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Vintage shots from days gone by!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dog427435, Dec 18, 2009.

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    Toppers at the races, early 1960's.
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  2. TheDevilsRide
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  3. TheDevilsRide
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    Barn Hunter

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    Their motto was " BIG OR TEENY JUST CALL HEANEY"
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  6. Chevbucket
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    The dealership was Wilson Motors. I think they were located on Yates St. between Blanshard and Quadra on the left side looking towards town. Empress Motors was two blocks to the left on Fort St. Maybe ask joemac05 where it was he worked there and would know for sure. Wilson Motors.jpg
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  7. Gary thanks for finding such great photos. This reminds me of being 16 and dressing like this. Thought I was Mr. Cool! ha ha Here is a picture of me at 16 on my Hot Rodded bicycle. lol I was eating a candy bar, NO my teeth weren't bad. ha ha Ron... The slot car track, and car club pictures are great too. 055.jpg
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    Rootie Kazoootie
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  10. "I'm telling ya, once we get this thing bolted up, you gonna want to lean over the handlebars - waaay over!"
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  11. joemac05
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    You pretty well nailed it. Far back as I know it started out as the Motor House, then to Wilson motors and then to Morrison Chev Olds. Then Mr Morrison built a brand new huge building at a different site around 1965. Around 1969 it became Cornell Chev Olds. I put in 30 years with the dealership. The *NEW* building has recently been torn down and replaced buy yet another *huger* building. The new building is now a Toyota dealership.
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  12. loudbang
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    This was a Lincoln Mercury dealership located at 6116 Natural Bridge Avenue St. Louis.



    Dickerson by day…


    Dickerson by night............


    A big day for Dickerson Motors was when actress and icon Debbie Reynolds stopped by the dealership in 1955 to buy a car. She was on her way back to California to marry singer and actor Eddie Fisher.


    Above, Bill Dickerson hands Debbie Reynolds the keys to the car she chose. To put it in historical context, Miss Reynolds had just completed filming of the movie The Tender Trap, with Frank Sinatra. It would release in November of 1955.


    And Debbie gets inside her new ride to zoom off and marry Eddie Fisher. The marriage would produce actress/author Carrie Fisher, and end tragically when Eddie left Debbie for Elizabeth Taylor in 1959. This is just how her history played out and in no way infers her car from Dickerson Motors played any part in future marital dramas.


    Don Dickerson (son of co-owner Tom Dickerson) shared the photo above, depicting the “Hot Rod Lincoln” that was part of the dealership’s racing team. In conjunction with the racing team, Don recalls:

    “Before a race, my Dad was out zooming around Missouri to see what the Lincoln could do. He came over a hill at a very high speed and found that at the bottom of the hill was a buckboard with two horses pulling it. He slammed on the brakes but was going too fast to stop, killing two horses and totaling the car.”


    To the best of Carolyn Dickerson Zerman’s memory, the car dealership closed around 1957-58. “I know my sister Julie was born around that time and was a “saving grace” to my Dad (above left), who hated to see the dealership close.”

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  14. Make sure you put it together right....

    or else....
  15. scottie
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    believe it or not this is the UK 2013 :)
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