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Vintage shots from days gone by!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dog427435, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    All day to get to town...
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  2. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    Hey, about the printed ads in the ad thread. We will get to 5000 soon enough.
  3. Steffen Jobst
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    Steffen Jobst

  4. My hometown, Jacksonville!
  5. I hope she's not tripping in the second picture. 8836d767ba8c99eb055bc753d07b6af4.jpg 12540545_10205568895970310_6216876428798916780_n.jpg
  6. How do you mean "and don't Remember nothing"?
  7. Steffen Jobst
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    Steffen Jobst

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  8. BornBuick
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    … you know things were happening in the midwest as well as on the west coast during the 50's &60's and so here are some views from the good state of South Dakota from back in the day … you know, where folks talk just a little slower and also take the time to say with a smile " hello" to you on the
    street … the kinda place where folks just learn to do without, not complain and try to just get along with one another ...
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area -1.jpg
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area -2.jpg
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area -3.jpg
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area -4.jpg

    Downtown in Sioux Falls, South Dakota around 1960 or so … apparently Weatherwax was kinda like the Neiman Marcus for the area and KELO was the radio and Television station Channel 11 for the area. Sioux Falls at this time had 2 stations, channel 11 and 12 while if you had a real good roof mounted antennae you could also get channel 9 out of Rapid City or a channel out of Sioux City to the south east …. so 4 channels take your pick, if you only had rabbit ears resting on the top of the T.V. you just got the 2 local stations (sigh) ….
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area -6.jpg
    Piggly Wiggly in Sioux Falls off of 26th & Western Avenue - Park Ridge Shopping Center
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area -7.jpg
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area -8.jpg
    … Deadwood, back around the turn of the century out on the western end of South Dakota …
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area -9.jpg
    … and wow like magic from the same location, Deadwood fast forward to the early 1960's … Deadwood is at the hub of central happenings during the famous "Days of 76" … however in the past 30 years or so it has become more of a motor cycle see me, see you kinda event then the original celebration intended for the "Days" …
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota Area -10.jpg
    … oh and last but not least, good ol Washington Senior High School, affectionately known as "The Rock" by the students who went there … rendering it's characteristic reddish quartz like granite quarried exterior cut right from the quarry pits found on the outskirts of Sioux Falls circa early 1930's. The school was closed in the 1980's and is now an arts center …
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  9. KarnUtz
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    from Motown

    March 1937: American Airline Douglas DST fuselage is towed down Wilshire Boulevard, right past a Union Pacific billboard.

    A story in the March 10, 1937 Los Angeles Times reported on the airplane’s move:

    “Oh!” moaned the slightly inebriated gentleman, “What a terrible, terrible wreck!”

    Standing on a busy corner on Wilshire Boulevard, he stared bug-eyed at the huge air liner which stood–intact–on the lawn of the Ambassador.

    But it wasn’t a wreck at all.

    Twelve tons of American Airlines sleeper, veteran of 300,000 miles of transcontinental flying and the world’s largest commercial land plane, had been trucked painstakingly from its Santa Monica factory in the wee hours of the morning.

    By yesterday mechanics had reassembled the 100-foot wings of the sky giant. The motors were in place. And not a curtain was disarranged.

    Under auspices of the Red Cross and American Airlines, the Douglas DST will remain open to public view until March 18. Beginning tomorrow sightseers will be permitted to inspect the interior of the transport.

    All proceeds will go to the Red Cross Midwest flood relief fund.

    Air lines officials said this is the first time a twelve-ton liner had been carted through busy city streets and mounted on a lawn. Complete to the last detail, the ship contains the latest radio directional compass, deicing equipment, 1000-horsepower engines and sleeper berths.

    The DST stood for Douglas Sleeper Transport. A different 21-passenger seat version of the DST was designated as the famous DC-3.
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  10. If ya hafta ask the question, ya don't need to know the answer...
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  11. loudbang
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    Wow this was probably considered porn back in those days.
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