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Vintage shots from days gone by!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dog427435, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. loudbang
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    Summers Brothers' Goldenrod, 1965. It's hard to find a good picture and this is from the HRM January 1966 cover.

    Summers Brothers' Goldenrod.JPG

    Garlits T Bucket


    Gas Station near Fremont

    Gas Station near Fremont and vintage.JPG

    Hot rod Mayhem at dover

    hot Rod Mayhem at dover.jpg

    Keith Black built HEMI with webbers
    Keith Black 301 Hemi webbers.JPG



    Pocono Lodge 1965

    PoconDragLodge1965 and willys.jpg

    Ralph De Ploma at mercer corona 300 191`3

    Ralph De Plma in mercer at 1913 Corona 300.JPG

    Richard Crow D lakester Bonneville 1963

    Richard Crow in his D Lakester, Bonneville 1963.JPG

    Sydney Allard 1963

    Sydney allard 1963.JPG

    Wally Parks Belly Tank

    Wally Parks belly tank.JPG
  2. MacTexas
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    from DFW

  3. loudbang
    Joined: Jul 23, 2013
    Posts: 11,201


    Found a few more for you

    Maynard Rupps chevoom


    chevoom2 Maynard Rupps.JPG


  4. fbi9c1
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    The green bus means this was around 1957. Eventually all of the yellow/white/green buses would all be repainted the two-tone green scheme of the second bus as the MTA took over the transit operations.
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  5. Steffen Jobst
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    Steffen Jobst

  6. Circus elephants used to clear wreckage after bombing in Hamburg Germany.
  7. Bob Bernardon's '39 Chevy Cpe "Jolly Dolly" from Prince Georges' County, MD vs. Dave Hales' '38 Willys Cpe running out of S&S Parts Co., Alexandria, VA, at Pocono Drag Lodge, Bear Creek, (Wilkes-Barre) PA. The track is still there, but no longer in operation. Sadly, Bob Bernardon is no longer with us. Thankfully, Dave Hales is still with us here on the HAMB.
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  8. El Caballo
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    El Caballo

    It isn't always fun and games in these cars, considering what happened to people in crashes when these cars were new, it makes you wonder about how sound they are after 60 years.
    headon.jpg fallschurch.jpg pontambo.jpg 62ambo.jpg load.jpg buickambo.jpg 63cadambo.jpg
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  9. jchav62
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  10. hotrd32
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    from WA

    The injuries were horrific, to the non-seat belted passengers and to the chest area of drivers from the Steering Wheels. When you see a car that was NOT designed to collapse, collapsed, you know the force was incredible

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  12. lanny haas
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    lanny haas
    from Phoenix AZ

    I have seen the top photo before, and I just doesn't look right. You get the impression that the bike hit the 55 head on, but the body would have went flying, and the bike is too far from the 55 to make since of it all. Im thinking it was a staged training film...
  13. Chrisbcritter
    Joined: Sep 11, 2011
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    ^^^Unless the Chevy was headed away from the camera, hit the bike (which was coming toward the camera), and spun about 125 degrees to where it sits? That might explain the bike being in the foreground with the body of the rider between them.
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  14. Chrisbcritter
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    Went to the source and got a bit clearer image:
  15. DJCruiser
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    from CT

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