Terranova
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    So I saw bob masters sold his whole stash of literature and manuals on eBay late last year. Does anyone know who got it? Anyone here. I would think if that was the case, they would have piped up. anyone?
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  4. bctexas
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    Hi Irisrust65! I think I know what the Ignition Simulator is for. In addition to a training tool, it is one of the tools used by Sun techs to calibrate different units. In the service manual for the model U-808 Tach-Dwell unit in my 947, the instructions for calibrating list one of the tools needed as "IS Ignition Simulator". The Ignition Simulator along with a couple of other tools is used to provide a signal to the U-808 for calibrating the tachometer and cylinder balance tester.

    I have a few Sun catalogs from the 1940's, 50s and 60s. The Simulator doesn't show up in them. I do however have a price list from 1974. It lists the Ignition Simulator as model IS ($244), and separately lists the Ignition Simulator Drive as model SD ($525). It then lists them as a set as model ISD ($770). I suspect that one could mount the Ignition Simulator in a distributor machine - thus the option to purchase the IS alone. The "26A" is not part of the model number - it is part of the serial number. "26" means it was built in the second month of a year ending in "6". "A" indicates the version as revisions are made during the production run. That gizmo is a real find - congrats!

    Happy Motoring!
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  5. LedSled97
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    from Houlka, MS

    Hi I just picked up a sun 1160 and sun 1015 locally. Im missing some of the needles and the knobs on the 1160. Anyone know where to find these?
  6. bctexas
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    For the knobs, try Gary at Ader Inc. He was a Sun technician back in the 1970's, and may still have some parts. He has helped me with a couple of my machines. Nice fellow, and very knowledgeable.

    If by "needles" you are referring to the meter needles, that is going to be a problem. If the needle is gone, the meter movement is most certainly badly damaged. Mark at Paramount Distributors (services and restores Sun Distributor Machines) told me that he can get meter movements rebuilt, but it is very expensive - IIRC on the order of $250 each.

    Post a couple pics if ya can!

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