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History Vintage pictures of REAL shop trucks.

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Hitchhiker, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I've been searching and so far haven't found a thread, So here it goes. I would like to see pictures of vintage shop trucks. preferably old, but modern pictures of trucks that actually were there are also welcome!

    Just not your new interpretation.....with door art for a company that never existed.....

    But of old vehicles like the So Cal plating special, Chuck Porters Body Shop truck, and Gene Winfields shop truck.

    I have included a few pictures to get us started, any more would be great! Thanks

    socal.jpg so_cal_plating_35_ford_roadster.gif Gene-winfield-1935-ford-truck34.jpg 20130216_091107.jpg
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  2. Tim's Precision Engines, Giesler construction company, house of chrome.

    CCC-Pan-Pacific-Motorama-54-12.jpg Bruce-geisler-1951-gmc.jpg CCC_House-Chrome-Pick-Up-01-W.jpg
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  3. This:

    Was originally this the Ayala's shop truck:
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  4. still have the 53 F250

    ImageUploadedByH_A_M_B_1386378832_209182.jpg ImageUploadedByH_A_M_B_1386378846_173887.jpg ImageUploadedByH_A_M_B_1386378887_152466.jpg ImageUploadedByH_A_M_B_1386378906_428566.jpg FARM.jpg

  5. I'll watch this one.
  6. K13 Thanks that is exactly the type of information I want to be gathered in this thread!

    Hotrodsurfer Those are awesome! Thank you for posting them. I love that high mounted spot light. Those are also what this thread is about. The unknowns. Trucks of small town garages.
  7. Nostalgia59 you've hit the right spot with these pictures!! Thanks!

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  8. Bull
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    I like where this is headed. More?
  9. USA Tires Sign Joe
    Joined: Aug 13, 2006
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    USA Tires Sign Joe
    from Western NJ

    Great stuff Chuck! Ed's memory lives on.....

  10. oldsjoe
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    Sweet thread! Can't wait to see more!
  11. It still gets used as a shop truck to, my grandfather bought it new in may of 53,left it to me when he passed away in 2006-has 43,000 miles on had 38,000 when I got it
  12. TERPU
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    My favorite Shop Truck, hauled car parts, kids, dirt, whatever, pushed dragsters, pulled trailers, even a casket once. It's helping somebody else now, and passing along its goodness to whoever sees it.

    all the best,

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  13. Great thread!! I have been planning an AAv8 for a long time. If I get my Dodge done and actually find someone to buy it, I'll be full steam ahead! I already have an AA truck and a bunch of the parts! Anyway, heres my contribution to the thread...



  14. jfg455
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    from NH

    I still have my Dad's 1950 GMC. We got it in 1976, moved from CA to NH in it in 1978, the pic in the lake is circa 1984, the last 2 are when I drug it out of the woods in 2012 and dropped it on a 1/2 ton chassis so I can continue to use it for my shop truck.

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  15. 59Apachegail
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    from New York

    Here is one

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  16. Let's keep it on-topic gentlemen; VINTAGE photos of SHOP TRUCKS.




  17. Reman
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    from Florida

    I Love these old shop trucks ! Please keep'em coming....
  18. 57tony31
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    from Woods

    Here's one from Lemay Mo.

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  19. mgtstumpy
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    Friends old 30 Ford beater from the 90's for his body shop. Sold and stilll going to this day. A lot worse for wear though.

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  20. Subscribed

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  21. Bump....anyone else?

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  22. Visions
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    ... I didn see anyone go off-topic, but maybe I just missed it...
  23. Its people posting pictures of their "shop trucks" most habe been deleted.

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  24. Rich Wright
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    Rich Wright

    My Dad's '50 dodge shop truck. A few years after this picture was taken (around'55) He dropped in a DeSoto Hemi, auto trans PS/PB/AC.
    Still looked just the same, though.
  25. Mr48chev
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    Yep, that is not the concept of the thread. Dig out old photos of real shop trucks from the past.

    For the "it has to be a beat up piece of crap with signs panted over the rust" brigade, take notice, the "real" shop trucks were sharp looking well painted and presentable trucks that represented the owners business in a professional manner.

    It's a great thread that shows some real history, keep digging those photos out of the archives.
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  26. Gotzy
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  27. Old Heap
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    Old Heap

    My Dad's "Fleet" circa 1972, 53 Ford F-100, flathead 8, became my first "car".

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