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Vintage shots from days gone by!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dog427435, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Yes, the #60 was the D type that Walt Hansgen won the Watkins Glen Grand Prix in 1957 with.
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  2. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    Didn't Columbo drive a Borgward?
  3. KRB52
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    from Conneticut

    I thought his was a Peugeot. Per Wikipedia, it was a (faded) blue Peugeot 403.
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  4. YES! And I am old enough to remember stacking empties around the rim of a tray in the 1960s, because we saved everything - even drips of oil.
  5. khead47
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    ^^^^^ I can remember my dads glass oil jar with a long spout ! Remember those ?
  6. Still have one stored someplace. Even has the little tin cap that goes over the long tin spout.
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  7. jnaki
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    Hey CJ,
    Is that the stuff that was always in a huge 55 gallon barrel in the back of most gas stations in the early 60's? Was that what was considered reclaimed oil or recycyled oil? I thought it was oil that was used, but strained out of all the bad stuff in used oil, making it a "reclaimed" product.

    I had to use gallons of that stuff because my first 40 Ford Sedan Delivery never smoked, leaked or ran funny, but used a ton of oil. So, it was less expensive to take a gallon can and fill it up with that reclaimed or recycled oil for my Flathead motor.

    On those 120 mile round trips down south to go surfing, we knew that oil was necessary for that motor. After getting there, but before we returned after the long day riding waves, we had to put in a gallon of this oil to make it back to Long Beach, 60 miles away.
    The mysterious oil usage was never explained by even the best flathead mechanic in our neighborhood repair shop. They said to just feed it that reclaimed oil. It worked for 4 years before I sold the sedan delivery.
  8. Rudebaker
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    from Illinois

    I have 3 of them that belonged to my Grandfather. I remember him putting oil in the lawn mower with them when I was a kid back in the early 60's, two of them still have that same oil in them. He may have got them from my Uncle Dave when he ran this station after he got out of the Army Air Corps in '45.


    Photo was taken several years before the war, you've all seen my Uncle's picture, I posted it several years ago on another thread and it's been reposted by others a few times here which is cool. Uncle Dave would have fit right in here.

  9. Rootie Kazoootie
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    Rootie Kazoootie
    from Colorado

  10. Lamego
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    Revolution Monument, Mexico City, end of 1950s. It was originally planned as an entire legislative building, but the revolution interfered with the construction and only the main arch was completed. Nowadays is a mausoleum for revolution heroes and there is no car circulation under the structure.
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  11. Jim Nise
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    Jim Nise

    Is that Pat O'Conner in the midget?
  12. Rootie Kazoootie
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    Rootie Kazoootie
    from Colorado

    It is, 1953 but I don't know where.
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  13. MacTexas
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    from DFW

  14. loudbang
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    1 check.JPG


    3 check.JPG

    Ala Kart

    Ala Kart1.JPG

    after the fire

    Ala Kart after the fire.JPG
  15. loudbang
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    More from Dragway 42 West Salem Ohio




    4 and road.jpg
    Bits & Pieces

    Bits & Pieces and stock.JPG

    Early Bud Graham

    Bud Graham 1 and stock.JPG

    Dragster years Bud Graham

    Bud Graham.JPG
  16. loudbang
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    09-15-62 Portsmouth Ohio Times

    62-09-15 Portsmouth OH Times.JPG


    Grant Pistons.JPG

    Isky Cam ad.JPG

    Kill sticker
    New England Dragway Kill sticker.JPG

  17. loudbang
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    A bunch of Eddie Hill

    Early Eddie Hill.JPG

    Early Eddie Hill2.JPG Eddie hill single.JPG

    Note the dual engines and DUAL SLICKS

    Early Eddie Hill1.JPG

    Eddie hill dual tires and engines1.JPG

    Eddie hill dual tires and engines2.JPG

    Eddie hill dual tires and engines3.JPG
  18. thunderplex
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  19. [​IMG]

    Maybe this was a failed attempt before he came up with this

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